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  1. I have a 451 hood if you are still interested - black and never used
  2. OEM 2008-2015 Smart Car Hood in Black, bought at BM Burlington but never used on the road (zero Km), so it is like new. A "Thomas and friends" head was attached with landscape fabric and used at openhouses but the car never left the driveway with the hood attached (Thomas is kind of fragile). The landscape fabric is wrapped around the hood and can be removed easily without damage to the hood. On a blue car this would represent Thomas, a green car - Percy, a red car - James, etc. Available with or without the head - see photos. The 2008 smartcar is also available - see my other ad. In Burlington near IKEA Joel joel_waterman@hotmail.com
  3. One owner 2008 Passion, blue on silver, 84,200 km. Clean and in great shape except for clutch which needs work and cracked right rear reluctor ring. Always maintained by MB, but they want too much to fix it now for my taste so am selling as is. (we also have a 2009 Limited Three which we are keeping) No other issues, passes clean air and should safety OK once above items are fixed. Good summer tires on stock alloy rims, and good winter tires on steel rims included. AC works well. Have replaced starter, alternator, brake light switch, oil pressure switch (due to small leak) Transmission RPM sensor (which was not the problem with the clutch), Muffler flex pipe, etc. Asking $1200 as is OBO. From non-smoking pet free home in Burlington Ontario. More photos available joel_waterman@hotmail.com
  4. The location on the west side of Guelph line has been taken over by the east side "good" location and Andrew now works on the west side of Guelph line as head techie.
  5. Shifter stuck in Park (and ABS light) were both caused by a defective brake light switch (thanks for the tip Nigel). Park override fix worked like a charm, although it took more force to free the cover than I expected. Brake light replaced , shifter works normally and the ABS light is off. Great forum
  6. Will need to try this today - car locked up last night in a public parking lot. (Hope the car is still there and undamaged). Anyone know what it costs to replace the "shifter box"?
  7. U-Haul sells & installs hitches for the 451 (but not the 450). Is there anywhere in the Toronto area that sells/installs these for a reasonable price? I see that SmartMadness in the States sells a hitch for in the $150 range, and that particular one bolts on (though it does require some drilling as well...)
  8. Our 08 and 09 smarts (with stock tires) both read 8 or 9% high on the speedo (compares to a Scangauge and a GPS), but the odometer is bang on. to do 50 we go 55, to go 90 we go 99, etc.
  9. Did it yesterday - so easy I am kicking myself for not trying it years ago!J&JBurlington ON
  10. We have done Ontario to Florida in each of our smarts (both 451) and found the seats to be absolutely great. After a full day on the road we had no pain (specifically no back pain which has been a problem in other cars!!). We do the trip in 2 1/2 to 3 days.
  11. Dealers use the same bolts for both.
  12. On our Astro van we had Krown do it in year 1 and year 3. Because we don't do it every year Krown doesn't guarantee it - but 15 years later it is basically rust free.J&J
  13. Fuel cost will be higher - we average 6.4 using 89 octane - mostly city drivingMaintenance costs will be lower (15,000km between oil changes etc)Repair costs should be lower for a gass engine - most of the issues raised on the 450 forum don't exist on a 451The 451 is newer so electrical connections etc will be less corrodedThe 451 is longer = more cabin spaceThe heater really worksIt is easy to change headlight bulbs, fill w/w fluid etc because the access panel is easy to open and gives access to all that.The car starts when it is cold
  14. MB in Burlington willl do the job for $50, including resetting your tire pressure sensor and washing your car at the same time. I would assume other MB dealers charge similarly. 20008, 2009 both had tire pressure sensors as standard equipment regardless of model.
  15. Are there third party cabiin air filters available for the 451 at reasonable cost - and if so where (in Canada).