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  1. Could it be something as simple as a plugged fuel filter? Alan
  2. Hey thanks, I will have them use it on the game boards. Thanks again Alan
  3. Hi All in the process of having some game boards made, Alaskan cards and marbles, and are having them personalized. I would like one of the game boards to sport a 450 Cabrio. All the past form articles I bring up give me the "picture no longer available" message. Does anyone out there have the 450 Cabrio clipart on there computer that they are willing to share? Thanks in advance. Alan
  4. I still have the strike lines but have yet to decide on which tires to use. Seems that a lot of the tires I could get in the sizes I wanted have been discontinued. Will probably just get Fast Eddie to order some S drives next spring. He has a knack for finding smart related stuff. I decided to do a complete repaint on the Canada one as I had minor damage on every panel. so it is still running the original tires from 06 with 52,000 kilometres on them. Alan
  5. This may sound strange but start the car take off the hand break and try to roll the car forward or backward. Smart cars have a strange habit of having the breaks rust up and makes the car incredibly hard to move. I think you will find that the oil leak is a separate problem and can be addressed later. Alan
  6. I would probably look at the engine and battery grounds. This sounds like the sort of gremlin that would come with bad grounds. I had a truck once that refused to start but slamming the drivers door would some how fix the loose ground on the fuel pump. Best of luck Alan
  7. Hi trying59 Welcome to the club. If you are drawn to be smart because they are unique and stand out from the crowd and you are ok with the same acceleration as a fully loaded semi then a smart could be for you. The truth. Please be aware that the car is not very forgiving if you don't look after it, and can be costly to repair. They hold 2.7 litres of oil and running low on oil or over filling can harm your engine. The 800cc engine works quite hard to push the little car around so after a hard run give it time to catch it's breath before shutting it down, the turbo gets very hot and receives it's lubrication from the engine oil, so after a run idling in the driveway for a few minutes will bring the turbo temps way down and prolong its life. My opinion is most turbo problems can be traced back to the operator not observing this step. The ride is a bit harsh and hitting a large pothole at speed will set off the airbags. They are not as reliable as a Toyota, the passenger seat does not recline, there is no spare tire, and they have a habit of burning out headlights. If you like to do your own or know a good mechanic that can do the maintenance there really is no problem with desiel fortwos. More truth The smarts are fun to drive. Get around town quickly and safely. They carry the same 5 star safety rating as a Corolla. Two of my three daughters drive them. Third daughter used to ,but now has a daughter of her own. You can park almost anywhere. The cdi uses between three to six litres per hundred kilometres dependant on how you drive them. I've seen 2.6 litres per 100, some have done much better, my norm is around 5, or 60 miles an imperial gallon. They quickly become more a part of the family than a mode of transportation. You will quickly start taking it everywhere, I live in the Vancouver area and I have had mine down to Palm springs and across to Saskatchewan. Sorry didn't mean to write a book here. Welcome to the club Alan
  8. I did that once and discovered before starting. Siphoned out as much gas as I could and added some power steering fluid to the new diesel to lubricate the high pressure pump. It felt like the car had a little more power for that tank and no damage done.
  9. On sale at napa in Washing ton for 5.79 a quart, till the end of May. this is probably the wrong forum so please move if you want Alan
  10. 50,000 ahead of me. Will be doing a battery today. Sitting in storage for a year has hurt the Red top battery that I purchased a few years back. Still under warranty but can't locate the receipt.
  11. Sounds like someone changed the engine size from .8 lt to 8 lt.
  12. Hey just arrived home from there today. Wettest December in six years. The pool was still hot though. Merry Christmas all. Alan
  13. If it is the whole vane it is most likely in the intercooler. and never made it to the intake valves. A rattle with our tiny CDI's never. LOL but seriously I would check the timing chain/oil pump drive sprocket. Best of luck Alan
  14. Did the dreaded intercooler oil leak repair on my daughters car. Cleaned the egr valve while it was out, surprisingly free of build up at 100k. What a dirty job. Tomorrow will do a b service and give her car a wash before replacing the bumper. Oil everywhere.
  15. The in tank fuel pump problems are quite often a bad electrical connection in the Sam. Thats the small computer that runs the whole car. It is located in the footwell. It does not like to be wet. There are a few heads on the site giving a step by step on how to repair and add a relay to take the load off the sam, but continue to use the sam for switching. Welcome to the club Alan