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  1. You should look up a local decal print shop. Ask if they have a product call "Clear Focus" window film (or something like it) It is a printable decal used for car wrap advertising, city buses, retail shops and fast food joints. You can design you own "custom" artwork, company logo (tax wright-off) or a lovely pic. of the kids with buster the dog (lol). Once it has been printed they will add a clear gloss over laminate for add protection (for the print and UV rays). A window of this size should run you around 200.00 USD installed... not counting design time, and that can vary from shop to shop (45.00 - 75.00 per hour). GOOD LUCK!PROMOZTulsa, Oklahoma
  2. VERY NICE! (thanks for the pics.) Okay... 17" on back. 15" on front??? Where do you get these wheels? Can you tell me how much $$$ (U.S.D.)Thanks!JOEY - TULSA, OK
  3. OKAY... Who's got a set of 17" on their smart?Thanks!JOEY - TULSA, OK
  4. Do a search on the web in your area for "Vehicle Wraps" they can range from 10.00 to 15.00 U.S.D. a square foot.Good LuckJOEY - TULSA, OK
  5. That was the one I downloaded last night, but thanks again.THANKS!JOEY - TULSA, OK
  6. The booklets I have, so far just a small part about radio settings are in English. Thanks for the link. I will check in out right now.Thanks!JOEY - TULSA, OK
  7. I just got this for a birthday gift on 08/22/08. I have not done anything myself as of yet. I have seen service post with this "A" "B" service... what is this. All my manuals are UK not English. I am downloading a English version right now, but it is taking a while.THANKS! JOEY - TULSA, OK
  8. OK Mike... School me. I am sitting in my smart right now and here is what I see. 17764 km... I push the button 1 time and it says 675.6 km... 1 more time and it gives me the temp... and then twice quickly like you said and it says (or reads - it's not that smart - LOL) 12100 km with 2 wrenches??? What's up?Thanks!JOEY - TULSA, OK
  9. I have a diesel VW Jetta TDI, and a German Family Owned shop here on Tulsa does all the work to it. How often do you change the oil in a gasoline (not diesel) smart. My smart is a 2004 with 17,000 km. How long are the motors good for? The motors in my 1975 Austin Mini are only good for 35,000 miles (sorry I don't know what that is for sure in km - my bad!)Thanks!JOEY - TULSA, OK.
  10. No. I have one. I only had my smart for less than a day when I posted this. I was like a little kid at Christmas with a new toy, and I wasn't using my brain. I also own a VW Jetta and you have to do the same for it. I just don't drive it to often. I like drive my 70's muscle(s)... and my smart, OF COURSE! But Thanks for the link. I know the guy I got this one from has another "Euro", so I will send this info to him. (just in case).Thanks!JOEY - TULSA, OK.
  11. ZenSpeed.comI have never had to pay more than $70.00 U.S.D. for adapters... till now. $300.00 plus $12.00 s/h from Florida to Oklahoma.JOEY - TULSA, OK.
  12. Well, I see that you saw I got busted for CAPS. Thanks so much for the fender info. I will check them out. And yes... they are the 3 - 5 adaptors. I think they cost way too much. I have bought several sets for 3 of my american muscle cars at a fraction of the price.Thanks!JOEY - TULSA, OK (Sorry... Couldn't help myself - caps must have jammed! L.O.L. dang... l.o.l.)
  13. If you have ever seen XXX with Vin Diesel back in 2002 you will see one parked in the night streets of Russia.
  14. Never mind. I found theme! I just order the first set (in Oklahoma away) of after market BMW 5 x 112 bolt pattern 17" x 7". SWEET!... No more factory 3 lug!NOTE: You can buy a full set of after market BMW and other High-End wheels for 500.00 - 800.OO U.S.D. all day long.