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  1. Saturday OCT 4 at Mill Bay, north of Victoria.
  2. I've driven that route many times in many different vehicles but definitely not in my 'vacuum cleaner'/Smart car. I wonder what you would have done had you broken down somewhere along the way? The cost of getting your car towed to either Naniamo or Victoria would have been probably in the neighborhood of $300-$400, not to mention the loss of a days pay. What ever happened to the guy from Terrace who had to have his car sent to Edmonton for repairs? I would feel much happier if I had a service manual I could carry with me when I go into areas where there is no Smart Service Centre. I have just returned from a trip to the North Island and that was my biggest concern about taking my Smart Car up there. Naniamo was the nearest place to get it serviced. It is one long tow from Port Hardy. Fortunately I had no problems and I was pleased with the way the Smart Car handled the trip. I got 80 miles to the gallon. It only cost me $48 to get there and back from Victoria and I did a lot of driving around seeing the sights while I was up there.
  3. I think this should be's biggest project . This country is very big and spread out and service centers are few and far between . Why should someone have to have their car towed hundreds or thousands of miles to get it fixed. If you breakdown in Prince Rupert the nearest service center is Kamloops or Edmonton. If your EGR control plugs up in Whitehorse you have to have your car shipped to Edmonton a distance of 2000 km. There are many certified Caterpillar ,Cummins and Detroit Diesel repair centers in and between these places . These people are very knowledgeable and competent in all things diesel but lack the specific information contained in the shop manual and service sheets so are unable to offer much help. If I could purchase this information and carry it with me it would a great help.
  4. These things were available for everything from the Volkswagen to a Cadillac. They didn't sell worth a darn and soon disappeared. I don't think any cars roof was strong enough to withstand all the stress.
  5. Are these mufflers off the same car? If so, how come the short life? What are you using now? Please tell us your muffler story.