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  1. Thanks for the info SmartZuuk. I'm hoping to see an improvement in the summer, although I'm not sure that it will be much different.
  2. Thanks Dave for the confirmation. Also thanks for the mileage tip. I'm going to try that and see how it goes... I think I'll have aproblem not doing 70+ though on the highway... it's just so easy to do
  3. Thanks for all the info here guys!I would have to guess at an average temp when we leave for work. Given we live in Victoria (see: Land of No Real Winter), this winter has been especially mild and we're above freezing almost everyday. I guess 2+ would be the average this winter. The drive is all of about 6 minutes. There are 3 stop signs, 1 yield, 2 traffic lights, and an access road with speed bumps. Total distance ~5km. Not exactly a strenuous commute :)I'm really going to have to put it down to not a long enough drive to be optimal and still pretty damn good. I'll try using the highest octane I can find in the next couple of tanks and see how that works out. I'm planning on doing a road trip at the end of the month and see what the results are that way.
  4. Yup gasser here.For the last 2 tanks I was shifting below 3k the entire time (and sometimes 2.5k) but that seemed to make no difference to the mileage. Thanks for the tip about the air filter. I'll take a look at that and see what kind of condition it's in. Given that the car only has 3900 km on it, I hope the filter isn't in bad condition yet, but who knows.
  5. Thats pretty easy to do as well. i've been using Petrocan premium (not the ultra super premium). I'll try their higher grade next time and see.
  6. I agree that I'm not spending a lot on fuel ... we filled up on Jan 15 then not again until Feb 17 so a month between fills isn't bad. I'm just wondering if there is something I should get checked at smart.
  7. Okay so it's been a while since my last post on the subject and I have put in 4 more tanks. Here are the original numbers:28l 425km = 6.59 L/100km28.1 413.1 = 6.8031.0 394.9 = 7.8529.8 464.8 = 6.41 <- best tank so far28.7 406.8 = 6.9128.2 368.8 = 7.65here are the tanks following:29.7 314.1 = 9.4629.5 348.6 = 8.4629.9 353.3 = 8.4631.3 365.0 = 8.58So the first tank in the four shows how bad it was when I was "warming up" the car. But the subsequent tanks are all without idling the car at all before driving away.My overall L/100 is 7.73 and that is baaad.I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing wrong at this point. I'm wondering how I can change this to be more acceptable. The last 2 tanks I drove the car as gently as possible keeping the RPM sub 3k and cruising at 1500-1800.Could it be the short drive that I have in the morning (<5 km)?We use the seat heaters everyday... could that cause it?Outside of those two things I'm really uncertain.Any help?
  8. Still haven't filled but have been starting and driving the last couple of days and things are just fine. I'll post mileage when I get it out of the next tank... Though the logic of the above question did sink in after some thought. If my drive is 10 minutes and I'm warming up for 5 then I'm looking at 33% of my fuel (give/take) going into just sitting there... thus seriously decreasing my mileage. I originally thought that was the cost of driving, especially when the engine is cold and needs time to get going. Anyways thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the tips. I'll do as suggested and see how it goes
  10. Really?? I was always told to warm up the car before driving and that meant to let it idle for a few minutes before leaving... What you way makes sense for sure so I'll give it a whirl and see what happens. As we're lucky here we still haven't had the temp below 0 when we are leaving for work.. .I know it has frozen over night though just not that cold in the morning.
  11. No wind here lately (which is odd for this time of year actually).I was wondering about the warming up, I do go out and sit with her for about 5-10 minutes before we drive away to work but understand that the engine still isn't "Hot".Turns out that I drive it 90% of the time. I honestly don't think that it is the car and that I might be doing something wrong here. The 7's bother me as I was really hoping for 6's but I might be looking at a 9 tank right now... that is not at all comforting.
  12. We have been getting terrible milage out of our current tank and last tank and I'm starting to wonder if there is a problem with the car or how we are driving it... 28l 425km = 6.59 L/100km28.1 413.1 = 6.8031.0 394.9 = 7.8529.8 464.8 = 6.41 <- best tank so far28.7 406.8 = 6.9128.2 368.8 = 7.65Currently we are at 300k and just got the notice of 3.5 ltrs left in the tank so we'll fill tonight and I'll update the post.The earlier tanks were also including 60% hwy driving but not over the last 3 tanks as we have been city-bound for a while now.Could we be looking at problems due to the drive in the morning only taking us 4km and then 4km home at night and this is normal for the car? We go longer distances on the weekend and such but most weekdays it is 8km round trip for our "commute"?Any ideas here would be helpful.We drive in manual almost exclusively (shift at about 3500rpm and cruise at 1800-2000). This was how we drove it when we got our best tank so I thought that would be the way to drive all the time. Thanks in advance!
