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  1. I get my vehicle serviced at a GM dealer where I work. They were able to rotors and pads a lot cheaper through their jobber.Pads cam from Part Source. Prices were very reasonable. They also said the breaks are very conventional and had no difficulty doing the work so any decent garage with mechanics should be able to do a break job. Limecabrio
  2. Hi, I get my pads from Part Source. They are to replace the stock pads. Limecabrio
  3. This won't be convenient for you unfortunately, but for those east of Toronto, Bill Spencer Chevrolet in Cobourg Ontario, is now doing basic Smart servicing. - Limecabrio
  4. Hi Folks;It never fails that when I have my handy Smart out for a run, I stumble upon the best sales. Last week I was at a liquidation sale and found a fabulous deal on laminate flooring. Of course the boxes were heavy and far too long for the trunk, but that has never stopped me before. I got five boxes loaded in various configurations on and beside the passenger seat. With one box left, I flipped down the trunk and neatly shoved it in between the two seats. There wasn't much resistance and in it went. I climbed into the driver's seat and struggled to put on my seat belt. I started the car and lifed up the box to get the emergency brake off. While holding up the box with my right hand, I reached over with my left to shift in to A mode while driving slowly with no hands on the wheel. What a shock when I discovered only a hole where the shifter button had been!!!! I guess when I slid in the box between the seats it hit the button the wrong way and out it popped! So here I was driving home and lifting boxes each time I had to shift. NOT the best way to get home safely I might add. After arriving home safe and sound, I unloaded the car and found the button. It went back in as slick as a whistle. Of course when I activated it I realized it had been spring loaded and I hadn't found or put the spring back in. A little more searching and I found the spring. Son of a b...... gun! Now I had to take the button back out. It was a lot harder getting it out the second time. I should have just reloaded all the laminate flooring but I figured using some small tools I could just pop it out. No such luck! After about twenty minutes of improper phrases jumping past my lips out it came. Back in went the spring and click in went the button. I now have auto mode available once again! The great bargin on laminate flooring wouldn't have been so great if I hadn't found the shifter parts and been able to get it all back together. So when loading heavy long bargins into your Smart, be sure to be careful around your shifter! Enjoy the laugh on me. Limecabrio.
  5. This likely won't be any good for you, but I work at Bill Spencer Chevrolet in Cobourg east of Oshawa and they service my Smart and others. However, that would be quite a drive for you unless you were going by. Limeabrio.
  6. I don't think Boss Hogg has a Smart, but I bet he wishes he did! LimecabrioI contacted both Smartieparts and Parts4Smarts to see if they can supply the bush bars seen on Evilution. Can't wait to hear back from them.Did order the "Traction Control Disabler" for snowy driving and a K&N air filter, so the exercise of checking out their sites was worth while.
  7. I think the folks getting super mileage are coasting or drafting most of the time. My mileage matches that on the work sheet and I cruise at 110 to 120 on 401 an drive normal speeds around town. If I let the car shift on its own it tends to rev out a bit in 3rd gear, so I have a tendency to shift it up a little earlier. Overall, I have gotten much better mileage in warm weather and have noticed a drop off during the winter. I believe the motor is never really at its beak operating temp. during the winter so is using more gas. I love this baby, but it doesn't appear to be quite as outstanding on gas as previously supposed. Regardless, she is a blast to drive. Limecabrio.
  8. Thanks for the info. limecabrio
  9. Not quite in your area, but Bill Spencer Chevrolet has started doing basic servicing of Smart cars in Cobourg Ontario. Eg. Oil and filter change $89.99. That is significantly cheaper than at the M. Dealership. Limecabrio
  10. I have read elsewhere in this sight that people have experienced poor heat from the Smart heater. I have to drive mine all year and in minus degree weather it sometimes doesn't reach normal operating temperature. With that in mind, has anyone tried a different thermostat to see if what used to be classified as a winter thermostat is available and is helpful. I hesitate to block off the grill opening as I don't want to risk overheating the engine and causing damage. I have the built in auxilary heater but find the heat it produces is minimal.I love my car but would like to see her warm up a bit better. Any late developments in this area? Limecabrio.
  11. On Eviltution I saw a set of bush bars on a Smart. I have emailed the manufacturer's email twice with no answer. I don't know if it a language problem or not. Has anyone seen these through a distritutor in Canada or the US. It sounds crazy but I think they looked really good and would like to inquire as to where they can be obtained and the cost. If anyone knows or comes across the info. please let me know limecabrio.
  12. Have a pair of deer whisltes on my other vehicle. On the way to the cottage one dark, rainy and slippery night, I spotted two deer in the lights, and slid by them standing on the shoulder. One deer in its haste to retreat ran into the rear bumper of the car. Thankfully, neither deer or car was injured but it did deplete my confidence in the whistles. limecabrio
  13. Thanks folks. Yes the wisdom here will be much appreciated. To those MG lovers. I had mine for 18 years and spent a great deal of time and money returning her to her previous glory. She was black with red shag rug upon purchase and 18 yrs later she was a beautiful dark green with tan interior and roof. Mechanically restored to very reliable but not concors. She is in a new home in North Bay Ontario and owned by people who will cherish her and maintain her in the condition she now deserves.
  14. I am the lucky owner of a lime coloured Smart cabrio. I began life in 1951 and it started out in 2005. Even though our ages are vastly different, our sense of humour and enthusiasm for fun are similar. I live in Cobourg Ontario which is just over an hour east of Toronto. I located my cabrio at a used dealer in Waterloo Ontario and it was love at first sight. Being a kind of car crazy person, I had been contemplating the purchase of a Smart car for about 4 years but had heard such mixed messages from owners and non-owners that I was apprehensive about taking the leap. Upon selling my beloved MGB roadster this summer I decided it was time. If I could enjoy and cope with the idosyncrasies of a British sports car surely I could do the same with a Smart. I enthusiastically picked up the little gem one beautiful sunny day this past August. Being a DIY sort of person I figured that a used cabrio would likely enjoy a little fuel system cleaner designed for diesels. Being an average sort with average past experiences, I emptied the little bottle into the fuel tank. On the way home to Cobourg, I noticed that the further I drove the darker the emissions seemed to be behind me. By the time I was driving through Toronto it looked like a big rig pouring on the coal was heading east. I couldn't believe what I saw behind me. Panic convinced me that I had bought a lemon and that the engine must indeed be worn out. With an owner's manual on the way I had no way to check the fuel tank capacity. Finally I decided that maybe the cleaner was too strong for this little cutie. I read the label on the bottle and it said good for 75 l of deisel fuel. I decided that sounded like a lot so began topping up the fuel tank to delute the solution. Finally after about 4 days and 4 top ups the world behind me turned clean again. In spite of my stupidity, the car continues to work great! I now have a manual and a measuring cup for making sure all additives are used according to directions and in the correct amounts.I have other stories to share but will save those for another time. Hope you enjoyed a good laugh on me and that you enjoy your Smart as much as I enjoy mine. Liimecabrio Lover
  15. Could someone from the Board or the managers of this forum please confirm as to whether or not I can post a message in any forum so that members with Smart Cars in the Newtonville, Port Hope, Cobourg, Roseneath, Grafton and Colborne areas of Ontario will be able to have their Smart Cars serviced without a long trip to a Mercedes dealership. I will not announce the service provider who is a reputable car dealership until someone of authority replies!Whoever replies, would they please let me know who they are and what position they hold as I don't want to fall n disfavour with the authorities running or monitoring this club.As a Smart Car owner I am just delighted I found a reputable place to have service done to my vehicle that reduces the distance I need to travel and the cost per service. Sincerely, limecabrio