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  1. Here it is dmoonen,the picture as requested!
  2. I have 3 & will sell one at a time or all 3. They are used but purchased from Flying Tiger so I don't anticipate any issues....$150 each.
  3. This is basically the "guts" of the device, will fit the om660 diesel engine, 2005/06. (Note, check exhaust manifold carefully for cracks before attempting repair using this part.) Asking $125.00 Cdn
  4. KP31 turbocharger, New. will fit om660 diesel 2005/06 asking $500 plus shipping. Note, does not include oil supply or return pipe....
  5. for sale,one rear bearing NIB Notice***Will not fit the newer 451 smart*** $125.00 Cdn plus shipping. (Edited to reflect price change, now on Ebay.)
  6. These are not all season tires......Yokohama 195 50r15 rear, Hankook 175 55r15 front....they were run one summer....rims have no dents and come with "moon" type wheel covers.Roadster rims are 4 years old.Local pickup $500 firm. They'll look pretty nice on your 450!*Sold* Pictures to follow edited to add photos,rims are in storage, the first photo shows the inside face....the dirty greasy side, the other face is better looking...
  7. Ya, As much as I have enjoyed it I figure it was time for a change....the original plan was to sell my Tacoma & the smart at the same time and buy a Diesel Colorado Pickup but the EPA has turned any recent Diesel vehicle into a maintenance nightmare, what with particulate filters and DEF not to mention the egr valves.... so I'll keep the Tacoma for the country and run the Mirage in the city. I won't be as "eccentric" (my neighbour has said) but I should have more time for fishing etc....
  8. I went to the junk yard and found an unmolested brake pedal assembly to replace the one I had "modified"....installed it in August with the original OE switch as designed by smart/mercedes and if needed would wire a relay "a'la tolsen".....turns out this assembly would not behave the way the original did in Arctic temperatures,,,,wtf??Can't explain why.....but I didn't lose the abs/esp systems once all winter! It will be replaced by my Mirage in a few days,I will be sort of sorry to see it gone .....
  9. Odd,during my last test drive I had the Mirage on some secondary roads up to 90 Kmhr for a few miles & didn't notice it but maybe the new car smell was distracting me!
  10. Thanks, green was always my favourite colour! See you there.
  11. I sure will! And it will have my "doggie in the window" too!
  12. I just bought a 2015 ESPlus with the Cvt, Kiwi green! Traded the fortwo in as I didn't have any private kijiji cash offers except to swap....why they bother to do that is beyond me. I'm no longer the "eccentric guy" with the Airedale I take possession in a week or two as they have to transfer one from another dealer in the colour ordered, I'll be darned if I start losing my car in the parking lot now!
  13. It's listed on Kijiji for $5000. The only issue is the AC (which has new lines but never kept a charge over the winter, I've given up on it) It has the EGR delete and the turbo was replaced 4 months ago by Troy Wilson,glow plugs were done a year ago.... all the other stuff like the Webasto can be seen in my signature, I'm looking at a Mirage (no pun intended!) Edited to add it won't have the Scangauge or TPMS but will have the winter/summer rims included. Edited to add: I dropped the price to $4000 & still nothing, looks like I'll just trade it in at the mitsubishi dealer & take what I can get.... It is now a trade in on a new Mitsubishi Mirage
  14. I just test drove a Mirage with the Cvt. Not too bad.....quieter than the smart and better over the potholes.I think I'll put the smart on Kijiji and see what I can get for it....The 2015 Mirage has an "ES plus" version that gives you AC without cruise or heated seats. I think I found my next city car....
  15. I went holiday shopping today and was pretty sure that I would find this spot unoccupied.... The person in the minivan who followed me carrying my loot to "my spot" didn't seem to be amused though.... I know i know....I'm going straight to hell....