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  1. Have a 24' iMac that I bought for school, came with the iPod and free printer. Sold the iPod to make up some of the costs, and then proceeded to use the Mac and the Printer to do all of the Invitations and Programs for my wedding. We also used iMovie to do all the slideshows and MC introduction for our rehearsal, and now have created a DVD using iPhoto and iMovie and iDvd to give to all our close friends and family.For me this thing has payed for itself, and I've used ONLY the included software (I did get PAGES pre-installed) to do all of it. We've figured out that having this Mac has saved us over 1200 dollars in cost for our wedding, not to mention it's been awesome for school, work, and all those things.Now I'm just waiting for OSX SNOW LEOPARD and then I'm going right out to buy SPORE!
  2. I think that a large part of it is that you are right at the price point where a person can get into a new SMART. So anyone whom cost is a factor for is going o.k. 20,000 I can get myself a new one with everything I want. That being said DEBO looks like a sweet ride and if I were in b.c. I'd heavily consider it vs. a new gas model but that's just my $0.02
  3. Two Words - Diablo Smart! (also two words... Guaranteed Repost:) - Go forward to about 1:40 in it, and the music is terrible. However it is a smart car that's had it's original engine removed and a Suzuki GSXR 1000cc Motorcycle engine put into it. It would be a little boost in power... On a serious note though, good luck with everything.
  4. My wife and I are still hardcore into the smart car idea... but we're seeing what else is around that 20,000 dollar price range and some of the Mini's fit into that category. I'm stoked to take a ride in one of them!
  5. My wife and I asked Adrian at Lonestar how much a snowboard rack would be and he pointed us in the direction of smartcaruniverse.com and was pretty non-commital as far as MB's plans to bring in a rack.
  6. Yes Definitely.I've been riding motorcycles for a few years now and EVERY stop I come to my first instinct is to start looking in the rear view to see if anyones coming a little to quick for comfort!
  7. Loved the 'creep' function for traffic. The deerfoot in Calgary is a monster and so being able to just chill and let the car creep along was super handy.I worked for UPS for a grand total of 2 weeks and we had to go through the smith (I think that's what it was called) Driver's training which is apparently a big 'to do' in the driving industry.The safest way to pull up to a stoplight is to:Come to a stopPut your vehicle in NeutralEngage the emergency brake.When the light turns green disengage your emergency brakecount to three (to avoid those running a red light)and then put the car in gear and pull away.At UPS they have people that'll follow you around all day and pull up beside you, if you don't do this you can get severely reprimanded... So they told me, I was just a newb though.Anyway ever since that training I've tried to do this in my vehicle and find that a) it keeps me very alert at stoplights and I'm not very far behind anyone else. A HUGE perk to putting on the emergency brake comes from what it does for you if you get rear-ended. When you get hit from behind your body and your foot move towards the back of the vehicle, meaning that your foot will come off the brake somewhat and you'll move out into the intersection. The E-brake can save you from that happening. my $0.02
  8. When we get ours I know it'll take a long time to let someone try it.Something to be wary of with a new driver to a smart! The car flies through the RPMS quickly and so be ready to hit the shifter for them! When my wife first drove a diesel and the gas just the whole experience had her ruffled enough not to watch the tach and so I ended up catching it just under redline for her! That way your not bitter at anyone for hurting your car!
  9. I think these are a very slick little item, I've got one for myself, have not test fit in a Smart yet. But they are ridiculously bright, a great conversation piece in the car, the finish is good and so will act as an accent piece especially in charge mode w/ the red glow. Great for finding things that have snuck under the seat or doing maintenance checks at night. Fit in mouth very well!! I got one of these through a group buy in the Western Subaru Club which I'm also a part of. http://www.superbrightleds.com/specs/spotlight.html for the stats. Very awesome! You can find them at a few websites, the LED is very high quality, puts off as much light with 1 .5 watt LED as a 24 LED trouble light I bought at Princess auto.
  10. Called in today to check on what insurance will cost my wife and I on a 2008 Smart Passion Coupe'For all the bells and whistles, Collision + Comprehensive and the 'we'll pay for a rental until you get a new car' insurance we'd pay 1521 a year which comes to about 126.75 a month. My wife is 24 and I am 23. So definitely do some shopping around Roman b/c that's absolutely a ridiculous quote you were given.
  11. My wife and I pay 56 dollars a month for insurance on our 94 bronco w/ theft, fire, acts of God all that stuff. We're in Alberta... I'll have to see what they would quote us for a smart.
  12. From the sales associate I talked to at Lone Star:He was quite vehement in saying that there is NO motion detector in the Smart. He scoffed when I mentioned I had seen it on the forums and said there is no way a sub 20,000 dollar car would have that.Immobilizer is activated and de-activated via the remote. So if you lock the car with your fob then if someone breaks in to your vehicle there is no way to start it unless they have the exact code that is in your key fob. So your biggest fear if you have an immobilizer is someone doing a smash and grab... or picking up your whole smart car and towing it away
  13. Ahh, good to know about the silver tridion. I used to be a big fan of the black on black... but I've been seeing some Blue on Silver that I really like lately!The 451 we drove was a Cabrio and it was an extremely windy day. We really noticed the wind noise coming from the convertable top. I live in lethbridge so wind is a part of life here, I think we'd go for a coupe' hands down.
