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  1. Hi, Clearing out some parts, all for diesels. I have a tuning box, bought from Germany, plugs in and is adjustable. $75. Chrome instrument hood, aluminium bezels for gauges, very nice $25. Polished Brabus shift knob and handbrake handle. $50 Full set of used coupe panels, various colors, good condition. Paint them whatever color you want. Euro, no holes in rear fender and small front signal. $150 Set of Pulse alloy wheels, excellent condition. $100 Aftermarket fibreglass front spoiler from Germany. $60 Cup holder $10 I am in Edmonton. Mail me at vmeseck@xplornet.com Cheers, Vincent.
  2. I thought this too. So I took off the rear drums and had a look. They were fine. I am convinced that it was not a mechanical problem, but an electronic one. Thanks though. Cheers.
  3. This one is eerie... In September my 2005 coupe with about 90 000km, owned since new, was written off. I had not driven the car for a few days. when i started the engine both the ABS and ESP lights came on. they have come on sporadically before and then gone off. I drove cautiously from our rural property. at the end of our road I braked firmly and everything seemed fine. i pulled out onto the secondary highway and accelerated up to 100 km/hr. Both of the warning lights were still on, so when there was no traffic around I tapped the brake pedal. the rear tires instantly locked up and left two big black marks on the road. The car became uncontrollable and veered across the oncoming lane, into the ditch and came to a stop when I hit an approach. The side airbag deployed and i was wearing a seat belt, so I was uninjured. There was little damage to the body, but the undercarriage was quite badly damaged. Incidentally, when I restarted the engine the warning lights were out. Now this was a dry, straight road. visibility was excellent. The car was well maintained with excellent tires. I was focused, sober and alert. I have ridden motorcycles for years, raced Karts and ice raced, I taught skid control when I was a driving instructor. I have never, in all my years of driving, lost control of a vehicle so completely. After some back and forth, Mercedes Benz's conclusion was that I should not have driven the car with the warning lights on and should have had it towed to the dealer. This all saddens me. I enjoyed that car for many years, ordered it shortly after it was announced they would be sold in Canada. I had confidence in its safety systems and they did protect me in the crash. I am dissappointed in Mercedes Benz that they showed no interest in investigating this. Mostly, I mourn for a machine that became a part of my life over the years, we had many adventures together. RIP Eightball.
  4. Hi everyone, sadly, after ten years of ownership, my 2005 coupe, eight ball, has gone to the big smart car meet in the sky. long story. anyway, I have a whole bunch of stuff left. -Factory bike rack, hardly used. -set of winter tires on wider european roadster wheels. -set of original pulse alloys, in excellent condition. -full set of used body panels, mismatched colors but could be painted. -tuning box, bought in Germany. -chrome instument bezel, also from Germany. -Brabus shift knob. I am willing to deal on this stuff, contact me if you are interested. Cheers. Eightball.
  5. Hi, I'm selling a complete set of Euro body panels for the first generation coupe. They are mismatched colours and will need to be painted, but are the euro panels so the rear fenders do not have the big holes for the blisters and the fronts only have small marker light holes. This set would be perfect for someone who wants to do some kind of custom colour. $450 for the set, I'm located in Edmonton. Cheers.
  6. I have a Brabus shift knob as well but not the same model. Mine has a small allen screw on the side, covered by a rubber ring, that retains it on the shaft. Have a careful look for a little allen screw.I hope this helps,Cheers,Eightball.
  7. Hi, sorting through some stuff and found my original rear fenders. They are in very good used condition, have the Halifax holes for pods in them and will fit a 2005/06 coupe. both for $150. I would prefer pickup in Edmonton but will ship at your cost. Cheers,Eightball.
  8. Mr Bean had a solution...You could just screw a hasp and padlock to the door.
  9. I agree about the repair bill, why should the owners of the pub be on the hook?I was thinking if this had happened in the US they would be blaming the car. It was a lexus and they have had all those purported problems with runaways. Cheers,Eightball.
  10. I agree Duck, very fair article. I have always thought of my smart as a sports car, in the classic sense...Relatively light, nimble with modest power forces you to make the most of what you have. I can drive at eight tenths and noone notices. Try that in a Corvette!
  11. Hi all, Not exactly a spotting, it's my own car. I thought I would share this photo...Cheers,Eightball.
  12. Made in Germany by Mercedes Benz!? F1 package!?
  13. I have a sport suspension package on my smart. Formel K springs and shocks front and rear. It sits a bit lower and sure handles well with low profile tires. If you are looking for a better ride though, this is not the package for you. I don't know what you could do to smoothen out the ride. With such a short wheelbase a long travel suspension will tend to pitch under braking and acceleration. That's what I didn't like about my stock suspension.Cheers,Eightball.
  14. hi, i just got off work. I will get some sleep and try to make it .See you,Eightball.
  15. I will try to make it.Cheers,Eightball.