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  1. Warning: Not an expert by any means.My Little Yellow 451 is just over one month owned (built in April, bought in June). When I bought it the tank was "full" according to the gas gauge. Since I'm still breaking the car in I ignore the mileage, but I drove until just a little after the gas pump icon on the left started blinking.I've only filled Little Yellow up once now. The fuel pump shut off automatically at about 8.2 gallons and I added another .2 gallons so as to make the total sale $40 (I like round dollars...). That's 8.4 gallons with a wee bit also in the tank.I'm fairly confident that the 451 gas tank is, in fact, 8.72 gallons.
  2. You powder coated your wheels! I like it!I've been looking at custom wheels but they're hard to find without using adapters or stand-offs. *sigh*The wife and I are going back and forth about powder coating. She likes the wheels as they are. I want to do yellow spokes with either black or silver "rim". The discussion continues... lolSince we just got our smart (with extended warranty) I'm squirrely about changes like exhaust and wheels. So I'll have to check on how that effects coverage. Or just wait awhile until I'm comfortable with how the car holds up and just do it anyway. It's hard to pass on lighter wheels and better fuel economy.I was looking at XXR 003 wheels in gun metal. When I called the lady politely said "Oh, we don't have anything for the smart." Guess I might have to look into the European connection...
  3. I'm thinkin' Angela Winbush. "Your Smile". Rufus. "Tell Me Something Good". Still leaning towards Robert Plant...Forgive me. I have a place for that Euro-techno-could-have-been-scratch-board same same. I'll not be rude now.But for our first CD, it's got to be special.When I fill LY up, we both smell the gasoline. This is not about that. Not the same thing.If you know music and what passion really means, share your soul. Bless me with something new worth listening to? Please! No more Euro same same, okay?Otherwise, I'm gonna christen LY with something in my library.Robert Plant is coming up fast. "Big Log". "White, Clean And Neat" might even work... But I'm thinking something like "Walking Towards Paradise".Hmmm. "Ship Of Fools"? Don't think so. Good guitar though!
  4. Checkin' it out Gent! Thanks!
  5. Thanks.Most people have real problems. Real people, that is.I have the programs to hear the sample tunes on Amazon but I'm getting an error. I'll work on it.But back to the point, I'm talking Little Yellow and our first experience. Our first CD.Somebody, not so stupid, is going to love you. Maybe while you're out there being you they'll find you and prove my point.Do you have time? Can your heart afford it?Show me more tunes?
  6. A'ight homies! Give it up now!There's something I haven't done in my smart yet. Well, a few things. But this is so embarrassing...I have never played a CD in Little Yellow. I don't know what I was thinking! Please, my friends, forgive me. In a few minutes Little Yellow will understand...Maybe some Jon Butcher or Robert Plant or Robert Palmer for that first time. Color Me Bad... Bad Company... Anita Baker... Don Henley... Oh! Maybe George Clinton! Enya... Ah, those 70's mp3s...My Little Yellow is about to get something in that special place. I just don't know what... yet. If your smart has a ...CD... and you're not shy, let's hear what you're doing to your babe.Give a shout! Roll the dice and give it up!Whatcha got?!
