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  1. I'm not seeing it. Just the gas powered smart is all the choice I'm given. Never mind, found it. Does it really have that huge stick shift they show in the picture?? If so, I'll pass on the smart ev. The price is nice, $31,500 for the Cabrio minus the $14,000 rebate makes it a nice cheap electric car.
  2. 115km?? Way too low.
  3. Wouldn't even consider one that isn't a convertible. I'd it was an electric I wanted, I'd go with Tesla or the Bolt. The convertible is what I want, and electric is secondary.
  4. Sold the car, no longer need the unused EGR cheater simulator with block plate. Bought from ebay a few months ago from the usual Polish supplier. $30 plus shipping.
  5. I think he will. Was too much for us, I have no mechanical ability and never knew what to do next, and it was costing us.
  6. Car is at the mechanics...I'll have to get them from him or trust he knows what he's doing. Will a standard code reader be able to read it, because, that's all I have.
  7. Sold. Located in Leamington Ontario. As stated in the title, its a diesel smart pure cabriolet. Softouch (Automatic mode). Vin# WMEAK00F05J19023 Has newer panels bought from Glenn about a year and a half ago. Regularly maintained, lots and lots of new parts (including new tires). Have receipts. One key only. Rear window damaged. The car runs well but it requires a new actuator (thus doesn't move). Includes snow tires with rims. Open to offers. contacted rdrake at or 519-916-5348
  8. Mechanic got it running, but went back into town and it wouldn't go into gear right in front of an intersection. Had a city truck block the car as I let it roll off the hill to where we could push it off the road. Then had a tow truck take it to the mechanic again (its sunday, no one there). Might need to sell it for scrap.
  9. Mine just got towed with the front wheels down. I asked the guy if it was safe to do this and of course he said yes. Was only towed about two blocks. I'll have the mechanic look at it tomorrow (was just two blocks from where it died).
  10. I hear the inspection can be over $300. Sounds like they're there to extract cash from your pocket.
  11. Thanks, but its all Greek to me. Its at the mechanics till Monday. Going to have to leave it in his hands.
  12. Local mechanic says its the actuator, which is odd, because Glenn did service on this in May?? Given what he said (to my wife) it probably needs that reluctor ring as well. He actually thought it was that at first, because the car did the three bars thing for him, he moved it a bit, and it worked, Then he started to back up, and three bars again. Had another look and said the actuator was rusted up.
  13. Its probably not a good idea anyway, tired of getting taken advantage of by MB service.
  14. I just called, Jeff, it appears it might only be for greater Toronto and "they're going fast". Oh, and being a previous smart owner, you get 1% off the interest rate. I'm going to email my local dealer and see if they're participating.