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  1. So we're all meeting between 5:00-5:15 in the parking lot on Albion, yes?
  2. We plan to be there - possibly in our two smarts :-)Guess we need to do some car washing between now and Wednesday!
  3. So cool to see the numeric blue & scratch black together :-)
  4. Planning to get there between 5:00-5:30 in our Numeric Blue coupe.Might need a set of scan gauge clips if you still have a set left.
  5. We might be able to make it. Brian wants to know if dogs are allowed.It looks like the days of the big Ottawa smartie outings are over I guess the older owners have been there, done that, and maybe the newer owners don't have the same passion that the older ones had??
  6. Last night's the winner of the smart car at Star doesn't seem to be much of a smart lover: There was no bubbly for Marcel Champagne, this year’s winner of the Ottawa Sun’s Win a Smart Car contest. For one, the 72-year-old contractor faced a long drive back to Cornwall Tuesday evening. For another, it’s just not his style. Pulling away from the Star Motors dealership on Hunt Club Rd. in his mammoth pickup truck, it’s not hard to see that the zippy Smart might just be a tiny bit, well, tiny. “I may trade it in for something a little bigger,” Champagne said, who also owns an SUV and another, slightly smaller pickup truck. Would his wife like the car? Might be a bit too close to the road, he said.
  7. We just did our annual Ottawa - St. Catharines - Guelph - St. Catharines - Ottawa trip in our coupe this weekend. Other than some wicked winds blowing us around on the Skyway Bridge, no problems at all, as usual. No idea what our mileage was like, but it's never been all that stellar. We started with 2 blobs, filled up a total of 4 times, and got home with 2 blobs. Actually, one fill was a top-up, so probably more like 3-1/2 fill ups :-)I didn't see one other smart the whole trip.
  8. So why did the guy bother entering the contest if he didn't want the car?? Just like the winners of the CHEO Dream Cottage -- turns out, they took the money instead of the house. I wanted to win that cottage SO BADLY!!!!
  9. I forgot to bring my camera. I wish I'd gotten a shot of that 2008 with the wicked airbrush job. I've never seen it before.... does it happen to belong to anyone here?? Or has anyone seen it??
  10. We're planning on going. I wonder why not everyone got invites... maybe it's only for smart owners who are still under warranty??
  11. George & Annette, hope you can make it -- there don't seem to be many of us "oldies" around CsC anymore....Supposed to be good weather on Sunday -- perfect for some cruising and ice cream
  12. The numeric blue coupe it is!!
  13. Sounds like a plan. Can't go wrong with a picnic & ice cream!! :)Our coupe was in for A/C service two summers ago -- you don't want to know how long it took them to fix it!!!! Now, which smart to bring.....
  14. We're in, assuming we're free.Maybe a drive through the Gatineau Hills??
  15. Don't know if any of you recall our fun and enjoyment with airbag deployment, but Duck's and Darren's experiences pretty much mirrors ours.Because we had damage to our crossblade rim (a very minor bend, which cost less than $90 to get fixed), MBC insisted that the airbag deployment was legitimate and not a warranty issue. Duck didn't indicate if he had any other damage, but certainly Darren had far more damage than we did. If anyone has had any luck getting MBC to budge on this, I'd love to hear about it!Insurance said the same thing as Duck's insurance; it's classified as an accident and if we had made a claim, it would have wiped out our freebie accident claim (and presumably would have had a $500 deductible to boot).I talked to Transport Canada, and they came out and took a bunch of pictures. But they said that nothing was likely to happen. The comments that they made, indicated that they were taking MBCs view of things, and while it was recognized that the airbag is extremely sensitive, they believe it's functioning properly.We were also told that it would cost up to $2000 to fix the airbag; presumably including a replacement seat, airbag module and wiring harness. The guys at Transport Canada made a comment that the dealers didn't seem to know what was really required to fix the problem.I picked up a module from the dealer for about $425. The harness was undamaged, and the bent metalwork in the seat was easily bent back into shape. So the entire job of fixing it took probably a couple of hours. I seem to recall that you will need to get the dealer to reset the airbag code though. As for going after the city/province for the damages; good luck. I don't think Ontario has a specific law concerning pothole damages. I believe that legally, they might only have to fill the pothole within a reasonable period of being notified of it's existence. So, you would have to prove that they had knowledge of the hole for a few days prior to you running over it. In our case, I think I eventually got a letter saying that the hole in question was the responsibility of some construction firm, and not the city. I think it took five or six months for that letter to show up.In regards to people questioning why it went off on this particular occasion, and not when Duck went over the train tracks... I think the sensor needs just the right force in the right direction. It needs to be fooled into believing that there's a side impact happening. Most bumps won't do that. Btw; someone commented about the sensor in the door; it's not. The side airbags are self contained. The sensor is built into the module. The wiring harness is only there to report to the computer that the airbag has gone off, not as a trigger mechanism. I doubt if there's an "aging" issue; but I wouldn't be surprised if there's potential of some sensors being more sensitive than others.We've not had any other airbag problem since; but I hold my breath every time we bounce over a bump.Cheapohubby (too lazy to log the wife off, and reply under my account).