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  1. My first Smart Hit a boulder on the the side of the road, it actually twisted the frame. If you have access to the car, put the top down and measure from the top corner of the windshield A pillar to the top of the opposite B pillar (the one behind the door) Now measure the other A pillar to the opposing B pillar, if the measurements are not really close there is a good chance the frame is bent and the car will never drive right again. A frame shop can try to twist the car back, but it didn't work for my little car.
  2. If I remember correctly, big if, The newer engines had higher fuel pressure and a different injector that allowed more power out of the little diesel. Alan
  3. I have. Back when my first smart was only a few years old I scored about a hundred gallons of fresh Jet a from work. I added about a quarter cup of howes diesel conditioner per tank, I found that my kilometres per tank dropped from around 650 per tank to somewhere in the high five hundreds. it also didn't have quite the power of diesel. It was free and it lasted for close to two years, I also filled up with regular diesel if I was out of town. I heard that the US military is moving to jet a for all vehicals so they can have a stronger supply chain when out of the country, so tanks, personnel carriers and humvies can run on the same fuel as the helicopters and hercules aircraft. I believe the fighter jets use Jet B with the naptha added for high altitude. Alan
  4. Just a thought. Since the signals got moved from the headlights down to the grill the wire could be the extension to reach the grill. I know they did a hack job on the rear lights to remove all possibility of reactivating the rear fog marker light. Alan
  5. Just to throw this out there but is your hot air/cold air diffuser door hooked up. I had an older car where the sleeve came loose from the clamp so the door didn't move when I selected between hot and cold. Same issue as your facing as it always blew hot even when selecting the cold air. Alan Also when the compressor is running, try to reach the inlet hose into the evaporator heater core area to see if the inlet line is cool. it should become frosty just before the evaporator.
  6. Not the foggiest. Looks like something fancy was mounted there. The CDI's don't have anything that close to the window. Alan
  7. Silver passion was gone on my way past. Alan
  8. Hi Margo Welcome to the club. I saw silver on silver CDI at a small lot on hwy 4 on my way home to Port Alberni this weekend. It was sporting the passion rims so in all likely hood it is a passion. I will stop there today on my way back to work and get the base info. if it is not behind a fence I will get the vin. MikeT can run it through the data base and tell you about how it was ordered and where it has spent a lot of its life, he can do that for most smart cars so send him a message with any smart your thinking of buying and he will look it up for you. Flying Tiger Developments is in Richmond and he is my non dealer go to for my CDIs have had four in the family. If you want a pre-vehical inspection I would head to Eddy's owner of flying tiger and sole empolyee. !00,000 is low milage for a 16 year old car; The glass roof in a lot of smart cars does not open, the power moon roof (that does open) was an option. The pure was the base model, the pulse the sport model (slightly nicer interior than the pure) and had paddle shifters on the steering wheel standard, the passion was the luxury model with the nicest interior, but no paddle shifter as standard equipment. All 05-06 models came with the 40 hp, 3 cylinder diesel that is capable of sub 3 lt per 100 km returns, it is also slightly underpowered and will test the patients of most people behind you at the light. Alan
  9. Vredestein Quadrac-5 is what I run on my Canada one CDI. A true all season tire and I have run them for a few years now with no problems. I don't take the car out in the winter so can't comment on the winter performance they brag about, but it is comforting to know that if I ran into snow along the way they are rated for it. I bought mine from Flying Tiger as I trust him with most of my involved maintenance. He didn't have your size listed so just gave a quick internet search and found them fairly easily. https://www.vulcantire.com/tire_detail/quatrac5_s.htm_22055 Welcome back by the way. Alan
  10. How ever did you manage to import and register it? I have a CDI and keep it registered in Canada but have putting the long miles bringing it back and forth when I have it down in Palm Springs .
  11. Have you tried taking a set of good jumper cables and going directly from the neg battery post to the engine block to rule out a bad ground? seems that a lot of gremlins in our cars are caused by a week ground. Alan
  12. Was told once that you need to burp the baby smart when you change the coolant, Something about jacking the front of the car way up to allow the air pocket to move to the expansion tank, sorry could not be more help. Alan
  13. I think I would try to adjust the front wheels to the 0 degree setting by adjusting the tie rods. Not sure if this will work but it is a cheap fix if it does just make sure you do equal turns on both sides and your alignment should not be effected. You failed to mention if your steering wheel is cocked while you drive straight. Someone else who knows what their talking about should really answer your question. Alan
  14. The fronts are just semitruck marker lights, sealed units, you need to replace the whole light assembly. Alan
  15. Welcome to the club. Our 450s here in Canada have a small thump when you first start, when the anti lock brakes do a self check. Only happens once after your initial start. All the 450s here in Canada are diesel so it usually the intercooler EGR system that causes the oil leaks. Alan