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  1. 451: 2.3 litressmart (USA):Specification BOT328, 75W-90 API GL4smart pn# A 001 989 51 03 10Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75W-90
  2. The site is running every slowly, almost unusable at this time 2:35 am PDST . Only 2 members but 35 "visitors" from AhrefsBot and MSNbot. Ok it is 3:15 am. the site seems fine with 1 member and 31 vistors. How much traffic can this site handle before it slows down?
  3. Nice to finally meet Mike and Sandy T yesterday. Couldn’t imagine nicer people as ambassadors for club smart car. The Canada One looked great all nice and shiny in the bright afternoon sun.
  4. Once the battery gets down to a certain set level the computer stops working and will not let the engine run. If you fool around with it trying to jump star it and changing batteries the computer can go into a safety mode and not start even with a 100% fully charged brand new battery.If it goes into safety mode, once a good battery is in place, you have to go though the starting cycle 10 or more times with the right amount of waiting time between tries (forgot how long- somebody ?) before the engine will start ,then like magic it fires up like nothing was ever wrong. People who were not aware of this have wasted many hours fretting away on the fuel system , SAM unit and electric wiring harness, some have even given up on the car all together thinking there was some huge problem that would cost too much it fix.
  5. Took the smart in to TPM Victoria on Monday because it would not start even after installing a new battery , picked it up this afternoon . They foundseveral stored fault codes for undervoltage. Tested generator as per DTC P1615 (supply voltage low).Recorded intermittent no/low output from generator. $513 for new alternator$220.50 for labor$646.57 total with 10% Mercedes-Benz discount program$214 for B service$120 antfreeze replacement with pressure test$94.84 brake fluid flush$43.05 to renew r/f marker light$13.61 to renew r/f parking light$13.82 to renew l/s license plate light$12.98 misc. chargestotal $1298.94
  6. My well maintained 2005 cdi with 53350 km and no previous problems would not start, it was cranking over slowly so replaced the battery with the official smart car replacement two days ago (total cost $146.33 from TPM) still will not start. Have to get it toted to TPM Victoria for 8 am Monday, the earlest they can fit me in. Can't wait to see how many thousands it will cost to fix.
  7. 500,000 th 451From www.leftlanenews.comBy Drew JohnsonMonday, Oct 3rd, 2011 @ 9:50 am Although it hasn’t been a smash success here in the United States, Smart’s second-generation Fortwo city car has just crossed a major milestone, selling its 500,000th example worldwide. Smart’s second-generation Fortwo launched a little over four years ago, with the city car still proving popular around the world. So far this year 69,073 units of the Fortwo have been sold, representing a 6.6 percent improvement over the same period last year.“Our Smart has long since evolved into an icon, which is indispensable in the cities of the world,” Dr. Annette Winkler, head of Smart, said of the achievement.Smart is expecting continued growth in the coming years thanks to two new products. Smart will launch an electric versions of its Fortwo city car during the spring of 2012 with an electric ebike to follow sometime during the second quarter of 2012
  8. G diesel could be coming to Vancouver in the future.
  9. Can't see how the lifter could have caused this damage. It takes every little to go wrong with a turbo diesel to overheat the exhaust valves . The valve probable stuck even if only temporary from over heating and or lack of oil mushrooming of the top of that exhaust valve.
  10. Rent first to see if it will work for you. By Drew Johnson www.leftlanenews.comFor those people that love renting cars and saving the environment, Hertz has the perfect solution. The rental company announced this week that it has inked a deal to offer electric versions of Smart’s ForTwo.The Electric Smart ForTwos will be offered through Hertz’ Connect by Hertz car sharing program. The EVs will be available for rent in New York, Washington DC and San Francisco, beginning December 15.“Hertz’s partnership with smart USA is another strategic element of our long term plan to provide consumers with electric vehicle access on a global scale,” said Mark P. Frissora, Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “With its worldwide recognition, smart was a logical choice for our program and we’re excited to begin offering the smart electric drive to our customers later this month.” Hertz has yet to announce rental pricing for the Smart EV, but the company says it will eventually roll out its electric vehicle rental program nationwide.
  11. "Driving to" somewhere after your 1988 or newer car ( computer controled engine) starts to sound or feel like it is not running right will only cause more damage. When one cylinder stops firing the unburned fuel collects in the catalytic converter and over heats and melts the insides blocking off the exhaust . Do not drive anywhere, get towed to wherever you are going to get it fixed.
  12. Another informative post from Tolsen. How many of us would have taken one look at these clamps and got out the Dremel and cut them off. I eagerly await his latest discovers about the crazy cooling system.
  13. Just checking out the used car listings found these 451 highstyle editions at MB Broadway 342709 343475
  14. The GREAT and Mighty "Mike T" has spoken. "MFRs have to certify cars to meet emissions spec for 130,000 km and 8 years. Anyone in Canada whose EGR is failing before 130K km ought to do the right thing and get it repaired free of charge at the dealer." If your EGR has failed before 130,000 km and 8 years and you had to pay to get it fixed take your reciepts back in and get a refund. If they don't respect the law go to your MP if that does not get things moving the only thing left is a class action lawsuit .
  15. I was reading one of Bil's posts which got me surfing out there and sidetracked as usual when I stumbled across this Looks like the 451 gasser has lots of unused potential for tuners to play with.