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  1. The trailer is 110% worth $500 because it is pretty much brand new, and I've seen complete rotted out junkers being sold for much more then that. I've since moved to a townhouse so I don't have the room for it anymore, or else I would gladly keep it.If you're interested let me know.
  2. Bought it off someone on Kijiji. They bought it, used it once and parked it inside their garage until I bought it.
  3. So did I list the price too high here? There is an insane amount of views on this post with no bites.Shoot me an offer
  4. Do you have a 450 or 451? and I've heard that u-haul offers hitches for the smarts now. I made my own custom hitch, but unfortunately it doesnt fit with the stock exhaust (made it to fit around the aftermarket exhaust that I also made)It should be fine on the hwy, when I bought it, the guy delivered it to my house and took the hwy on the way thereRegardsSteven
  5. Sale fell through, first $500 takes it, it's pretty much in perfect condition, must be seen in person.Thanks
  6. In the process of moving, I'd like to sell these by this weekend, so send me an offer
  7. Hey Everyone, I picked these rims up with the intention of putting them on my car, but never got around to it. All four rims have a slight dent in them (probably from the crate being dropped in shipping), but they can easily be repaired. With these rims you can use the stock rear 450 tires on the front, and put very wide tires in the rear I'm accepting best offer for these, so shoot me a message Sorry for the low quality pictures, they were taken with my cellphone, the 3rd picture has the dented areas circled Thanks Steven 647 237 3898
  8. There is a sale pending, but I'll let you knowThanks
  9. Who's the awesome guy that did the vinyls for you?
  10. New pictures are up, car is all nice and shiny now
  11. Just got the car professionally detailed inside and out today, looks great I'll be uploading some new pictures soonAfter market exhaust has been soldSmart car and Roadster rims are still for sale