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  1. Moving out of country, so looking for someone to take-over the lease with 9 months remaining. Lease ends July 2011. Car had been greatly cared with love. Really don't want to let my lovely car go, but can't justify keeping it for years in the garage with no caring. This is for a unique 2008 smart Passion cabriolet, black frame with black panels and red interior. It has the following Brabus parts: Brabus front spoiler Brabus side skirts Brabus rear apron for Brabus exhaust system Brabus exhaust system with manifold kit Brabus aluminum handbrake with leather covering Brabus gas/brake aluminum pedals It also has following options: Alarm with motion sensor Gauges pod (tech/clock) Fog lights Sunglasses holder CD holder Luggage fasterner And following great stuff: 4300K HID headlight system by smartmadness Sprint booster Will also include following uninstalled parts: Original smart exhaust Original rear skirt 1 piece rear driver side black panel (a little bit of scratch) Lease is $375.67/month, and residual of $12,623.70 54,000km mileage allowance, currently below 38,000km PM if interested. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hey all... Since there's still not any plan in concrete this far, I have no idea how to schedule this "Saturday" meet around my work. So I might as well join next time... 1. smartzuuk (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi) 2. Mike T and Bruce F (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi) 3. smartcynth (2008 pure coupe gas) 4. smartzuuk spare driven by TBD (2005 pulse coupe cdi) 5. bilgladstone (2005 Pulse cdi) 6. Henry (06 pulse cabrio cdi) 7. Monkii (08' pulse cabrio gas) 8. Ted (05 pure cabrio cdi) 9. FastEddy (2008 Brabus Xclusive cabrio gas by Flying Tiger) 10. mimota (2008 cabrio) 11. sidneyfortwo (2005 Pulse Cabrio) 12. Catopounce (2006 Pulse Coupe) 13. smartvancouver (2008 Passion) 14. Guinness (2009 Brabus Cabrio) 15. Peter E 16. LittleFeather (2006 Pulse Coupe) 17. BJ (06 pulse cabrio cdi) 18. 4DM (2009 Brabus Cabrio) 19. ganisa (2008 passion cabrio) 20. minImANia (2008 Passion Coupe) 21.
  3. Get the poll going! It's probably a "go or no go" for many, and it's better to leave much time for the question/poll to spread around!We don't want people (me included) showing up on the wrong date! This gonna hurt the smart community in GVR!
  4. Why don't we ever see any crash test video of SUV/Truck running over convertibles like miata, SLK, z4, porsche chopping the dummy's heads off?And why don't we ever see any crash test video of smart vs. motorcycle/scooter?
  5. My answer is...YES, you can ---> IF you live in the north pole...or south pole...However...please don't bother ask if I would ship the tires there :Pnow, I wouldn't mind bringing them to you in the north pole or south pole personally IF you pay for my travelling expense~~
  6. Thanks smartzuuk for editing the title for me >_<I was so puzzled on how to change it in the edit page...Keep in mind, will come with 4 tire totes to store your lonely tires!
  7. someone please buy my tires!might as well get some nice, new looking steelies from smartzuuk too!Seems like these tires fit both 450 and 451!
  8. People, go sign up in smartzuuk's new thread!
  9. 1. smartzuuk (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)2. Mike T (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)3. smartcynth (2008 pure coupe gas)4. smartzuuk spare driven by TBD (2005 pulse coupe cdi)5. bilgladstone (2005 Pulse cdi)6. Henry (06 pulse cabrio cdi)7. Monkii (08' pulse cabrio gas)
  10. If they have a new one with turbo option, amber turn signal in the rear SEPERATED from the brake light, a 6-speed gear box, I'd go for a new one in a heartbeat.
  11. Interesting...I find it hard to do that with all the road-ragers and tailgaters around GVR...However, with my 08' hwy/city mixed driving, 3-4000rpm manual shifting, mainly flat roads, I almost always get 450+ km out of 26-27L gasoline.I think the key point here is DO NOT SPEED. Our car ain't designed for highspeed aerodynamic.
  12. At least they aren't charging us to drive in downtown =PEasy Green is very handy now~~ =D
  13. You better check here: There's a nut for adjusting the projection angle