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  1. http://www.twike.com/ I think this is one great vehicle, absolutely love it!!! It's a pity I probably won't fit in it and it's quite expensive, but hey, you will have an amazing vehicle!! What are your thoughts on it?
  2. Are you sure it's a Diesel?? Because I think the economy is not that good for a diesel. I never go over 4l/km. Best so far was 3,4l/km.
  3. I wonder what will happen in wintertime. Since the car engine won't be used that much, it will take a long time before it'll be warm, so the heating of the car won't work at all/very well. I guess you have to get a 12V heater and plug it in.What will it do to your engine, since it will run below operating tempereatures for a long time? Will it do more damage?I wonder if it will really double your mileage. And where are the batteries? How long before they run out? And when they run out, you're dragging this thing along with you, I wonder what that will do for your milage.
  4. Taxes aren't included in your prices?? Hmmm, our prices are all in, except for "delivery" costs (license plates, cleaning, a little bit of fuel) which varies enormously, from 300 upt to 900 euro's.Yes, they know how to make money
  5. Maybe prices are higher here because we have more taxes on cars.I know here in Holland we've got almost the highest taxes in Europe (Denmark is even better at putting taxes on cars). We pay 19% BTW (which is like VAT in the UK, not sure what you called it in Canada) and another tax called BPM, which is an extra tax on luxury goods. You can get a discount on BPM when your car is environmentally friendly and depending on the energy label it's got. Smart CDI and MHD are A-label which means a 1400 euro discount, other smarts are B and C label. When you get to D there is no discount anymore.The labeling system goes up to G. From E you are getting punished with higher and higher fines.So smart-buyers are happy customers, they don't have to pay a lot extra taxes.Besides that the CDI and the MHD get a 50% discount on roadtax because of low CO2 emissions.In 2009 the roadtaxes will be cut further for low emission vehicles as well as the BPM tax.We're looking forward to the new price of the CDI, because at the moment it is fined extra for being a diesel (a new CDI Pure costs almost 14,000 euros, compared to the cheapest version, an especially made version for Holland called Base, which is 8750 euros).FYI, the Base is really a base model, hardly no options available at all. If I remember it well, just 3 colour options and a radio, that's it.
  6. So are the tubes closed off now?
  7. I've noticed a lot of incorrect details in US articles about smart. Don't they know about a thing called fact checking? I didn't have a lot of faith in the media to begin with, but lately it has been reduced to almost nothing. It seems that they're just copying whatever they can find, it's pathetic. And they get paid for this as well! (Hmmm come to think of it, maybe they're the smart ones hahaha)The MHD is not a hybrid, it doesn't have an electric engine, it just shuts of the petrol engine when you're braking and the car speed is below 8 km/h. In 2009 MHD will be standard on all engines except the Brabus and CDI (as far as I've read).
  8. Sorry to hear you got the wrong part! But in a short while, the panels will be on your car and it will be the most gorgeous car ever!!!! The orange looks just fabulous, really brilliant! (I'm sooo jealous now, my car just looks really boring compared to yours with its grey panels and silver cage)
  9. You only got 10 days vacation??? Now I feel really lucky, I've got 24 days vacation and I save 4 hours vacation a week on top of that, so that's another couple of weeks.Compared to you guys, I must be in heaven LOL.
  10. As for the 'smart tower', all smart centres in Europe have a tower like that, so they are easier to spot from the highway (the ones in Holland all are really close or even next to a highway).
  11. Wow, I've never heard this before!!! It's quite common for the 599cc gasoline engines to die completely, they tend to be a bit too fragile. The 698cc gasoline engine is much more reliable and the diesel engines are supposed to be the most reliable, never heard about one giving up completely.
  12. LOLI knew the saying the bigger the car, the smaller the d***, but I guess it's also the bigger the car, the lower the IQ hahahaha!Ah well, those kind of guys make me laugh, they're soooo neanderthal!It always surprises me how many guys still rely on big outdated cars to proove their masculinity, it's kind of sad really.Besides someone who's smart would go for a smart car owner, because they will have more money to spend on fun stuff instead of fuelling up their cars LOL
  13. I've heard about glass roofs shattering too, but it was a couple of years ago. The cause seemed to be flying gravel (caused by cartyres). I haven't heard any stories about it the last couple of years though, I thought they had solved the problem. Here in Europe all smart glass roofs got a protective band on the front part of the roof, I thought that was to protect it from flying gravel. Don't know when they started to fit those, it looks like a black sticker.
  14. WOW!!! you guys pay a lot!!!!! I pay only 48 euro's a month, which is I guess $70.I can't believe that there are so many people driving cars over there with that kind of insurance to pay.You must earn a lot of money to be able to drive a car.
  15. Is that really a camera?I thought it was just the handle for the lugagespace or whatever is hidden behind that door
  16. The Aptera looks like a small plane without wings! Is that really going to be sold overthere?I'm not sure about that one, I like the looks, but I don't think it will work here in Europe. It's basically a smart but it's almost twice the size.It always amazes me what an individual can achieve in his garage like that guy did with the XR3. I wonder how he will achieve good mileage with those big fat tyres, that causes a lot of resistance. But then again, there are only three of them hahaha! Looks very futuristic! I guess he still has to add some rear view mirrors and maybe a windscreenwiper or did he manage to find alternatives for those?
  17. Looks really cool, except for the front part. Maybe they designed it that way to scare the other people away, so you don't have to brake that much ;-) Pity there aren't any pics of the interior, I wonder if I can fit in it (probably not). BTW did you see the new Loremo? http://evolution.loremo.com/ It looks interesting and they say it will go in production. Doesn't look as cool as they XR3 though. And I don't fit in that one either! Ah well, I'm happy with my smart Cabrio Stefan PS: Like your plans for a vehicle! Funny to see I'm not the only one who used to be into designing small fuel efficient cars!!
  18. Hi,I just joined so I thought I would introduce myself:I'm Stefan, living in Holland, owning a 2004 ForTwo CDi Carbio and being 6'11", I'm probably the tallest smartdriver in the world The reason I bought my car is of course the fuelprices, you guys are still lucky because fuelprices in Holland are at least double of what you pay.Another reason is that smarts are just really funky and sexy!Besides that it's one of the few affordable cars I can actually fit in (you wouldn't believe how cramped bigger cars can be!)Anyway, if you have any questions or something to share, let me know!Stefan
  19. ah great!!! then I won't have to miss my smart that much
  20. That would be really cool!!!! Is it possible to rent a smart in Canada?Would be great to drive one there
  21. I would love to visit one of your events, but I think it will be next year at the earliest.Are there events in the Vancouver area as well? I've got family over there, so it would be very convenient for me hahahaha!I'm actually quite comfortable in my smart, it's got so much more space than bigger cars. I used to drive an old volvo 242 and that was very similar in space as the smart (except for the backseat and boot naturally). I do have a little less headroom now, but as long as I don't drive to fast over speedbumps, there's no problem at all. Besides, it's a cabrio so if I would bump my head, it will be quite soft LOLThanks Kitty, it was actually the only thing I could come up with and had some truth to it hahahaha!
  22. Well, fuelprices are going up and down every day it seems, but they will rise again July 1st because of a tax increase.So it's probably going to be the same price as yours except it's euro's and not Canadian $.(Hmmm I should go and visit Canada, everything will be so cheap for me! LOL)