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  1. I would also love this information as I have gone through a major hassel since September trying to get my '08 working properly again.Thanks,Shakey
  2. I just had a front driver side TPMS/Valve slowly leak then eventually break apart on me on Monday, then the passenger side did the same today!!
  3. Haven't posted in a while but my issue is still ongoing.....will post when I have time and news.....Cheers Shakey
  4. Hi Cameron,Thanks again for your help. A camera was put into the cylinder and pictures taken of the carbon build up where the piston is hitting the carbon, so I assume that the seals and rings were fine since they keep telling me it is the fuel I am using.Once again I appreciate all the help.Cheers,Shakey
  5. Hi Cameron,Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I understand that carbon build up is caused by low temps and speed but I do a daily 140 km round trip on the highway so I don't understand how there could be a build up. I haven't noticed the oil level changing so I don't think there is a leak anywhere, I'll keep my eye on that though. How would I look out for a bad valve seal or piston rings? Have to keep my fingers crossed that things will work out. I'm confident that the dealership has my back.You are surprised that an adjustment is required you should have seen how surprised the Dealership was when I asked about it.Anyways, thanks again.Shakey
  6. Thanks Graham,There was carbon in all cylinders but cylinder #2 had a lot of build up. They were not sure why only one cylinder had that much build up. I was told that it has happened on other Mercedes too. I was thinking that it had something to do with the valve adjustment too.Anyway they gave me a bottle of additive to put into the fuel so we'll go from there. If nothing changes or it gets worse I'm suppose to bring the car back in after a couple of fill ups.They still seemed to think it was the fuel I was putting in but I haven't put anything less than 91 in the tank.Anyway, thanks again for your suggestions.Cheers,Shakey
  7. Thanks Graham. Yeah I have searched around on scoa site and found the thread on the purge valve. I'm pretty sure that it is not that. They took some pictures of inside and you could see the carbon build up. I was told the piston is hitting the carbon that I was shown. Hopefully the additive helps breakdown the build up. I will keep posting updates.Thanks again,Shakey
  8. After 4 weeks I finally got the car back. Apparantly some of the ticking was from the valves that needed adjustment (came to about $900) the other part of the ticking is coming from a carbon build up in cylinder 2 (that ticking is still there). I was given 2 bottles of cleaner to put in (1 at each fill up) the gas tank and was told to drive the car hard for 2 tanks of gas and "hopefully the noise will go away". If the noise doesn't go away I am to bring the car back.I don't understand how I have a carbon build up in only one cylinder. I do a Cambridge to Mississauga daily run on the highway. I put either 91 or 94 octane in (whichever one is available).This is starting to get real annoying.Fingers are crossed that this additive will get rid of the carbon build up.Cheers,ShakeyP.S. Anyone else with a 2008 or newer up to 80,000 KMs?
  9. I live in Cambridge, close to Waterloo. I have had my Smart for 2 winters and do a daily Cambridge to Mississauga commute. Never had an issue in the winter.Welcome to the area.Cheers,Shakey
  10. Hi Alex,Thanks for your response.I could have sworn that the Advisor said 4 mm but I could be wrong (or he may be wrong). I'll post more as I find out more.According to the service manual the inspection is at every 90,000 km. Thanks again,Shakey
  11. They got around to doing the valve clearance check. The valves were out 4 mm. They need to order the "cups" was the last thing I heard on Wednesday. Was told Wednesday that the parts are available and everything should be done Thursday. Called today (friday) and was told that the parts were on back order and there was no ETA for the parts. I was told that the Service Advisor was off until Tuesday to call back then because he'll have a better idea of what is going on... This is seriously getting stupid.From originally being told that the ticking was from low oil (I know the level was fine because I checked the evening before I took it in), dirty oil and that I didn't need a valve check because "we don't do that" to all of these parts that are on back order. Starting to lose faith.......
  12. Update: Been in the shop for 9 days now. Parts were ordered and came in. Apparently more parts are needed? More parts are ordered, they are on back order. Dealership has no ETA on the new parts. $400 quote has now gone up to $1000. I was asked if I was using premium fuel (the answer is ofcourse yes).Starting to get a bit ticked off now since nobody is giving me any answers.Will update next week.....Shakey
  13. Update: Both the Service Advisor and the Service Tech heard the ticking noise today. After I was in on Friday the Advisor did some background research on the valve adjustment. Parts (I would assume shims) were ordered for my car but are on back order, will arrive in 4-5 days. Left the car at the dealership, they gave me a loaner. Was quoted 3-3.5 hours labour and $78 for the parts so around $400 (from their web page $159 for the check, $169 for the adjustment plus shims) for the adjustment. Tech believes that the ticking noise is coming from the valves (fingers crossed), doesn't see anything else that looks wrong (?).Will update when I know more.Cheers,Shakey
  14. Sure will. Crossing my fingers here.Thanks for your help.
  15. Kecil is going back in tomorrow since the tapping/ticking noise is still there (goes away once the engine is warm).Cheers,Shakey