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  1. I thought I already sent this reply but don't know where it went so here it is again.I also named my new yellow and black Smart cabriolet. I call her Lemon Drop. I absolutely love my car and get lots of kudos re my purchase of it. I know what you mean about some people being ignorant about the car. A friend asked me on the weekend how fast I could go on the highway (assuming I would say about 50 km or less. I told him I could go just as fast as he could.Heard a comment made by a sales rep to a friend. He said that not only did he buy a Smart, he bought his FIRST Smart. Amen.Happy motoring!
  2. I picked up my yellow cabriolet today. Wow it is so cute. I parked it beside my lawn mower in the garage and it is not much bigger than the mower. I love my mower too. I bought the Smart to lighten up my life and have some fun. I can see it will do that and more.It's good to be one of the "club",
  3. Hi TrishI wanted leather seats as well but there wasn't one available. But, when I took the car out I decided I didn't mind the seats. At least they are not like the old cloth ones. Leather was my preference as my dog goes everywhere with me and sometimes his paws are less than clean. I had thought I might just order a 2009 with the options I want. However as you pointed out I would not be eligible for the rebate. Also, on the 2009 specs it doesn't show yellow as being available. I see from some of the posts that others have this opinion. Since it is going to be my toy it might as well be bright.I am in Calgary so we weren't looking at the same car. Be anxious to see how you make out getting the leather.
  4. Thanks for the input.I put a deposit on what appears to be the only 2008 yellow convertible cabrolet in these parts. Since it is a reward to myself after 5 years of being the sole homecare workder. I think I will lease it. I have never leased a car before, is it a good deal, and what about the protection package they offer to cover any damage to the car after the lease is up? After diddling around with this decision - mainly convertible or hard top, I had to move fast. Amazing how you can make a decision when there is a deadline. If everything goes okay I will get my Smart on Monday. Looking forward to it.Then watch for me on the road!
  5. I am about to order a Smart cabriolet - a toy just for me. I have gone through all the list of options and there are a couple of things I would like that are not offered on the 2008 model - e.g. cruise control and beige leather seats. I am wondering if these options might be available on the 2009 models and whether I should wait until the new models are out before ordering.Would appreciate any help.