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  1. I copied this from an old classmate's wife - I thought is was terrific - might not be original to her either but it is a good one.May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!. May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy..May the problems you had, forget ......your home address! In simple words .. May 2010 be the best year of your life! ! Happy New Year!
  2. Color me skeptical too ! ! I am not a fanatic like some of the members of this forum and I know very little of cars in general, I rely on my brothers for advice HOWEVER . . . I know I have a 2008 Passion model and I know what has be fixed or replaced in my vehicle and knew for my former minivan too (not the Tempo cuz I inherited it from my dying step father about 6 months before it was retired). My FE -- I tell people and I compared for the first about 6 months - I was paying about 40 - 60 a week for fuel in the Ford Tempo ( 4 cylinder) I was driving -- I now pay between 15 - 25 a week for fuel for Onyx so I say about 1/3 as much. Having an owned a minivan myself before that I was not paying 150 - 250 a week to fuel it - which is what I would have been to have comparable FE. My driving is 99.9% city driving.So great she loves her car and has had minimal problems but you were talking to someone who by description is even less "into" her car than I am and quite possibly considered your "50" questions intrusive and unnecessary. Personally I would not want any of you to be asking me all those questions about my car. I come to CSC for ideas and thoughts to ponder (some of you are extremely opinionated about things and when asked the question What color is that building? (translate to a car question) -- The answers would be as diverse as : definitely black, no doubt about how could anybody fathom to think anything elseWhite it is as obvious as the nose on your faceWell color is a subjective thing it depends on your position when viewing it and the angle of the sun at the timeColor who cares about color, how many floors in it and much many rooms inside.Well I am sure you get the idea. So I take all comments / questions / answers with a grain of salt. Mill them over in my own mind for awhile and then speak to my brothers for their thoughts on the matter and then decide on my own what I will or won't do and will or won't believe. Just my 2 cent worth //// IMHO syllables.
  3. All you lovers of burnt bean water can have it. No coffee for me, gross. IMHO
  4. Or one with bad eye sight Co -ron - ado vs Co-lor - ado ?????????
  5. Onyx just over a year old so going into my second winter. Still have on the mud and snow Conti's that she came with. I am proud of her and me. Scenario : On this past Friday we were hit with skating rinks for roads when the wind suddenly changed direction and slush turned to ice right at the start of PM rush. Leg 1 - 1730 to 1900 I crawled along with the hundreds of other cars to get to my evening class. I got there about 1 hour later but in one piece with miniminal sliding around and 1 brief spin out. The spin out was less than 100 feet from my destination when I sat for about 5 min in the same spot while some men pushed a van stuck sideways across the roadway off the road. The fool behind me was less than 18 in back so had no room to adjust so I got out grabbed my bag of coarse salt, put some behind and in front of both my drive tires and Viola off I went again. Horrors seen on leg 1 - A four or five 2-3 car rear endings. B A woman in a van with Quebec plates that first slide back and forth and about 20 times trying to get onto 36 St NE from Sunridge Bvld before she finally made it. Then went about 3 blocks to the overpass over Highway 1 (16 Av N) where I passed her while she was spinning her front drive wheels so hard and fast that they were smoking and I could smell the burning rubber as I passed her. C Then about 6 blocks later (down a 3 block hill and around onto a side street) I passed a 5-6 car and 2 bus chain reaction accident in the opposing lanes. It was about 8 blocks after horror C that I had my brief spin out. Normally leg 1 is about a 12 min tops drive so 12 times as long to take this trip. Leg 2 - 2105 - 2150 I travelled 95% of the time on 2 main thoroughfares for Calgary (Memorial Drive and Crowchild Trail) to get home for the night. Memorial Drive from Marlbourgh Way (39 St NE) to 19 St NE icy but level and moving slow but steady except for the yahoo at Memorial and 28 St who was doing a spin and slide dance all over 2 of the lanes. Then we got to the downhill - about 10 block long hill, not really steep but enough of an incline. Kicked me self into lowest gear - first time I ever drove Onyx in manual by the way - and let gravity take me and down the hill which most of the rest of the vehicles were doing including the Out of Service Transit bus did not use the gas until I known I would get through the light. I did not slide around at all and the hill was a solid, shiny, no product on it ice sheet. Back to the slow and steady for the rest of Memorial Dr until finally at about Memorial and 14 Street I finally hit streets that had some product on them (salt, gravel, pickle (roads word for it - my friend's hubby spreads the stuff) or whatever they were spreading that night. On to Crowchild and up a hill this time thankfully with some product on it. Got home without sliding and no spin outs. Horrors seen on Leg 2 A a 5 car chain reaction rear ending sequence on the same hill I let gravity take me down. B 2 Greyhound buses that rear ended each other C another four or five rear ending of 2 or 3 cars D jackknifed Semi on an off ramp from Memorial Dr onto 19 St NE E A steady stream of headlines coming out of the downtown core from Deerfoot Trail to Centre Street and the entire 5 Av flyover. The vehicles were at a basic standstill too. A friend near downtown told me that the steady stream of headlights ended at about 2245 so over 6 hours after most people's workdays ended. So a normal about 25 min trip took about 50 min so pretty darn good. Official Stats and probability butcher - The stats are that there were 600 reported accidents from 1630 Friday till 1200 Saturday and probably at least 10% more that were not reported or at least not reported by the time the stats were released. So 1 million people in Calgary therefore about 555,555 households factoring in couples, kids etc and then say 1/3 of them that were either home during the ice, don't drive or for whatever reason were not on the roads that night. So about 370,000 vehicles on the road tops which turns into 1 accident per about every 600 vehicles and I was not one of them. Again proud of Onyx and proud of me. Took me till 1 am to unwind and fall asleep though.
