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  1. not sure whats wrong with the top but my first smart developed a clunk of the rh side and I found it was just the connector for the anti sway bar. Alan
  2. Hi welcome to the club. You almost have enough oil to do to oil changes, My car likes it better when I run it a little under the full mark, if I top it right off I end up getting micro drops of oil all over the back of the car. I ran my tires between 35 and 40 psi. the little tires need the extra pressure to survive small potholes. when you are changing the seats be careful of the airbags, original smart seats incorporate the side airbags. If you undo the seats without disconnecting the battery you get an airbag light that needs to be rest by a star machine. You will find lots of info on the site if you look hard enough. Again Welcome Alan
  3. I would call your credit card company and tell them your story. Explain that you have not reached the point where you want to have them reverse the charges but you wanted them to know whats going on and to start a record of it. Ask for their help. I bought a computer a few years back and found that it was a scam. They were advertising a complete computer package for the price of the high end monitor. by its self. The way the scam worked was, they took the money from the upfront payments and used it for a few months until their customers got fed up and had the charges reversed, read interest free (to them) loan. I called my credit card and told them I wanted the computer that was advertised and that I had paid for and they did some digging, they called the computer store and explained that if they refused to supply the computer system in the add they would pull freeze their account at Visa, and no longer accept payments to their account. I received my computer about a week and a half after calling them. Some times it pays to ask for help. Alan
  4. Could the passenger seat wire be for the sub woofer that came as an option Alan
  5. 30 or 40 a year Seriously dude you gotta stop riding the brakes. I bought my last set from Fast Eddie Green stuff pads to get away from the brake dust. and new rotors was between 100 and 150 if my memory serves me right. Brake dust is still present but not as bad as the stock pads.
  6. If you have trouble removing them just wrap the outer edge with electrical tape. It gives a way better purchase than just the slippery lens Alan
  7. Hi cleaning up my garage. Discovered I still have the original Pulse wheels that came with my first smart, Henry. He was written of wearing his winter steelies. also a set of new floor mats and a new drivers seat back cushion covered in the blue pulse material. hit a pot hole and had the airbag deploy slightly ripping the seat, I made ICBC buy a new seat back but it took so long to come from France that I was already driving the car and tidied up the small rip so never got around to installing the new one. Not sure what these items are worth but will consider any fair offer. I am located in the Surrey area. Have a great day and stay healthy.
  8. Happy New Year. I have been following your thread on and off for a while now and have resisted posting, as other members have generated outstanding advice. First thing I would do is Take the belt off the alternator, either by going through the loosen the alternator and pulling it the property or just cutting it off. Charge the battery and try to start the engine. I would just add fresh diesel, as diesel does not age anywhere nearly as fast as gas. If it starts and runs which it will (very positive thinking here) start down the road to getting it road worthy. Alan
  9. Since this thread has gotten so far off the topic track. I have solved the climate issue so thought I would use this thread to announce it to the world. Since the world on the whole is warming, melting the Arctic and Antarctic ice, causing the oceans around the world to slowly rise. Think of all the places below sea level. If we flooded just the Dead Sea depression (413 metres below sea level) and the Caspian depression at over 77000 square miles it would lower the worlds oceans taking the pressure off of the highly populated coastal areas, increase areas of fish habitat (more food) and having covered so much land with highly reflective water the earth would begin to cool. Climate issue avoided. We could also flood the Salton sea area adding more tourist dollars to the USA and Mexico. Your welcome world.
  10. I always go to Eddy at Flying Tiger in Richmond Alan
  11. I would change the oil once a year, its only a couple of litres I park my smarty over the winter so I change it just before storage. The hydro carbons that are blown past the rings during combustion can form an acid in the oil that should not be left over winter. Just my thoughts. I guess the short answer to your question is yes. Alan
  12. Hi Flying tiger has new poem turbo For 1500 and a factory rebuilt 1300 and something plus tax. Hope that helps with your dilemma The weather is supposed to be spotty with rain for the next week and a bit so wasn't looking forward to taking the canada1 over to the island. Maybe we can meet for coffee somewhere here in the lower mainland Alan
  13. if we are talking Tuesday July 2 Victoria and so on I am on vacation and anytime or place works. Be aware the fish and chips place in the Nanaimo marina burnt down and has not reopened yet, please correct me if I am wrong, PLEASE!!!! If we are suggesting a week earlier still doable but a little more juggling will be required. Alan
  14. Hi Stickman I am located in Surrey but will be heading back to the island beginning of July. Not sure of your time table but keep me posted I will work to make it work. Alan
  15. Got the C1 all dolled up and had it appraised today. Not thinking of selling but want an opinion of what its worth if ever the unthinkable were to happen. Now just have to wait for a few weeks for the appraiser to call and say he has no idea. LOL Alan
  16. I ran jet B in my first smart, about 90 gallons over a couple of years. Was a liberal with the Howse diesel conditioner and filled up with dino diesel when I was away from home. The company I worked for had an aircraft engine test cell and sold it. They had to dispose of about 500 gallons before it was disassembled and shipped. Found it was not quite as powerful as diesel but it was free. The rest went to a couple of different guys that had oil heat in their house. No ill effects on Henry. Alan
  17. Flying tiger has the shocks as well. https://shop.flyingtiger.ca/index.php?p=product&id=1763 You may find you can make the car much more serviceable with a few mods. A remap being one of the first on the list. Smart was not smart in the way they made the access to parts super difficult and expensive. That alone has turned a lot of people off and is a recurring complaint on the forum (if I only had a nickel for every time I have read stealership on this site). If you look in the forums you will find that members have taken the time to build an extensive list of part numbers of the parts that are hard to find a number for. Like the original signal light bulbs. The club has a can be a lot of help if you let it. Great members with a love of all things smart. Welcome to the club.
  18. All CDIs in Canada had running light on all the time. To turn them off just pull the turn signal stalk towards you like you flashing you high beams at someone and hit the unlock button on your key fob. To reactivate them Same procedure but hit the lock button. I turn mine off for the summer and back on in the winter. Haven't a clue to what your extra silver box is though. Alan
  19. Some times the code is recorded on a work order. So if the tech can reset the radio after he disconnects the battery for some reason. Go though the old service invoices and you might get lucky. Alan
  20. Hey Giving away your car to one of your kids is a great Idea Dad.
  21. Took the nose off the Canada 1 and disassembled the headlight, some how I pushed the reflector out of its holder when doing up the spring clip on the bulb. All snapped back together with no problem. Will drive it all week do to unbelievable weather here in Vancouver.
  22. What for won't that at the least throw your wheel balance out. Please explain the wisdom in doing this as it escapes me at this point. Thanks Alan
  23. Welcome to the club If you are serious about ownership. Run the car over to Fast Eddy at Flying Tiger Developments in Richmond. He is the local Smart Guru. He will Give you an honest opinion on the car. Also he has plenty of smart bits you can get for your car. A lot of us over here use him some even drive in from the Okanogan. Drain the excess oil off pronto being over filled can seriously damage the little diesel. Oops missed the post where you stated oil change was completed. Alan
  24. Thanks for sharing. Great information for the rest of us.
  25. Hi.\ there is a little lip that snaps around the intercooler to help hold it in and the edge of that lip is what wears through the fins.