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  1. It is at Mercedes service centre. I posted this wondering if it might be something else. Oh well, I am adding km's to their new smart courtesy car!
  2. Hi,My 2008 is at Mercedes after the engine light went on. They have told me it needs a new transmission. The only clue I had was that it had a loud road noise when my foot was lifted off the gas pedal. They have had it for two weeks now and have put 2 transmissions in it and have phoned to say they have ordered a third and my car will be in the shop for another ten days at least. Luckily, it is still under warranty for another 1600 km and they have given my a courtesy car. Any thoughts? Any people with similar stories? It seems hard to believe that two new transmissions have been faulty. Thank goodness I have a little warranty left and it wasn't the other side of 80k.
  3. Thanks Mimota. I have a complete set but am looking for full hubcaps. Hope you had a good trip down south. Are there any Smart owners getting together in your area?


  4. Snow tires on rims were on 2008 smart. Lots of tread. The car runs infinitely better with snow tires. $650.00Located in White RockSOLD!
  5. Hi,About Saturday...are there details like a meeting time and place. I see from Mike that there is a drive in the plans. Any information would be welcome. I backtracked a little and haven't been online for a while. Thanks!
  6. Hi and Welcome!I go to the Vancouver Broadway dealership and have been pleased with their service. So far anything but regular service has been done under warranty as I have a 2008.
  7. Is your car a 2008? Mine had a problem when I took it in for a service, it would not go into reverse. The dealership noticed it and repaired it under warranty.
  8. Thanks for the info on EasyGreen. I didn't know about it but had heard about half price parking.
  9. I agree with the others!
  10. Thanks cynthia. Will do.Geraldine
  11. We could go for a coffee after the run!
  12. Hi,My school did a smart car food drive last year with a challenge to see how many smarts we could fill. We managed to fill the 4 smart cars that we had and a ford van. Last year Mercedes Vancouver helped with 2 cars and a generous donation of toys. Williams Moving provided one and I used mine. This year Mercedes can only bring one car out, so I am looking for Fraser Valley people who may be able to help out. The drive is only a couple of miles, but the whole school lined the driveway to send us off and the Christmas Bureau got a kick out of it too. If you can help, please PM me. It would be great to have 6 or so!Geraldine
  13. Is that the one advertised on tv.