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  1. It was GREAT seeing everyone @ the Docks!! We missed you Bill, Ron &Dot James ( Ethical Beef )
  2. Sign up: 1. Liz & Glenn 2. Dot & Ron 3. Bill 4. Larry & Gail 5. Wild! 6. ToFu 7.James & Caroline 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Like this
  3. Greetings everyone!! I’m bringing a pot of baked beans! ETHICAL BEEF (James)
  4. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) John 3) Ron & Dot 4) Larry & Gail 5) Liz & Glenn 6) Wild! 7) William 8) Todd 9) Willys and hopefully the better half, but it's a long drive but looks like a great time. 10) John and Elaine 11)ETHICAL BEEF. “Smartzuki” Busa Powered 1300 cc. 12) 13) 14) 15)
  5. 7) James and Dawn will be there!!
  6. RaceingSign up:1. Liz2. Glenn3. Dillen4. Josh5. Mike6. Susan7. James 8. Dawn9.10.11.12.Dinner at 1730 hrs.Sign up:1. Liz2. Glenn.3. Dillen4. Josh5. Mike6. Susan7. Ron8.9.10.
  7. Congratulations Glenn! Nice Find!
  8. I have a friend that has driven the California made TESLA....sounds like an incredible car and concept with the "free" charging 2015 there will be enough charging stations to get nearly everywhere in North America!The initial price of the car is a bit stiff though!E.B.
  9. Replaced both front springs and shocks on my 218,000 Kms 2005 Pure.Just put OEM ones back on (found some better ones ) but felt the shipping was too much!The procedure went really well.....had trouble to get the top nut loose....sped things up by welding a flat bar to chrome rod to hold it from spinning (they were junk anyway) worked really slick!ETHICAL BEEF
  10. I am saddened by the news of Bill's passing as well.Bill was quite often the first responder to many of my posts on this wonderful site! And was always very kind and the first with compliments!I was hoping to meet up with him on my first western smart car tour in 2014 or 15!My sincere condolences to his friends and family!Missed by all!ETHICAL BEEF (James)
  11. 05 Pure....217,600 and climbing rapidly
  12. Too funny...GOOD Smart ad!E.B.