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  1. No, I already have a few leads of people who are interested in her and the dealer is as well since they have all her service records, etc.
  2. A bit about me: I bought my first smart in Sep 2008 (found tracking and lots of information about smarts here back in 2008), and I love her. Buttercup (yellow/silver) currently only has 80,225km on her and the only issues I've ever had with her is the normal stuff for the age of the car: brakes, tires and muffler/exhaust. She has been an amazing car and I love driving her. When I first got her, I leased her - with the intention that I would upgrade to the first electric smart was to bring out, which was planned back then to be in 2011. So three year lease and yep, no electric in 2011 so I bought the lease out. When the EDs did come out, I test drove one and fell in love, but I was living in a condo by then with no charging stations. Today I live in a house and put a deposit down on a completely orange smart ED (panels and tridion). I think his* name will be Cheeto. So some notes: 2017 EDs can no longer be ordered, production has been frozen; the dealerships appear to have all ordered 1-2 a piece with what options/colours they think would sell and they should be in the dealerships shortly. 2018 production starts in October but they appear to be standardized colours with only a few dealerships that have 'change rights". My dealership, trying to get me a car sooner than later, asked another dealer for their rights, but they wouldn't hand them over lol. But they did find a production slot open in November that will allow me to the order the car as I want it, orange on orange I should receive Cheeto in the Jan/Feb. The dealers don't yet have the pricing on the 2018s but they don't anticipate any significant increase or option changes. Also to note, on a lease, the dealership does not apply for the Ontario Electric Vehicle Incentive Program rebate, they will help you do it. Something about people at the start of the program finding a loophole that costs Mercedes money (leasee selling before the 3 years were over and MB getting dinged for $$ not used on the Incentive)? And yes, I have decided to lease, not buy. I can get Cheeto on a 3 year lease (to get the full $13,000) with $2K down for $150 a month taxes in. Take into account the $60 a month I will save on gas (now the lease cost is $90) plus $20 a month for electricity and the lease is more like $110 a month. You cannot get a brand new car, fully loaded anywhere for that. Also, I have read that the coming years will see battery ranges increasing, etc so I want to see what 2021 brings. * Holy beefy car! The trunk is bigger, it appears wider and just looks 'beefy' compared to my 2008. I was thinking as I was driving away after signing the papers, that I'm pretty sure thatI sat lower in the 453 ICE car they had in the showroom...I may need to add the seat height option to my car (I'm short, 5'0"), when we finalize my colour/options in November
  3. Thank you I was just there For some reason I got it in my head that I needed to bring my own cord to a charging station…then I found a clue đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚
  4. But can I use the charger that comes with the vehicle at charging hubs?
  5. So it appears the ED comes with the domestic power socket that you cannot use elsewhere; what did you pay for the wallbox socket? You would think they would add this as an accessories option when building your own
  6. Looking at going in on Friday to buy look at a 2017 ED...wondering about this upgrade.
  7. I am looking to "upgrade" Buttercup my 2008 smart to electric and have been waiting for the release of the ED. I was hearing May/Jun so I emailed the dealer who said later, maybe Aug/Sep. Then yesterday I emailed the dealer again and asked when and they said 4th quarter in an email I received this morning. Later today I went back to to check out something and they now have the ED up and available to build. I currently am quite happy with Buttercup, she will be 10 on the 13th and just passed 80,000km but I've wanted an ED since they came out but lived in a condo then with no charging options. Now I have a house and... So today I built a couple - I am surprised that the cool colour options we've seen in reviews are not available here (a very bright green, fuchsia pink and a brown) nor does it appear they are offering a leather interior? I LOVE my leather seats (they look brand new!) and butt warmers. I am not sure if I get a Buttercup Jr. as I am not sure of the yellow shown (each monitor looks different) and I love my bright yellow car...I would be sad if it was a muted yellow. Decisions, decisions!
  8. I'm looking to 'upgrade' to the ED and currently own a 2008 yellow smart - passion I believe (the one with the panoramic roof and leather interior).Buttercup has just shy of 40,000KMs on her (should hit that in a week or two) and I've had her since 2008. She looks new (most are shocked when they find out she is almost 6). Just wondering if you traded your gas smart in what was MB offering for them?Also, another question, is the interior roughly the same size in the ED as the Passion 2008? I bought some coco mats in 2008 which I would love to keep for the ED if I could (also planning on the yellow).Thanks in advance!Trish
  9. Hi Chris, I am very sorry for your loss.
  10. LOL Pam.
  11. I have INAMOOD but I had the plates before I got the smart. It is a play on my last name Fits Buttercup though, people point at her and then laugh at the plates
  12. I don't have kitties but I got doggies! Bruiser (left) is 1/2 beagle & 1/2 pug - 2.5 years old Elvis (right) is 1/4 beagle & 3/4 pug - 4.5 months In Buttercup on our way to the dog park.
  13. Buttercup, because she looks like one (avatar).
  14. Paid just over $150 for service A at Oakville. I had almost 12K on Buttercup after 20 months of ownership.