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  1. If you are still having a problem, maybe I can help from my office in germanyGive me the VIN number and the part # of the old (discontinued) kit..If available you have it in two weeks direct.SherwinSmartcarparts,,, South
  2. SORRY FOR THE DELAYi had a family medical situation and i had to drive up to ny from carolina.all clear now and returned home two days ago.$95 and ill send it free first class mail.problem is there is no tracking.if you need more postal security add $5 and ill absorb the difference.sherwini dont get to this site every day so please email and ill give you my cell if you wish to talk.again sorry for the delay...not like me.
  3. Because of demand I was able to secure an additional discount which I am passing along. FRONT $550.00 REAR 450,00 SIDE BARS 200.00 SET OF 2
  5. because of popular demand, i am offering both the complete kit with discount price and free delivery anyhere in 48 states and nominal for canada AND NOW offering the components separately FRONT BUMPER $585 REAR BUMPER $485 SIDE BARS (2) $200 FLAT RATE OF $25 FOR SHIPMENT IN 48 CANADIAN RATES SUBJECT TO PROVENCE AND QUOTED ON DEMAND. thanks for your continued support. sherwin Please read the terms and condition on the corresponding ebay pages Visit My Website
  6. I have a new factory CDI tach with rings which is available immed from my stock. Price will be me for details.sherwin
  7. thanks to all for your continued support over the years.sherwin
  8. thanks for reading this post. Since the store site has pictures, descriptions and prices, I thought it easier just to invite you there. (go to enter store) US customs finally released my shipment which arrived today. Lots of 450 / 451 parts and accesssories both replacement and OEM. CLUB MEMBERS. IF YOU PLACE ORDERS DIRECTLY WITH ME AND PAY WITH PAYPAL OR BANK CHECK/MONEY ORDER I WILL PASS ALONG THE EBAY/PAYPAL FEES BACK TO YOU. everylittle bit helps. if you are not in the business which requires importing, you would not believe what the euro/dollar exchange and fuel surcharges are costing. Im doing my best to keep and absorbe as much as possible and still be able to offer an alternative source to smart owners in North America. BE SURE TO MENTION CLUBSMART.CA sherwin email: ebay store: thanks for all your continued support over the years.
  9. Just noticed this thread from February regarding carpet mats.I have two in stock1 anthracite1 black with dealer logo smart-rma.deboth are made specifically for smart 450/451and available for shipment from SCUS$49.99 + 12.95 USPS SHIPMENT TO ANY LOWER 48Canadian rates apply to individual provencepay pal or money order to:smartcarparts26 raymond roadbluffton, South Carolina 29909thanks for your continued supportnew items added please visit
  10. i have the original 450 interior filter in for info
  11. FOWVAY...I totally agree with you about prices.For the very few of us that are bringing Smart replacement parts and accessories to market in North America, we are all faced with the sad fact that the only current sources are in euroland. Having been 52 years in the P&A business before retiring three years ago, I had the possibility of sourcing items from places like Romania to Brazil to Taiwan not to mention the more common source countries. Now, only europe. Unfortunately, the dollar buying power has shrunk to all time lows making importing near impossible. That is the problem with the prices Fast Eddie, myself and a handful of others in North America are faced with. Add to that the added security complication delays, the cost of shipping and all the fuel surcharges tacked on by everyone "some even just to add a few extra point" and you wind up with a $200 set of brake pedals with the Brabus "B" on it... outragous.On the other hand, the price of the european made Smart has remained the same despite the 20% devaluation of the dollar over the past two years. Smart is not making a profit on this car over here.Personally I cant wait for some alternative sources of products... i.e. Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore or MAYBE HERE IN OUR COUNTRIES. But until there is a base of at least 150,000 vehicles this will not happen.On the brighter side....I AM SELLING THE SAME PART I BUY IN EUROLAND BACK TO EUROPE !!!WHY? Because the base price of the item PLUS A 19%+ SALES TAX minus the almost 60% the euro has over the dollar and our "cheap" postal rates makes the same product cheaper here than in euro. BTW, gasoline in Germany this week is close to $7.50 a gallon (us or imperial almost the same) All this is to ask that you dont be too hard on those of us who risk our $'s to bring in and inventory items hoping to move them out at a small markup to cover our risk and expenses.Surely Im not out of line to speak for any other importer by saying ...Thank you very much for your continued support and we will continue to offer the best product at the fairest prices.sherwinsmartcarpartsSouth Carolina
  12. IM SORRYplease visit the ebay store at www.smartcarparts.usfull description and photos for special order itemspedal set, shift knob, mat set, brake handle i am waiting technical confirmation from Smart that this wheel will not present any safety issues because of the airbag connections in our north american version.also, the wheel comes with paddle shift which we dont have here in states.thanks for your question i overlooked that little detail
  13. 451 BRABUS ITEMS AVAILABLE PLEASE SEE OUR EBAY SITE FOR DESCRIPTIONS these are priced by Brabus to be extremely expensive. I am offering them only as a service. Markup is only to cover handling... import expenses i.e. freight, fuel surcharges, dollar/euro conversions, customs and local delivery are all factors making up the selling prices. In the store you will see equal items WITHOUT the Brabus logo. Until parts and accessories are made outside the euro zone we will all suffer from seemingly outragous prices. thanks for your understanding and support. Sherwin
  14. I dont know if this is the right forum but here we go and correct me if im wrong451 accessories just arrived after being stuck in Atlanta hub then USA customscargo area itemspassenger compartment itemthanks in advance for stopping in.I will quote Canadian postal rates on demand.sherwin
  15. thanks to all for the 451 cdi info being none in CanadaWas wondering because I have available 451 diesel parts and before i ordered them to be shipped i wanted to double check.still hve a few 450 cdi filters if somebody want themregards