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  1. 4 rims and tires. 2 fronts have a year left 2 rears have only 1 year of use. $ 250 or best.wil also throw any other Smart items I find in my garage like floor mats etc. SOLD thanks
  2. A straight on picture would be better. It looks to me like the front shoe at the bottom is thin from the angle you have taken the picture at.
  3. I have many parts for sale from my sold Smart 450Emulator $75.00 soldSmokers kit $15.00Cd holder $15.00 sold 6pack CD under seat player( factory option) New in box $75.00 soldFloor mats Summer $25.00 Winter $20.00Small Gas shock for convert roof $10.00 sold2 oil filters $5.00 each sold4 Alum pulse rims (I think?) With winters fr Conti 1 more year maybe 2rear bridgestone blizzak with 1.5 years of use$400.00 reduced $350.00Single cup holder $20.00 soldFirst aid kit $15.00I just found 2 block heater cords $35.00 each both soldI am located North of Toronto(Stouffville) But work in north Toronto. So I maybe able to meet you in Toronto. Best way to contact me is PM and I will call ASAP.Thanks Dave( will try to post pictures on the weekend)
  4. Mobil is on sale starting Sat. April 7 2012
  5. I know how much it is from MB, once again how much do you want for it? Thanks Dave
  7. Please check your PM Thanks Dave
  8. Yes these are in stock at my local Firestone Store. You can call them 416-292-1431.
  9. I know these tires are available at my local Firestone store. Check yours for pricing before you order from the USA. I know at my dealer(Redline Automotive in Scarborough) they do a big push just prior to winter. Dave
  10. Let me know if the other guy doesn't take. If he doesn't I will Thanks Dave.
  11. Hollywood auto recyclers in Downtown Toronto, had a Smart with a bad trans. about 2 months ago. I wanted the wheels but he did not want to part it out. I belive he was looking for an offer around $4500. Good Luck Dave
  12. Thank you so much for selling the wheels and tires that you agreed to sell me on wed.,and then sold to someone else on Friday. Thank god I checked the forum this morning before setting out for Cambridge. When I said I'd be out on Sunday I told you I would let you know if I COULD NOT make it Thank you again for being so ethical
  13. Mike it looks like steve wants thase stickers after all so please contact him, asI would feel bad taking them since I just bought something from. If you have already posted the items please let me knw a I will make the payment, Dave
  14. RIP> WINO Radio W I N O radio. Do you you listen? What a great talent he will be missed.