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  1. All CDIs in Canada had running light on all the time. To turn them off just pull the turn signal stalk towards you like you flashing you high beams at someone and hit the unlock button on your key fob. To reactivate them Same procedure but hit the lock button. I turn mine off for the summer and back on in the winter. Haven't a clue to what your extra silver box is though. Alan
  2. Some times the code is recorded on a work order. So if the tech can reset the radio after he disconnects the battery for some reason. Go though the old service invoices and you might get lucky. Alan
  3. Hey Giving away your car to one of your kids is a great Idea Dad.
  4. Took the nose off the Canada 1 and disassembled the headlight, some how I pushed the reflector out of its holder when doing up the spring clip on the bulb. All snapped back together with no problem. Will drive it all week do to unbelievable weather here in Vancouver.
  5. What for won't that at the least throw your wheel balance out. Please explain the wisdom in doing this as it escapes me at this point. Thanks Alan
  6. Welcome to the club If you are serious about ownership. Run the car over to Fast Eddy at Flying Tiger Developments in Richmond. He is the local Smart Guru. He will Give you an honest opinion on the car. Also he has plenty of smart bits you can get for your car. A lot of us over here use him some even drive in from the Okanogan. Drain the excess oil off pronto being over filled can seriously damage the little diesel. Oops missed the post where you stated oil change was completed. Alan
  7. Thanks for sharing. Great information for the rest of us.
  8. Hi.\ there is a little lip that snaps around the intercooler to help hold it in and the edge of that lip is what wears through the fins.
  9. Hi Looks like you have the dreaded wear through from the plastic mounting bracket. The tell tail would be a lot of black oil drops on the back of the car. The intercooler can be removed cleaned and repaired with JBweld as the wear points are quite obvious when it is clean and on the bench. It is a pain to take out and put back in. While it is removed take a few minutes to trim the plastic housing so that it clears the intercooler and all your hard work is for not. As for the turbo squeal, I would check the hose that comes out of the top of your EGR valve (the bottom hose runs into the bottom of your intercooler). The smaller hose that runs across the top has a tendency to where a groove in the EGR hose allowing pressurized intake air to escape. best of luck Alan
  10. About milage Driving around in the summer at 70 to 80 k delivers about 3.2 litres per100k. Coming home on the I5 at 130+ kph delivered 5.8 litres per100k. I used almost twice the fuel during the high speed run through California where the speed is posted at 70mph. Going a little slower is both easier on the little car and pays dividends at the pump. Alan
  11. I thought the front fog lights used the switch under the radio cluster drawer. the Europe version had the rear fogs linked to the turn indicator stock and was deleted for Canada. Alan
  12. I purchased a tool box loaded with Aviation tools, mechanical, Sheet metal and electrical. Typical A&P mechanics stuff and included were a lot of specialty tools. I have identified all but this one. apparently the photo failed to up load and I now have the message that i can only up load 2mb, maybe tomorrow.
  13. The Canada one pinstripe was recreated by a vinyl shop in Nanaimo they took pictures and measurements before removing it for paint looks as good or better than original. I have the Chicken head but found I like the look of the car without it so have yet to put it back on. Have had trouble locating the Brabus badges but I think I have located some. if I can't obtain some before summer I might just take you up on your generous offer Mike. This is the first time this one has been down here we brought the black one (Island Girl) down a few years back. This time I made the trip in 21 hours but milage went way down. Left Vancouver just after midnight and was here in Palm Springs early enough to buy some groceries and a pizza before the stores closed at nine. Alan
  14. Yep repaint is complete, Looking sweet in the Coachella valley. Alan
  15. Pictures as promised.