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  1. I don't mind the bumpy ride for myself too much, I just keep thinking that the car's going to break apart, develope a crack in the chassis, etc.You don't feel very Smart when the car is on the shoulder waiting for a tow.
  2. I've had my Cabrio since May 2008 and have happily driven it all over Long Island.But now that I'm driving into Manhattan on the weekends it appears that the Smart just can't take the heat and must get out of the kitchen, or maybe it's just my spine, neck and head that can't handle the jostling around.The roads around here are AWFUL. It seems that no one on the road crews knows anything about how to smooth adjoining road surfaces so that when you traverse the repaired spot you don't hear (and feel) a bang in the front end. It's typical around here that there is a 1" - 1 1/2" height differential where a road surface has been repaved or repaired.I worry that the chassis will give way because my Cabrio is squeaking like a pair of cheap shoes.Any comments would be welcome.Dan
  3. Yes, I could buy the car, but in New York there's no way around the sales tax. I called a friend who sells cars for a living (Buicks of all things) and found that I can't even buy the car as a reseller (which would eliminate the sales tax) without a very expensive license. Since I don't think anyone would be willing to spend an extra $1,800 just to cut their wait time it seems that buying and selling right away is not an option.
  4. I'm in the U.S. and ordered both online and through an orphan program at the dealer. Does Canada have the orphan program as well? If so and you can go back to the dealer and get on his list you might want to go that route. When my orphan came in it wasn't what I had ordered. I ordered yellow with black tridion, cloth seats and fog lights. The orphan came in black on black, leather seats and no fog lights. Even though it was more expensive (because the dealer put on tinted windows, pin stripes and auto windshield wipers) and a different color, I took it and very happy that I did.
  5. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. I'll get my $99 back and still be happy with my orphan which, by the way, came with more do-dads than the ordered Smart
  6. I'm a happy owner of an orphan, but now my ordered vehicle is arriving. Is there any way that I can transfer my ordered car to someone else and make a few dollars?
  7. The alarm is a $160 option. When I received my orphan, it didn't come with an alarm, at least not on the sticker.But if I press the panic button on the remote an alarm blares away. Does this mean that the $160 is just to add a wire or fuse?
  8. Imagine how hard I laughed, as did my friends on the train the next morning, when I got to the parking lot and found this message underneath the wiper on my windshield:Dude, where's the rest of your car?
  9. The gear you're in shows on the dash. As you give it gas, the gear number will be relaced by an arrow. At that point lift off the gas a little and press the paddle or push upwards on the shift lever (I like the paddles myself).After you've had the car for a while you'll develope a feel for when to shift. Enjoy.
  10. Has anyone ever had a problem going through a car wash due to the small size and light weight?
  11. Hi everyone, I'm Dan from New York and I just picked up my Cabrio over the weekend using the orphan program. I've wanted a Smart Car ever since I laid eyes on it in Europe. Now that I have it, the only thing keeping me from having fun driving it is that my wife wants to drive it too. She loves it.