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  1. If the car has been sitting for awhile it could be that your alternator has seized. Just a thought. Alan
  2. About fuel additives. I used Howes for years and found that it was hard to get any in the tank without spilling most of it down the side of the car. Someone on here showed me how to simply pour it into the end of the fuel nozzle at the pump before adding fuel no more spilling. what is considered the best additive currently, I have just been gifted a 45 gallon drum of Jet fuel so am looking for mostly higher lubricity and a cetane boost. Jet fuel has a lower cetane rating than diesel. Not wanting to hijack this thread so moderator please move it if it gets out of hand, Henry
  3. Found it. 100-mpg-challenge-revisited-9922.html Henry
  4. Welcome to the club. Im in the Surrey Langley area and am available to help. You will find your milage goes up dramaticaly if you keep the rpms below 2000, do a search for 100 mpg challenge. Alan
  5. One has to wonder if there are any aftermarket 14" wheels out there that would fit the smart 3 lug axels. this would give more sidewall without changing wheel diameter
  6. Hey Mike Still round and looking great. The C1 turned over to 66,000 this spring, Still feels and smells like a new car. Not bad for a 16 year old car.
  7. this is how the verdestein look on my smart
  8. Sway bar link would be my guess too. Alan
  9. I think you are mistaken, Vredestein quatrac is a high end all season tire. the ones on my car are H rated. So they are good to 210 kmh, now if I can coax the smart diesel to go that fast, LOL https://www.tyrereviews.com/Tyre/Vredestein/Quatrac.htm Alan
  10. I bought my last set from Eddie at flying tiger developments. He serviced my smart at the same time.
  11. Oh No! I have been filling up my smart right to the top forever. Never thought that I might be screwing up a charcoal filter. Alan
  12. I put the Canada one back on the road for the summer. Fuel gauge is mis reading so need to buy some diesel cleaner and run it through a few tanks. I used to run Howes but what is the latest best cleaner that everyone is using now. Alan
  13. Welcome to the club I will look for you in Langley. What colour is your car? I still get a grin when I am cruising with the top down. Alan
  14. How did you come across an 04? I thought that the first ones into canada were the 05 s.
  15. The 450 has the neat function of turning the day time running lights on and off. Saves the headlights for when you need them. Just be sure to add some other lights to the car so people see you. Someone here correct me if Im wrong, but by simply holding the high beams on with the light stalk and hit the unlock button on your remote, turns the daytime running lights off. To turn them back on Hold the high beams on and hit the lock button. Alan