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  1. Thank you for this topic Mike T ! There is all the spot for the Club smart Québec ! 1-Rotisserie Ti-Coq (Trois-Rivières) 2-Centre Épilation Laser (Trois-Rivières) 3-Aubin Pélissier (Trois-Rivières) 4-Val Mauricie Électricité (Shawinigan-Sud) 5-Clarion (?) 6-Rock Détente 102.7 (Sherbrooke) 7-Beaudin Le Phoron (Sherbrooke) 8-Infographie Boréale (Ste-Agathe) 9-Groupe Ressources Richer (Sherbrooke) 10-La cuisinerie (Drummondville et Trois-rivières) 11-Le pavé du futur 12-Beauté Canine 13-Le Docteur du pare-brise 14-Les immeubles Francine daviault ( St-Hyacinthe ) 15-La Cage aux sports (St-Sauveur) 16-Intersport Champoux (Sainte-Agathe) 17-Rôtisserie St-Hubert (Sainte-Agathe, St-Hubert Mont-Tremblant, St-Hubert et Laval, St-Hyacinthe, Granby ) 18-Miss SWAN, Conditionnement Physique ( a confirmer ) 19-Cera Gres 20-Club Auto Prix, sur Métropolitain.(Montréal) 21-Ville de Toronto 22-Gouvernement du Canada 23-La capitale Mauricie (Trois-Rivières) 24-Nettoyage GUS (Baie-Comeau) 25-Créations Wouf-Wouf (Lac-A-La-Tortue) 26-ÉcoloGraphisme (Montréal) 27-Nettoyage du Nord (Louiseville) 28-ACCS Control-tech 29-Amira 30-Girafe Santé (Blainville) 31-dan's papers (Hampton’s, USA) 32-St-hubert (Longueil) 33-Service de la sécurité publique de Montréal (arrondissement Anjou) 34-Compo Orléans (Encore de la compétition pour bibi!) 35-Niagara Falls Helicopter 36-Viau Location 37-Entreprises Gilles Éhaut (Dans le 450) 38-Rock Détente Québec ( Concours Trouvez le Faux ) 39-Re-Max Ontario (Ottawa) 40-Habitations TroisVert (Mauricie) 41-Teuscher Chocolates at Switzerland (Philadelphie) 42-Intro Sécurité avec des gyrophares sur le toit (Jonquière) 43-Services financiers Richard Langevin 44-Repro Tom Desmarais 45-Kiwiko Communication (Ottawa) 46-Remax des milles Iles 47-Bronzage MEB (St-Georges de Beauce) 48-BFC Planchers Bois Franc de la Capitale (Québec) 49-Pizza Bob's (Calgary, AB) 50-Sam's on 17th - (Calgary, AB) 51-Funky Pickle pizza (Edmonton, AB) 52-ImPark (Edmonton, AB) If you sent a picture, please send me a picture on my email on For view a lot of picture, click on the link :
  2. at this time, we have 8 smart . I need 2 others smart. If you're interested, reply in this topic 1-Myltyl 2-Bibitte ( To confirm ) 3-Loomi 4-Blonde et smart 5-djtiloup (to confirm) 6-Poussine 7-marijo 8- carol9- 10-
  3. Hi ! A member of the Club smart québec Needs 10 smart for a wedding. There is the original Text (traduced by google ) For the occasion, Club smart Quebec's members stands "driver" wear (ie white shirt, clean pants, tie your choice) If you're interested, write your name in the list. There are some places still:) 1-Myltyl 2-Bibitte ( To confirm ) 3-Loomi 4-Blonde et smart 5-djtiloup (to confirm) 6-Poussine 7- 8- 9- 10-
  4. The pictures of the meet to Quebec city is now avalaible on my website : ! Enjoy ! If you have others picture of the activity, please send me a e-mail with the pictures
  5. Can you send me the picture with you and the smart Red (TROUVEZ LE FAUX) in my e-mail please I wish them for my blog Thank you Glenn
  6. The next Photos will be avalaible in the next week. I work on the picture, and i send the pictures in my website soon The adress of my blog is For Waiting, in attachment , there is the picture in the roof of the Hotel ! Thank you for your Visit at Québec City ! This is a wonderful Week end !
  7. If you go with us at Quebec, please Tell me a PM for confirm the number of persons , because the owner of the activity need the number for reserve the restaurant. If you stay at Auberge Moka Creme, Please Reserve as soon as possible (418) 837-9777At 13h30 Saturday, the members of the Quebec Club smart are at the Hotel for the meet, Please Join us at this place ! Auberge Moka Creme (4115, boul. de la Rive Sud, Lévis, G6W 6M9)Thank you !
  8. thank you for the welcome :)The checkboard is erase. i had retired the vinyl today, because the owner of the car has request them for the winter. The smart is return to Red/black
  9. Hi ! My name is djtiloup ! I'm from Club smart QuébecI'm from Trois-Rivières, QuébecI'm a beginner in english , but i understand what i read I don't have a smart but my friend have one and i drive his car. Is a fortwo 2006 pulse. The color is red and the tridion is black :)This is a pictures :The First is before in the spring 2007, at the cite de l'énergie, from Shawinigan The second is striped at first, for the event "Grand prix de Montreal" , organised by Le smatte, but we keep them for the "grand prix de trois-rivières" , organised by me
  10. Hi ! I'm djtiloup from Club smart Québec ! i'm new in the club smart car. I woud promote the events in quebec !Sorry for my english, i'm beginner There is the new devloppements for the quebec's activity !Saturday August 3013h30 : Meet to Auberge Moka Creme (4115, boul. de la Rive Sud, Lévis, G6W 6M9) For keep possession of the rooms. (for reserve rooms, contact (418) 837-9777. The price of the rooms is between 60 and 100$After the Auberge, we go for a ballade on the "côte de beaupré"19:30 : Lunch in St-Rock Square, in the Old Quebec22h00 : Go to "Le moulin à images"After the movie, Go to the hotel for the nightSunday August 31 10h30 : brunch in the old quebecAfter this, we go to the chateau frontenac for visit the search of the fondations of "chateau St-Louis". This is the last time for you to visit this because the visit is close before the winter !After this, the day is for the mood of all the people ! To get to quebec, 2 assembly points were intended for people arriving from montreal.The first is for those passing by Trois-Rivières :The assembly point is at Tim Horton (5901 Boul Jean XXIII, Trois-Rivieres). The smart quit at 10h30 AM for the second pointThe second point Is in Madrid Bigfoot. The smart quit at 11h15 AMWelcome to all people !!