  13. Yeah we don't and haven't used the coin tray at all. We also don't have an ashtray so we use our pockets. The coin trays are great for areas that you don't have homelessness/bored kids problems in where they will smash your window for a nickel.Thanks for the post! If I can ever move to a smaller centre I'll probably do the mod
  14. Hmmm now that Jibber mentions that bit I noticed the car I test drove had the light come on once after I started driving it and after a restart it went away... it only had 26km on it when I started driving it.
  15. So we drive our little Sally up about 260k and then this light comes on after the car was sitting. It turns out that it's the Safety Restraint System light. Not happy about it as we are about 200km from the dealer and its the weekend. I called them and they said not to worry about it and if I bring it in on Monday they can fix it up quickly for me. Well I get in there on monday and the service manager says ... we'll need to book you in for Thursday as it's about an hour job to fix this. Apparently resistance can build up in the wiring for this sensor an cause it to throw the light. The manual says that if this light comes on then the airbag could deploy at anytime or not deploy at all. I have been assured that this won't happen and it's not a malfunctioning system. All should be good I guess but I"m a little shocked that the manager said, "I've seen thousands of these types of problems and it's a common issue". Can't they fix this?Also wondering how resistance can build up so quickly?
  16. So I got out of the dealer and they have determined that the seat belt retractor is faulty and needs to be replaced. Service manager said that he hadn't seen this before but the part should be in next week. Should be a quick swap and all should be well.
  17. So I got the call on Tuesday that the car was arriving on Wednesday and we could pick it up on Friday!So it's Friday and we picked up our new little smart (Sally ).We immediate drove her home after getting the full walk-through at the dealership. They really were great with us and we would definitely recommend purchasing through Three Point Motors in Victoria. The financing officer, Danielle spent a lot of time with us giving us different financing options and ultimately helping us get the final deal made. After getting home and loading up we took off for a trip up island and proceeded putting 250km on little Sally.I have to say that all of my expectations were exceeded by this little car. The car performed very well up the Malahat and the rest of the highway was a breeze. There are so many great features that it would be hard to go over them all but we have been impressed by the build quality and the great options that the car has.I'll post more impressions later on but so far so good!Cheers,DK
  18. I did?? I don't see chrome on her..
  19. I'm lucky that I live 4.5 km from work so I just don't have a lot of driving to do on a regular basis. The most use the car will get will be on the weekends and running errands. We are very fortunate
  20. Is there a volume adjustment on the sub at all? I know a lot of aftermarket subs have a volume adjustment so I'm hoping this one does too or I might have to replace it as it's pretty quiet.
  21. Find a mechanic that you trust and have it inspected. This could be serious and you don't want to mess around. Also check your oil level to ensure that you are not down too much as a result.
  22. It does make sense to me. I'm going to let the dealer call the shots on this one as I see no reason at this point to argue. He said no longer than a year though. We will likely not put 15k on our car this year as we haven't ever put that much mileage on a car ever. So this means on our anniversary we will get an oil change anyways but that is due to the time component to oil that needs to be considered. Also if the engine become damaged as a result of not changing the oil, it will be hard for MB to dispute the need for a new engine at their cost when I was explicitly told to not change the oil.
  23. Hmmm so far I have let one other person drive and offered 2 other people the opportunity. I really can't see a reason not to. These things aren't going to break like a tinker toy if you let someone else drive. Just tell them to be gentle and not let the RPM over 4k
  24. Sticker idea is good but the 3m would be the easiest as it's very clear to see 3m from the booth at the ferry and see if you fit. Hell the booth is barely longer than 3m.Something needs to happen in this regard as the more I consider the topic the more it irks me. I'm not going to become a zealot for the smart but in this instance it just makes sense and it bothers me to know they are basically double charging for space.
  25. Hmm the service manager said that it was likely the connection under the seat with the resitance build up and that they could fix it... I was a little concerned about the airbag not working but they said it would be fine and it was more to do with the light showing up and not a malfunction of the system... I didn't want to press them as they seemed really sure but to me it seemed a little more serious than they indicated.