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  1. The powerfist from Princess Auto works great. I bought mine two years ago, no more oil on the driveway or anywhere you don't want it. I also have a suction unit, but I never use it any more after buying the Princess Auto one. You plug it into the lighter and away it goes, good for boats, cars, and anything with oil in it. They say never use it with water but I did. The pump did the job a sewer drain, but I don't recommend it for this application. This in my opinon is a great product.
  2. I can still make it. RE Williams
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  4. The installation of the Webasto heater I did, has resulted in exactly what Webasto said it would, with the outside temp -20 C warmup to 140F is about 10 to 12 min. The cutoff of the Webasto heater is around 150F showing on a Scan Gauge 2. I wish maybe the cutoff could be set higher but this is satisfactory. The heater then shuts down to an idle until the water temp on the Scan Gauge gets down to 135F, then turns on to high again for another cycle. I did not get to Tolsens mod this summer, or the water temp would maybe be even higher. According to the Scan Gauge I am using about .04 of a liter of fuel when the Webasto is running, dropping my average fuel mpg from 50 mpg to approx 43 mpg. I bought a remote start for the Webasto but have not installed it as yet. It is nice to know that the the wee car car can sit out in any kind of temperatures and within 10 min go out and 2 spins of the engine have it running as if we were in summer temps. I wish to thank all whom posted the installation instructions on the forum, as installation would of been a nightmare without this help. I also saved the template of the mounting bracket I used, which would save another installer 6 hr of trial & error, If anybody wants a copy of this template you can email me @ or through forum.
  5. Does anyone know if the oil pressure reading is sent to the OBD connector? If it is sent, are you able to get this reading from a Scan Gauge 2? If so, what is the string you would put in the Scan Gauge 2 to obtain the reading? Thanking you for your reply. When I get a moment I will write a column on the Trials and Tribulations of installing a Webasco TSL17 heater in the Smart. Basically it comes down to, do not expect any co-operation from Webasco dealers in the Ottawa area. No parts nothing, at all, except you you can't do it. PERIOD. You fellows may know of a co-operative dealer somewhere else in Canada that will sell you the parts? This should of been a 2 day procedure at most, It took 4 days, a day spent making a nice mounting bracket, 3 days in the installation and tidying up to make the job look somewhat professional. I made a template of the mounting bracket, so if anyone wants a cardboard template of my finished bracket I will cut one out for them. It may save you 6 hours of installation time, Just email me @ or go through the club mail box. After saying all this the heater works 100% I should of done this installation 3 years ago.
  6. I will take 2 ThanksRewilliams 22 Sherry Lane Nepean, Ontario,
  7. I got my recall notice 2 days ago. Star Motors called yesterday, unfortunately I was not in to receive the call. Since I have had no problems I will wait until my next service check.
  8. Just new on the forum, I think I have read all messages pertaining to the installation of a Webasco TSL 17 heater. Most of them are 5 or 6 years old, or older. Did not notice any pictures of same. Has anything new cropped up that I should be aware of? Thanking all previous posters in advance. This web site has been of great help in many ways. Have had the car for 4 1/2 years. At first it was under extended warranty, but now that has run out so will start doing the maintenance on the car my self.