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  1. Yup - back into my Smart after five years. The one thing I really didn’t miss was people speeding up on the highway so that they don’t get passed by a Smart haha!
  2. 2009 Smart ForTwo Passion 72,850 km’s Back to me after five years with my father in law.
  3. Well - after almost five years without the car - it is now back in my possession! I really missed this car! Yes it isn't the fastest thing in the world, but for some reason it brings a huge smile to my face driving it around town. The car needed to have the starter replaced, at the same time I had some repairs done to the exhaust. One of the front springs were cracked so we replaced the pair, strut mounts, bearings, then oil change, air / cabin filter, etc... Giving my Smart 451 some love! Can someone remind me how many KM's they can get with just one bubble of gas left?
  4. No IMS issue to date. When I replace the clutch we'll have a closer look but until then it's drive the car and enjoy!
  5. RE-Boxster: After ten years of ownership it has been pretty minimal. Regular oil changes and maintenance. After selling my Smart ForTwo in 2013 to my father in law (due to the arrival of my first son - and my wife stating we cannot own two German two seater's...) it looks like I am getting my old Smart back! Over Christmas my Father in law asked if I wanted the car back for free and of course I said yes!! Not sure how the car has aged since my owernship, but it is less than 75K in KMs and hopefully not driven too recklessly. Will update once we take possession.
  6. Hi guys, Baby Boy now here and we need to move our 2009 Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe. Price Drop: $650054,000 km'sWarranty until December 15, 2013 (I am willing to purchase the extended warranty at the buyer's expense). Power windows, Heated Seats, AUX input, etc....If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via PM or send me a text 613-325-2489 I would love to keep the car as it has operated flawlessly. All service completed at Ogilvie Motors here in Ottawa. (books are stamped, etc...)Price includes winter rims and tires.
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to give you a head's up that Ottawa now has an alternative to going to the dealership for Smart and MB related service. Klein Autowerks - 5340 Canotek Rd, Ottawa, Ontario613-747-6666kleinautowerks@gmail.comChris Klein - Owner and operator is a former technician @ Ogilvie Motors and has worked extensively on Smart's (Both the 450 Diesels and the 451 Gas models)He also worked at Mark Motors and is very familiar with Porsche and Audi. I am not associated with Klein Autowerks but thought it would be important to promote that there is now an independent alternative to the dealership!!
  8. Congrats on the purchase! Were you able to negotiate on the MSRP? I know here in Ottawa the one dealership has a full lot of inventory and many have commented that they were able to get a great deal on a 500. I'm seriously debating whether I should trade in my 451 for a 500. Really like the Sport model but would love to see what the Abarth package is like when it arrives in N.Am. Any further thoughts you could share would be much appreciated!
  9. Agreed - I've had 4 failed TPMS sensors (all replaced under warranty) but man it's just a pain in the A$$ going to the dealership, having them look into it, etc...
  10. Looks like I'll test the ED out the weekend of Sept 30-Oct 1 @ Ogilvie Motors in Ottawa. I have no interest in purchasing one brand new, but would love to lease one. I work for the federal department of Natural Resources so it would be interesting to see if I could get them to spring for a charging station in our parking lot. For the daily commute I don't need a high HP vehicle. With traffic being the way it is, I rarely get above 80km/h and speaking from experience there is no greater displeasure than shifting from 3rd gear to 2nd gear and so forth for 25 minutes just hoping for traffic to clear up so you can open up the engine.Has anyone driven both the Nissan Leaf and the Smart ED? Thoughts?
  11. Good assessment! I hear a lot of the same arguments being made when people look at the new Fiat 500 and the Mini Cooper. My mistake was being one of the first to purchase a 451 right out of the gate. My car sense was telling me to wait a few years and let all the bugs get taken care of. I'm now on my second 451 and truly enjoying this one over my first 451. Although not cheap, it is a great car for the city, I can park anywhere (i.e. most times I can fit into that free spot as opposed to having to find a meter), fuel economy compared to my other vehicles is great, and most often I don't need to drive my Passat Wagon (sometimes I drive it just to give it a good run, work the brakes, etc...) I've come to learn that people have their "set views" of the Smart car. What I do is agree with them at first (whatever the position may be) and then through our conversations slowly bring them into an informed position where they can at least see both sides of the coin. I have the most fun at work helping people run small errands at lunch hour in my 451 and that seems to have won over more fans.
  12. Just keep the Smart Assist number handy. Also, if you go to a junkyard you can pick up a used jack from any Volkswagen. Really small and fits nicely behind the driver seat.
  13. It would be interesting to note the avg price for gas for each of the months above?For April in Ottawa I didn't see gas below $1.28/L for Regular A lot more people at work are now starting to take an interest in my Smart and I've notice that the number of cars in our lot is starting to wear thin (above normal levels for this time of year).
  14. I remember my mom dropping over $2000 on a Pioneer Laserdisk Player back in 1988. Of course the price of new technology is going to be high. The support of "early adoptors" who could care less about price is key to the continued development of EV Technology!I'd like to think that my mom by purchasing that LD player way back in the day help to forge ahead and pioneer the digital age, haha!
  15. I have an '09 Passion with about 22K on the clock. If I decide to keep the car I would consider purchasing the extended warranty closer to the end of the factory 4yrs. It also depends on the state of the car. So far mine has been great! My first 451, and '08 Pure constantly had issues and although covered under warranty, the headache just wasn't worth it. I expect that the clutch will be the first thing to give me headaches just based on the design of the transmission, etc... Is it worth spending $1600 for an "in case/maybe" issue that may arise in year 7 when you are out of warranty again?One thing to note is that there are a tonne of 451's coming into N.America and the used parts market will be quite extensive which means you'll be able to find used low KM transmissions and engines for very low prices. Anyhow, just food for thought!