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  1. Thanks Mike, great news to hear that my car is on the way. Can't wait! I ordered plates LIMITED1, and they came in yesterday, now I only need the car to put them on. I received a Email on June 3 to tell me that the car was on the production line, and another one today to say it shipped. Also heard that all the Canadian Limited Ones were already sold out. Again thank you Mike.
  2. Thanks Mike for the insight, looks like I have almost 500 PO's in front of me. I guess that I would be very lucky to see it in July.
  3. Red was nice, but I was going to go with beige interior, and the dealer wanted me to get custom leather seats if I really wanted leather. Leather I think, lasts longer than cloth. The Limited One was a good compromise.
  4. Hello everybody,Back in the end of April I decided to buy a fun little two seater, that got great gas mileage. I was going to order a white Passion, with leather interior. But I did not like the idea of an all black interior. Thanks to this club, I saw the advertisement for the Edition Limited One. This was the car for me. Ordered the Limited One coupe back in the beginning of May knowing that delivery would be at the end of June or beginning of July.Looking for help at trying to update my delivery date, or if anyone has heard anything about production schedule. Has anyone else ordered the Limited One?