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  1. I am #53
  2. I love my Smart, but as soon as the snow flies. I park my baby for the winter and bring out my Jeep 4X4. I'm a coward winter driver, and I don't want to expose my Smart to the harsh Alberta winters.
  3. Oooops! AC/DC is always fun to listen to in this car!!!
  4. Hey Grubbie! I'm curious to see what responses you get to your post, as I too have parked my Smart car for the winter and have been wondering what type of maintenance, if any I should be doing while it is parked, aside from the obvious.... starting it occassionally so the battery doesn't go completely dead.Guess I'll stay tuned.Merry Christmas fellow Smart car owners!!!!!
  5. No doubt. They totally ROCK. Love them!!!
  6. Strawboss, sounds like a great feature but I'm pretty sure I don't have that on my 451. Bummer!
  7. I try not to do alot of night driving, but I've noticed a couple of times now that other motorists think I am driving with my high beams on and will flash their high beams at me. It happened again tonight while I was on my way to pick my son up from work. Boy are they surprised when I flash my high beams at them! It makes me laugh actually. "You think they're bright now, try this!" Bam!!! LOL!!!! Anyone else have this happen to them?
  8. Welcome Steve!!! I know what you mean. My Smart was in a body shop getting a minor scratch fixed (salesman did it the day I picked it up) and I had to drive my SUV for four days. Wow, I was sooooooo surprised at how much I missed my litte car and I've only had it not even 2 months!! I absolutely love bombing around town in it!!
  9. Rookie..... OMG!!!
  10. Oops. Rockie mistake. Hey, I spotted this car in Brooks, Alberta at the Shell Station a couple of weeks ago. By the way, the car was NOT fueling up.
  11. Congrats Tan!!! I'm so happy for you. I know you've been waiting a long time for her arrival!!! Mine's a silver/silver passion. By the way, I've driven mine on the "Deerfoot"..... no problem!!! LOL
  12. Hi Mike! I saw a smart with a 780 area code and phone number (Edmonton?) that was in windshield repair/replacement for Smart Cars! I thought that was so cool!
  13. I would love to meet everyone, but this weekend is not good. Thanksgiving dinner plans with the inlaws. Sorry. Some other time?
  14. OMG!!! LOL I hope not. I'm not ready. I hate winter!