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  1. Hey gang...I guess I won't be lurking around these parts very much anymore. I am trading-in my 451 smart tomorrow (Fri.) for a C280 4Matic. Need more room now with grand-kids and no room for 2 vehicles, unfortunately. I have enjoyed my time on this forum over the years. I joined a couple of years before purchasing my smart and gained a wealth of information in the process. This is a great group of people and I wish you all the best. I will return from time to time to see how things are going in the smart world.- Tom
  2. I just installed Windows 7 doing an upgrade from Vista on my 3-year old PC. It went flawlessly but I prep'd my system beforehand using Microsoft's Compatibility Checker as a guide. So I updated my drivers and software. Deleted some really old stuff. Windows 7 is not a huge departure from Vista with the exception of it being more stable and having a few new cool features.You are correct that you cannot upgrade from XP to 7 and have to do a clean install. This is advantageous as you get rid of all the old junk that gets collected over time, especially in the registry. I recommend getting an external hard drive (USB) and backing up all your files to it, before doing anything. Radio Shack (The Source) has 1 terabyte drives for $100 (ya... that's 1,000 GB). If you have ghosting software you can make an image of your current system and put it on the external drive. If anything goes drastically wrong, you can restore everything exactly as it was. But that may be overkill.I do find Windows 7 faster than Vista and it takes less memory in its workings. The new taskbar is really good and definitely a keeper.- Tom
  3. Hi Mike,Thanks for the reply. I'm looking at a 2007 C280W4M AvantGuarde being sold through the local MB dealership. I will be getting the extended warranty to cover any potential major problems. We don't need a lot more room just enough for our 2 grandchildren so rear legroom is not an issue. This is also a retirement present for myself and my wife. Something with a more cushy ride for our trips to Toronto.- Tom
  4. After almost 2 years with my 2008 smart passion coupe, circumstances have changed and I need a bigger car. I am looking at a Star Certified pre-owned C-Class to replace my 451. I wish I could keep the smartie as a second car but I cannot justify it. So, you will find my beloved 451 for sale in the Member Classified section complete with Area 451 Cruise Control, Scangauge II and Hankook Ice Bear winters installed. Any members have experience with the C-Class? In particular the C280 4Matic?
  5. Adelaide,I'll keep you in mind if I sell the snows separately. The cruise control is great. Works like any factory installed cruise with Accel / Resume / Coast features. It is very accurate at keeping the speed steady. And it is invisible... no cables or anything like that showing... just a new end on the wiper stalk.
  6. The 451 smart will shift into 5th at around 60 kph in Auto mode under normal acceleration. The rpm at that speed is quite low in 5th and it lugs a bit, hence the vibration. This is the reason I drive in manual mode. I leave it in 4th gear at 60 kph and upshift to 5th at around 65 - 70 kph under normal driving conditions.
  7. I had the software upgrade (ASG Control Unit) done during my last service a few weeks ago and it does not affect the shifter as you described. Everything works as is did before and I have not noticed any improvement in performance or gas mileage.
  8. I always fill up until the gas pump kicks out and do not put in any more than that. This gives me 8 "blobs" or "rectangles" on the fuel meter. I consistently get 100 km. on the first "blob", then about 50 km. on the rest if I do 100% city driving.
  9. My '08 Passion Coupe with 15,000 km. had a "sticky" shifter when going into Park. It wasn't real bad but I mentioned it to the dealership and they ordered a new shifter under warranty. Had it installed today and it is better.
  10. I picked up my 451 Passion Coupe exactly one year ago today (Jan. 10th) see pic below. 14,000 on the odom. and have had no problems. First "A" service is scheduled for Jan. 20th (there is one wrench showing in the dash display).
  11. Last Sept. my wife left the headlight switch on overnight on our 2008 451 Passion. With the engine off, the "parking" lights (head & tail) stay on. I have a ScanGauge and the voltage showed 11.9 V. and the car would not start. I used my motorcycle's battery tender to charge the smart's battery up about 0.5 V. and it started no problem. So, from experience, if your battery goes below 12 V. the car may not start.
  12. Hankook has the WINTER I*PIKE studded tires in 185/55 R15.
  13. Ya, I didn't bother with sensors for my winter wheels / tires when I got them last year. Driving all winter with the warning light on did not bother me. I bought 4 steel wheels and covers from the dealer and Hankook Ice Bears from Fast Eddy. Total cost about $900.