  7. Seems like a good idea. ROI and all.
  8. Well, I don't know about spritmonitor accounts and such. The scientific method sounds right, but I don't think it will take a year (of silence) to show results. If, in the CRV, I get 18 mpg city and 28 mpg highway now, and get, let's say, 25 mpg city and 35 mpg highway after conversion, demonstrable after a few fill ups and a few thousand miles, I might just have to rest my case.There is the issue of long term wear and tear on the engine running this way, but that post will have to wait a few years I guess. In the mean time, what I've read is that there is none. It's just a combustible gas being added to the combustible liquid gas you're already using.It really seems like a no-brainer to me. It also seems like a lot of oil company hype teaching us that "this is the way it is" and we should just shut up and "stick to what works". Gosh, look what that's done for the American auto industry. It seems there are real vehicles, to be proud of, like the F-150 and F-250, the Tahoe and the Excursion and the Tacoma and Mustang and Hummer, and then there are all those other silly things like Corolla and Civic and Sentra and, God forbid, smart!Call me whatever. Contrarian, rebel, rabble rouser. Oh, what the hell; trouble maker. I never seem to get it that there's no use "fighting the system".I'll be voting for Ron Paul this year, if there's a vote here in America. I'll also keep pushing for things that make sense and don't screw up the environment. And I'll also keep getting sucked into "arguments" like these, as though anything I share might make a difference.Yeah, I look silly, but without a mirror, what do I care?! LOL
  9. Wow! You are all so amazing! Amps and calories and liters oh my! Your engine burns a combination of fuel and air, right? It also has a generator or alternator (whatever) that "updates" the charge on your battery, right? So if you added an electrolysis type device that your auto's electrical system could handle and you supplemented (replaced some of) the fuel going to the engine with HHO wouldn't you be burning less (gas tank) fuel? This is not perpetual motion. This is not rocket science. And this is not a new idea. It's a combination of ideas and technologies that have been around for a lot of years. It's really nothing new, other than putting the system together and using it in your vehicle. Of course you'll have to change some computer settings on your vehicle. One of those changes here in America is actually kind of funny. There is a pollution control sensor that has to be re-educated when you start running on HHO because the amount of smog in the exhaust is too low for that sensor and it "thinks" something is wrong. Kinda figures. If you're doing something right, there must be something wrong. I have a friend building a system for me right now. I don't have a shop to do some of the manufacturing or I'd do it myself. A lot of the system is COTS (commercial off the shelf) like hoses and valves and such, but other things like the gauge panel and the electrolytic canister need some serious attention to tolerances and detail. My friend lives for that sort of stuff. BTW I'm not even thinking of putting this in my smart! There's no room and no reason. This unit, when ready, will be going in the CRV. I'll report back with results after a few months of use so we can all compare notes. I look forward to being told that I'm "crazy" if I really do get 40% increased gas mileage. How does it go? "I'll be laughing all the way to the bank."
  10. Pedro,Looks great! A tiiiiiny touch of red to match maybe? Really a fine finish for the look.How about a yellow powder coat on the wheels, just the spokes?And the prat-fall mental visual of Starsky and Hutch on the hood is too funny!LY
  11. The plugs sound like a good idea. You can add something to cover those too or just paint them to match. Glue your chicken on.But the LEDs sound killer! You would want to shield them so they don't blind you as you drive. Use them to light up your chicken!One other thought is one of those grill ornaments that look like you ran into something, like Santa or Garfield or a chicken. Or how about one of those dolls with suction cups on the hands and feet for a window? You could glue that on.One of these days I'll be looking for a Mack truck bulldog hood ornament for my Little Yellow. Unless I find an old Buick or Mercury hood ornament, the ones that look like a statue with wings. Rig the wings with LEDs, I might.Oh hey! How about a bobble-head doll?! Maybe a hoola girl!The possibilities are endless!
  12. Can you get Hollywood Engineering racks in Canada? Hollywood Engineering We're putting one on the trailer hitch of our Honda CRV tomorrow. Except for the trailer hitch install on the smart (expensive?) the rack is about $200 for a two bike rack. If your bikes are worth anything don't go cheap. I saw reviews on trunk racks where the bike fell off...
  13. Speedie, yer the best!I didn't get a chance to measure but it sounds like you've got the project covered.It looks like we might be working on an aftermarket product that could sell well. The aluminum replacement with locks, even if they're kinda small, is better than nothing.If you come up with something and get rich, send me a gas card or something, okay? lolBTW Thanks all for your comments and support. Also for the term, that kind name "dumas". I'd probably use stronger words so I'm gonna stick with dumas.Oh, and Speedie, since I'll be helping you beta test your hood locks, I get mine for free right?!LY
  14. Speedie,What do you need measured? I'll try to measure what I can tomorrow and get back to you.Cool!LY
  15. Doug Thorley Stainless Steel Exhaust (451) In stock and ready to ship. Sounds great and alot lighter than the stock muffler. ALOT! See Dyno Spec sheet for performance gains. Please call Paul at 512-244-1491. Thanks. __________________ I can't insert graphics here so visit the link above. I think I'm liking this one!