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  1. Thanks, Mike! It's nice to be here again. Grunty has been doing so well for my wife and I, we just love our Smart.
  2. Hello fellow Smarties! I'm not new at CSC but it's been a while since I was here. I wanted to say hi and find out if there are any Ottawa Smarties who would like to meet or something?
  3. I was fine until I got onto unplowed streets and then the car just goes wild as it ignores my steering and follows either the ruts of other cars or starts pulling off to the side if the road has a slope. Ooooh the humanity!!!
  4. I have bought two mats for my car. The larger pant-saver one for the passenger side, it covers enough that it allows one to move one's feet about to be comfortable and retains all the melted snow. I check regularly to see if it's "full" and then remove it carefully and drain the water. So far no overspill. I just put it right over the smart winter mats, and it does not slide unless you really try to make it move, so its not nearly as annoying as I expected it to be.For the driver's side it was more difficult. The pant-savers are too long, which would mean cutting in a place which would remove the edge needed to retain the water, thereby defeating the purpose of buying the darn thing! I ended up getting one of those smaller rectangular mats meant for the rear seat foot-wells of small cars. I put that right snug against the forward edge of the smart winter mat, and when I rest my left foot on the footrest, most of the water runs onto the additional mat. the smart mat rarely gets wet at all there. The pedal foot heel also rests on the additional mat so that area too seems to stay dry. The additional mat required more frequent draining but it's quite easy with such a huge door the smart has to bend in, pull out the mat carefully and pop it back in. Ideally I would have liked the mats to be like the mercedes ones for my 190E. Those cover the floor totally, have a tall brim and nothing gets past them. But at least my smarty is protected like this.
  5. Yes, but the water slides off to the sides and runs onto the carpet near the driver's door. I posted in another thread about this but I don't know how to link to it. Let me see if this works...Protecting your carpet
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I don't travel alone so I can't opt for the sockless method but I'm trying something out with some crap from Canadian Tire. We'll see if it works and I'll let you know.
  7. My 2008 Passion has the winter mats from smart. The trouble is, unlike the ones in my other car, the smart ones have a very very short rim, so even the little water that comes off my shoes in winter runs off the edge and into the carpet. Has anyone else had this problem, and has anyone else had luck resolving it? I don't think the Canadian Tire Pantsavers will work, because of the shape of the floor. I've been tucking several layers of paper towels along the edge but they get soaked through very quickly.
  8. Thanks everyone for the helpful tips and encouragement. I am fairly certain at higher RPM the problem goes entirely away, and also seems ameliorated when the engine is warmed up. I haven't noticed anything like the turn indicators slowing or something of that sort. It's really so instantaneous that if it was only the headlights you would want to see it happen a dozen times before actually being sure you're not just seeing the lights dip in road depressions etc. I'll drive it around a bit more and see if it goes away and then ask at the dealership. I get very good treatment there.
  9. I just got my new smart Passion yesterday. I noticed while driving it that at low rpm (say below 1500) that the electrical system seems to experience what I could best describe as brownouts. The lights dim for a fraction of a second, so quickly that you almost think you were mistaken. The cabin ventilation fan also changes pitch as it's speed drops fractionally. This happens so fast that you could not try to use a stopwatch to time it, literally as fast as one blinks. When it happens, I have not been running many accessories - headlights, ventilation fan, running lights, so it's not anything I'm doing to cause an overload of the system. Has anyone experienced something like this? I dread running to the dealer a day after picking up the car....
  10. That's great news and sure is a heck of a good pick-me-up! Congrats!!
  11. I know! I can hardly wait!!
  12. My dealer told me my car was the last 2008. He wasn't kidding! I thought it was just for that dealership but no, it's for real! I have to get plates that say "Last-1"
  13. THERE'S my lil' baby!!!!! Mike you made my day!!!!!
  14. Dammit! 2009's are coming but my car is STILL not listed! WTF????