  14. Nope, that was me guessing as to why the hesitation with the diesel, not the salesman saying that it was a centrifugal clutch. GENT + FRED thanks for setting me straight on that. I was just making my best guess as to why the hesitation As far as the silver tridion he said that it was NOT powder coated and that's why he preferred it. Said that the black one was powdercoated and so would get little scuffs and the like... Nextourer, That's exciting that they are keeping a red interior. I was just meaning to say that they had discontinued it for the 2008 model. The sales associate said the red was the most popular interior and they ran out... :huh:Heh, well sorry for a few misleading items in their folks. But overall sounds like no one disagrees so far
  15. Well my wife and I finally got some time set aside and got out to test drive some smarts! We both had an opportunity to drive both models on the highway, up a good hill, and in town. Here's our feelings.450 vs. 451Transmission - Seemed to have simliar hesitation in both when using the paddle-shifters. Missed the sixth gear in the gas, but only because we got through the gears so much quicker.Engine Noise - This was actually quite noticeable to me and I found the gas to much quieter than the diesel.A/C - LOADS better in the 451, granted it was new and the other was old, but after feeling it in the new model I had no doubt that the tester we drove was one of those with a potential a/c problem.Fun Factor - This is a hard split. Hands down I had SO much fun driving the 451 around. The steering felt tight, it was relatively gutsy, gas and brake felt good, and it was no problem rippin' down the deerfoot and merging in and out of traffic. The 450 is fun to drive but didn't feel as confident moving in and out of traffic. However the 450 by far in my opinion has the funkier interior of the two and so is more fun in that respect.Gas Pedal Feel - This was something I really noticed in the diesel was that it felt like I had to put it to the floor to get anything out of it. Now, I believe that's because it's got a centrifugal clutch and so the engine has to be turning at a higher speed before it'll engage. But it really threw me for a loop. The gas however once it was in gear would start coasting forward no problems and so in some heavy traffic we hit I found I could move along quite nicely without touching the gas simply by shifting between 1st and 2nd gear.Space - Couldn't really notice much of a difference between the two, however love the 'trunk' that's built into the back door of the 451.Exterior styling - Their both smarts and so both look good IMHO.Roof - On the coupe' I enjoy the 451's screen vs. the 450's sliding plastic guard thingy. However I hear that in the 451 it's a little finicky... if someone were to come up with a power option for that I think that'd be tight!Seats - couldn't feel to much difference in comfort, except that the 451's are obviously designed to accommodate a more robust individual. Speaking of the seats I was stunned to learn that in neither model and you recline the passenger seat. (although seemed a little more adjustable in the 451) This seems like comfort 101 and as a past employee of Hyundai I know for a fact they've figured out how to create a seat that will both fold forward flat and recline and so I felt like MB should be able to have done it as well. (granted you can't recline THAT far before running your head into the back of the car)Those are the things that pop to mind, however we did all that before I went out and got the crap kicked out of me wakeboarding in b.c. for a week. So... it's not all fresh. But figured if there was anyone else who's looking between the two that might help.Our final Decision is that we'll be going with a newer gas model, unfortunately we'll have to wait till 2009's model to see what's happening with our bank accounts and missing out on the 2000 dollar eco rebate. But we just found it that it was much more enjoyable to drive b/c of the power despite the loss of MPG. We are convinced that a Smart will be our next vehicle, although we do have some concerns about how often we'll run into not having enough room... How often do you find you're needing another vehicle to handle loads to large for the smart?Some things I learned:1. That only black, white, and yellow are the plastic panels that are mono-color all the way through. The other colors like Blue are the metallic paint and so will scratch.2. That the silver tridion cell is the color of the metal and the black one is powder coated.3. They've pulled the RED interiorThe only downer in the entire experience was that the sales associate who helped me was great at first. But then kept talking... and talking... and talking. I've been in sales, and I know you can talk yourself out of a sale. He was also quite harsh at times. e.g. I said at one point that someone on the forums figured there must be a motion sensor that comes with the security package he replies 'your wrong, that's stupid' um... pardon???? 'it's a 20,000 dollar car we'd never put something like that in there' oh... o.k. Just was a real rough way to put it, he could have simply said 'oh... I think they may have been mistaken, from the spec's that I've got the security system has... - I just don't like rude people. I have talked to this guy twice, and both times I've gotten one of those 'your an idiot' type of responses. Now that being said EVERYTHING else this guy did was perfect. Had awesome knowledge, demonstrated the car in a spectacular way, and was able to show us what our options were this late in the year (those options being that there were 3 Passion Coupe's Left... all in silver and yellow.) So there it is my slightly disjointed review...