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  1. Thanks Everyone! I'll speak to MB Midtown at my next servicing about the resistant kit.
  2. Hello:My 2008 passion's headlights constantly burn out. When one side goes and it's replaced, within weeks the other side goes as well. I've been told it's a common problem, however they burn out so often that it's about every 6 months I'm changing the bulbs. Anything I can do or change to at least keep the bulbs going for longer so they don't drain so quicly? Just seems a little ridiculous to have burnt out bulbs that frequently.
  3. 451 - 2008 Passion, bought brand new August '08, no repairs, regular maintenance hit 120,000 yesterday.
  4. Hey Pinky,I live in Scarborough and have had no problems this past winter with my 451. Didn't get stuck at all and had winter tires put on. Like you I live about 5 kms from work so I was thinking of taking the bus too on really bad days. So far it's been really good and I've not had to take the bus. I found driving in areas like Scarborough not so bad as downtown. Can't say anything about maintenance costs as I am just going in Monday for the first service. I say go with the smart!
  5. Hi Smartbee,I've had my 2008 Passion since August '08 and have had no major problems other than replacing the sunroof cover. I've driven it all winter and even to Mont-Tremblant and have had no problems starting him in -22 C .And service at MB Laird-Eglinton has been fabolous for me. Definetly sounds like a lemon. Sorry to hear that. It makes me realize how lucky I've been so far.
  6. Well I am 25, flawless record and with all the extra discounts I am still paying close to $300/month. Belair gave me the best rate so maybe check into them.
  7. So I went into the dealership and my dealer said they would have to look at it in the shop and if they can't fix it they'll replace it. Apparently according to him he's only had to replace one other person's screen. And yes my warranty will cover it so that's good. Thought I'd attach a picture of my baby.
  8. Hi Everyone! I got my new '08 smart car "David" (as in David & Goliath) Aug 1st and I'm loving driving around the city. This is my first time on a forum as well so i am not sure what goes. Just a quick question to anyone that would know. I have the silver passion glass roof model and the black sun screen on the driver's side seems so have come undone from it's place near the end of the screen where it rolls back. Is there any way i can pop it back into place or should i just take it in to the dealer and ask them to do it? This is my first car and I really don't know anything about cars and their accesories. I noticed it today. Maybe I rolled the screen back to quickly or I don't know what it is? It's bothering me though. Anyone had the same thing happen and can it easily be popped back into place? I tried to today but maybe i'm not looking at it right.I also tried posting a pic of "David" on here but I keep getting a message stating the file size is too big. Appparently I don't know anything about computers either.