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  1. How would you like this for your Smart?
  2. Update. Car started this morning. Yay!
  3. Finally fixed it (I hope)! I took the connector apart and cleaned the two offending wires. Had to be careful because it was easy to break the retaining strip to be able to slide the wire out with the individual female connector. Sprayed it out and then very gently crimped the opening smaller. Had to work it from all sides so that the wire would go back in. It just slides back in. No burnt wires. No discoloration. Black on the inside, and some gummy residue from cleaning with Deoxit. The gap seemed to be wider, probably from wear or from vibration. Put the connector back together and then back where it belonged. Crossed my fingers and turned the DC on. Turned the lights on, and both worked. Then cranked over the engine, and it started. Wiggled the connector wires, and the car stayed on and the light stayed on too. So far, so good. So, the tell tale sign will be tomorrow when I turn over the key. At least I know that there is nothing to taking the connector apart and fixing it. It is a short-term fix. I know I will eventually have to replace that connector, but at least I have a working car now. Thanks to all of you for your help and input.
  4. Great news! Dropped the SAM down and turned on the ignition and turned on the lights. Then I fiddled with the wire on the brown N11-3 connector. Behold! The light came on. When the light came on, I started the car. It did not start at all this morning. The slightest touch, and the light went out, and the car shut off. So, it is the connector and not the wiring or the SAM. I was given instructions on taking the connector apart and tightening it. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of this proceedure. If the connector is bad, which I will know this weekend, then does someone have a good one I can buy?I will certainly check the other connector too. Cannot assume I found the right one.
  5. I was afraid of that. I hope it is a ground then. But if it is not, then I know someone who will be able to do the job. Let me get this straight. If there is juice to the fuse, then the relay could still be bad? Can I check the relay somehow before I have to replace it? I have someone who will replace it, but I don't want to go there without checking everything. In the mean time, I will get new leads for my multimeter and start checking connections. I figure it will be my weekend project.
  6. Ok. Cleaned the connector to the fuel pump and it started. Did not use the grease, but picked some up. Isn't the same connector the one that controls the lights? n11-3? It is. So why didn't the light work too? Hmmm.
  7. Do I need dielectric grease after using Deoxit? I also have Deoxit Gold.Also, what connector goes to the low beam headlight?
  8. Going to do that anyway because the connector to the fuel pump is giving me problems. Thanks for the tips!
  9. I have highs. Which plug was loose?I could use pictures ok all those connectors to clean. Sounds like a full days work.
  10. Ok, I lost both low beam headlights. It was strange because the driver's side was fairly new. Replaced both bulbs, but there was no driver's side light. Swapped the bulbs to check if it is the bulb, and it is not the bulb. Checked the circuit at the fuse, and the circuit is good. The fuse is good. What's next?
  11. Thank you. I do indeed have such a car. Titled in the US. Dealer just could not find any information on it. I may private sell it when I am not so much upside down on the car. Or, I might drive it till it falls apart.Blessings!
  12. I have a 2005 that I want to trade, but the dealer does not know the value of the car so as to strike a deal. I'm in the US. You dealers out there might be able to give me an idea. Passion is in pretty good shape. Only external defect is a windshield that is cracked. It has 172,000 miles. Replaced the engine with a new one at 117,000 (the engine swallowed a valve). My mechanic said that it had a defect. Interior is still really nice. Car runs nice and is still in great shape. Any idea what I might get for it?
  13. Yup, I had the same problem with Monty. The cleaning and lubing of the clutch actuator was short-lived-albeit better. I had the same things as you. Manual adjustment with a fine adjustment really smoothed the shifting all out. So, I think you did the right thing. I don't know how many miles you have, but I think the clutch actuator needs to be manually adjusted after a while.
  14. Leroy took 8 hours to put on the Eibach springs I bought. Most of the time was spent on the fronts. Next time? I will buy new struts with the springs. It will take out of the process so much frustration, anger, and some choice swear words. Easier to just destroy the struts than try to save them and go through the problem of taking them out undamaged and installing them again.
  15. Got hit in the back and the suspension tube is off, which means that it is bent. Not much, but just enough to tweak the drive shaft. Insurance will take care of it, but I need to know how much it costs for a new one.Blessings,