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  1. Well, test drove Smartzuuk's lifted Fortwo. It drives the same as my stock one. Thanks to Daystar for putting out a well designed, cheap and useful lift. His car is as stable as mine, rides a little smoother due to the larger tires and takes road irregularities better too. I may have to get a lift for my Smart too (wife said to go for it!). Last winter there was about 5 to 7 days when the snow was too deep on the streets to drive my Smart. The additional two inches plus larger tire size should make the difference to be able to drive it every day.
  2. Our journey to Ontario began this morning at 7:30. I picked up Fran from working night shift and hit highway 16 East. Drove to Hinton Alberta stopped for lunch and gassed up the Smart, 23 litres, 450 kms, 5.1 L/100km 55mpg through the mountains, then continued on to Leduc where we checked in to the Best Western for the night (Thank You Airmiles).End of day one. Tomorrow, destination is Winnipeg, Man.TTFNChris
  3. Had fun for a while! Now need a larger vehicle. Features air conditioning and heated seats, comes with both summer and winter tires on rims c/w tire pressure monitor sensors. Extended warranty to August 2013. 50,000 kms. Located in Prince george, BC Asking $10,000 obo.
  4. All oil retaileers are supposed to take your old oil back.
  5. You haven't been on a road trip til been on the road for 30 days and driven 11,900 Kms. Check it out:
  6. I find that the rear jacking point is near the balance point of the 451, so I change both tires with one lift on each side.
  7. Compared to a 6.4 litre powerstroke diesel V8, how much exhaust emission can a 699cc or 1 litre CDI engine put out? There should be a lower limit on engine size where current emission limits would not apply.
  8. They only stopped here for gas and continued on to Williams Lake about three hours south of here.
  9. I saw them this afternoon when they arrived in Prince George at about 4 pm. I wonder why it took them 8 hours to drive from Fort St. John - it's normally a 4.5 to 5 hour drive.
  10. I can't find their itinerary...anybody know when they are coming through Prince George? I wouldn't mind trying to meet up with them.
  11. well, sort of...the driver's one was 1 cm too short.
  12. Changed the windshield wipers with Canadian Tire Exact fit wipers...and they actually did fit!
  13. My 2008 Pure has had similar problems occasionally. Usually happens when shifting from drive to reverse. I just cycle the shifter through park and the reverse has engaged every time so far... For those of you who have had serious problems like this, please contact either Transport Canada Vehicle Recalls at or the US NHSTA at and file a complaint. they can't help us if we don't tell them our problems.
  14. Tried it...couldn't make it work. I guess I'll try again at 45,000 kms.
  15. The problem with doing your own oil changes on the 451 is that you have to take it to the dealer to have them reset the service interval clock. Make sure you have receipts for the oil and filter(s).
  16. My wife got the 451 stuck in a snowdrift in the driveway last winter - she put it in neutral, got out and pushed it out herself!
  17. My speedo reads 5 km/h high almost throughout the entire range compared to the GPS. The odometer is practically bang on, though. I don't mind too much about the 5 km/h, but 10 would really annoy me. My old '91 Cavalier read 3 or 4 km/h too low and I ended up getting a couple of speeding tickets because of it.
  18. If they come with tire pressure monitor sensors, then its a smokin deal - they are $300 all by themselves!
  19. Sounds like it is time for some high-speed lead poisoning! JK
  20. I'm not sure if this is the post you were looking for:Club smart Car - Smart Car Discussions - Modifications and Performance - Hermès Special Edition Smart ForTwoI don't know how to post a link to the old posting but it shows up in the index on page two about half way down
  21. Lindsay123 - you didn't mention what type of Smart you have. If it is a 2008 or newer (451), there is no special tooling required to do the A service (oil change), I did my first one myself, just make sure you keep all receipts - Mercedes tends to treat you like a criminal thinking you are trying to scam them or something. B services are a lot more involved - I had the dealer do that one.The older 450's did not come with a drain plug in the oil pan, so the used oil had to be sucked out the dipstick hole.Correct me if I'm wrong anyone.
  22. I would just throw a couple of old leather work gloves on top of the jack and not worry about the wood. With a groove cut in it as you described, it can split causing the car to fall off the jack. I have used a jack from a 2000 Chevy Venture van. The lifting surface is a groove and it sits fairly well under the Smart's body seam.
  23. In case it matters to you, Litre is spelled with R E at the end, not E R. Looks good though.
  24. I know it is basically a moot point, because we can't pull anything really heavy with our Smarts anyway...but, the reason that the chain(s) must connect to the car, and not the ball is to prevent the trailer from becoming detached from the vehicle due to the failure of any single component. As you described, every piece is removable however, every piece is attached with more than one bolt / fastener. Any one of which could fail without catastopic results. Every piece - except the pin used to attach the ball hitch to the mount. So, please for the safety of others on the road, install a safety chain mount on the (very nice) hitch you made. You could even mount it below the hitch so it is not too visible.This is a Transport Canada requirement, not a provincial one.
  25. Cool I always wondered what that sound was.