  6. I discovered this by fluke one day on my way to work or home from work - can't remember which for sure. I travel East in the morning, into the sun and West to come come again into the sun. So I flipped the visor to block more of the sun and Viola help with a blind spot. FYI I am in a 451 so it works for us too.
  7. And I thought the 18 inch crack that developed this week in my windshield was bad -- just before mine and Onyx's birthdays (50 and 1, respectively). What is the shame and peeve is that is started as a chip and before I could get the chip fixed Calgary's lovely - let's be plus 15, no let's be minus 2 back and forth see saw weather. Or as some people call "Wait 5 minutes maybe you'll like that weather better" weather. The chip became a crack C'est la vie. I will have to look into a new windshield, as well.
  8. Just read through this thread before posting. WOW ! ! ! some very opinionated people on both sides of the issue.Seeing as I am in the high risk category 3 times over I spent about 5 hours on Day 1 in line to get the shot. 3 categories am I in. Two underlying conditions - Asthma (probably the highest since H1H1 hits the lungs hard apparently) and Diabetes. As well, unfortunately I am still obese, even though I have lost 50 lbs since June.I have gotten the seasonal shot every year for the past 20 except one year (don't remember why) and that year the flu hit me and hit me hard. My lungs were so bad I also ended up in the hospital and was on Perdnisone for a few weeks afterward until the lungs healed. So everyone has to make their own decision, of course, but I felt I had to get it. SIDE NOTE and FYI -- I might have had some thin immunity already cuz they say it isn't hitting the seniors as hard as the seasonal flu because of the similarities to the 1918 pandemic strain and they got some antibodies from their Moms during gestation if Mom was exposed in 1918 -20. Well, my family was definitely exposed -- my great-grandmother was a nurse who was conscripted to go back to work during the pandemic. So maybe, just maybe, my Mom passed a few antibodies on to me, as well.
  9. Funny, I was just imaging that the Smart could be the next clown car and now this a couple days later.
  10. Hmmm, I wrote to him and challenged him to actually test drive one or at least sit in one and then have an opinion. My 6'4" linebacker size son (trees for legs) fits quite comfortably, thank you.
  11. Mine looked like that this morning. Calgary was hit with our first significant snowfall this morning. Everyone is learning to drive again, it seems. A normally 15 min trip took me 35 min this morning, glad this is my Saturday maybe things will settle down before I have to drive to work again.
  12. I a few things I found in Calgary.You can see my front door but not my car as a tree is blocking my parking spot, the pictures were taken from across the street.I have surmised that the pictures in Calgary were taken in Early May by two thingsa there is a street cleaning sign by my Mom's former home, moved in August, with the dates of May 12 and 13 and then sign go up a few days before they do it.b The house that "blow up" a couple blocks away from here still has the makeshift fence and no new back added to the house -- This is the house that had a plumber sparked the gas somehow and blow the back wall off the house. The pictures of work were taken on a Saturday or Sunday as there are too few cars in the lot for a weekday.
  13. I am actually in the office for Access, though I did try to go for big bus when I first started with Transit, we mutally agreed that it was not for me. Partly cuz I am so short that by the time I moved the seat far enough to reach the pedals -- the steering wheel was being hindered my generous girth - I would do better these days since I am almost 50 lb less than I was then - but I am so glad I did not continue or I would be working some crazy hours.
  14. In Alberta, almost 50, no accidents at a 6 star (highest rating / lowest rates) and I paid about 1500 / divided by the month so 124.?? a month
  15. Welcome from SW Calgary, just down the hill from the "new" MRU. This for Meerkat and Smarter4thePlanet. My baby is an all black 2008 which will have its first birthday on my 50th birthday on Friday, the 13th (November) the 3rd Friday the 13th this year ;-) Been a good year for me though. I have been to one get together as I could not work out my schedule for another 2. Hope to meet the 2 of you soon. If you see an all black smart around MRU or Transit Spring Gardens its likely me, it the plate is ONYX11 it is definitely me.ONYX11 AKA Sheila