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  1. care to post the prices? I paid $457 for a "B" service through mercedes. Those prices are for the 451's as well, I have to get the 450 price from him still
  2. The last time I posted on this forum, I complained about the insane costs of getting an "A" and "B" service for the smart cars in edmonton.It drove me nuts how they could charge what they did (~$450 dollars) for a "B" service, so I wrote Mercedes to complain (posted it here), and they told me that there were no set rules on how much the dealer can charge for his services. I was satisfied with the response, but not the price. Someone in real life said if I had a problem, then I should find a competitor to do it instead of the dealer.Fine by me.Enter Chris Babichuk. He Owns APEX Specialized Automotive here in edmonton. He specializes in asian cars, but when I told him of my plight he said he'd try to help out.I'm pleased to announce on his behalf that APEX automotive now does "A" and "B" service for 450 and 451 model smart cars! As Chris Put it: So, bottom line isA service $132.00B Service $315.00He said the pricing for the 450's should be similar, but he'd get back to me on that.He's located at 12830-52 st NW, 780-217-2949ADMINS: If this post is in the wrong board then please move.
  3. I'm going to check this one out too - believe me, once I find a good third-party smart mechanic everyone in Edmonton will know about it, starting with this forum.
  4. OK I heard from, and am satisfied with, the correspondence with Mercedes: Initial letter: Their Response: My Reply: Their Reply: So there it is. Mercedes responded quickly and kindly to my emails. I don't hold any fault towards the smart or Mercedes. In fact, I feel even more comfortable with my purchase now that I've spoken with them directly about this.If the B-service was something more than a visual inspection and oil change Id be OK, but as it stands now I'm just paying them to find ways to charge me more money.So, Ill be at lubex if you need me, until I can learn to do it myself. DMFC just lost a customer until they clean up their act. It a pity too - I would really much prefer to use them instead of some third party, but the money I'll save from a single service to get the same thing done will probably be enough to feed me for at least a month. 'Nuff said.
  5. Just a heads up that Ive been in touch with Mercedes regarding this and they've responded. Ive replied asking for details to their response. Once I get it ill post the entire thing for reference.
  6. Sure I am, and if you go to the smart dealer and ask him for a block heater for a smart car, he will tell you that none exists. It could be that they made one now, but it was not communicated to me directly. The only communication at all about this was in the "advice" section of the invoice, which among other things stated "no block heater".Having said that, why warn me in my invoice something that is apparently by design? They cannot punish me for not having one - and this is no excuse to void the warranty on a future issue (why else put it in writing?). If one made specifically for the smart does exist, then damn, I want it!Im not concerned about a frozen car so much as I am that a possible future warranty claim on something like the transmission will be voided because of a defect in design that's my fault somehow, like the lack of a block heater. The car should be able to survive warranty wise out of the box. This is good to know. Ill have to find someone with a garage now is this in writing anywhere, that the warranty wont be voided with DIY? and what about the "b" service? how do you prove that you looked at things?I wrote to mercedes about this. If they can give me a reason for the cost that makes sense ill be ok with the expense, but I'll probably try to find a lubex anyway, unless of course I just buckle down and learn to do an oil change for my next A service :)It bothers me to think that alot of people might be being ripped off here, let alone that Im being laughed at because of it.One more thing - they didn't do any brake work, lube or anything. There is no mention of work on an invoice relating to the brakes, and the advice section simply says "brake fluid due" which I only noticed yesterday, about a week after I had it done. The service rep said nothing. Smart142 suggested that this might be the case (at least for the 450, but I'm in a 451)
  7. I think the first thing I need to do is find out if this is normal or not. If a dealership is breaking the rules and overcharging, all they are doing is hurting the image of the smart in general. Ill paste the response I get from Mercedes Canada when I get it on this thread.I wish I had a garage and the skills to do my own servicing, but even if I did, the car is new. Doing my own servicing will almost certainly void the warranty.As an aside - the bill and the dealer mentioned nothing about actually servicing or lubing anything. brakes were only observed. They even had the audacity to advise me that I had no block heater in the car in the comments section.
  8. Im SURE this is a tired old topic, but I have to beat this horse anyway: I took my car into Edmonton's david morris for my first "B" service. Conversation went thusly: -------------------- SALES GUY: So, the "B" service will cost you about 430 dollars. ME: Yeah, I kinda figured it would be pricey. What exactly is a "B" service anyway? SALES GUY: Well, we give it an oil change, we take off the tires and give a visual inspection to the brakes. We give everything a visual inspection ME: What happens if you find something wrong? SALES GUY: well, then you have to pay for the repair. ME: Do you do anything else? SALES GUY: Nope. ME: So for over 400 dollars, you do an oil change and look for problems? thats it? SALES GUY: Yeah, pretty much. ME: Do you think you could tighten my parking break? when I engage it on a hill it does nothing. SALES GUY: Sure, ill have them take a look. ...When I come back to get my car, they charged me 457 bucks and DIDNT fix the breaks. ...When I told my GF about this, she showed me the reciept for the "B" service equivilant they did for her new mitsubishi. For comparison: 2008 SMART CAR: $457 B service -oil change -visual inspection -clean the outside of the car Mitsubishi: $168 B Service equivilant (southide mitsubishi on a 2008 lancer) -oil change -visual inspection with checklist -tire rotation and balance/alignment -clean the outside of the car Whats wrong with this picture? I'll tell you whats wrong. Everyone I've spoken to about this responds the same way: with laughter. I don't blame them. Im embarrased now, simply because I can no longer justify my purchase. All the money ive saved on parking and most of my gas just went into the pockets of whoever owns david morris. Everyone thinks im an idiot now for buying a smart car because of the cost of a bloody oil change. Even with the "Mercedes markup" this bill is hard to take, even moreso with everyone thinking im a sucker. So the way I see it, I have three options here, and keep in mind I really want to keep this car: 1) Actually Justify this expense. Im willing to assume the sales guy was just having an off day if someone can give me a valid explanation (with backup) of what exactly happens during a "B" service. 2) find a competitor in Edmonton - not Weber motors, they collude with DMFA (speculation based on the fact that they sometimes do trade shows and events together as one unit). Someone like a lubex or a mom&pop shop that can do warranty approved work. then I can shut everyone up 3) sell the car and buy something less embarrassing and expensive to maintain. I shudder to think how much my brakes are going to cost the first time I get them done.... So, does anyone know of a lubex or some other place that will service smarts in the edmonton area? I Guarantee they will get not only my business, but the business of anyone I can convince that owns a smart. I'm even willing to travel here: If there is someplace in red deer or Calgary that is significantly cheaper it would be worth the savings to do the drive down to get it done. Help me keep my smart!
  9. Ive had my car 9 months and have had three bulbs go on me so far; 2 headlights and a taillight. The parts guy tells me its by design - the bulb is directly above the wheel and the car shakes more than most, coupled with the fact that smart went with the cheap bulbs. So in other words its poor foresight after 10 years of development. Ive also had problems with my radio, heater, door handle, the screen on the roof, and the driver seat was improperly stitched, which means it will burst a few months after the warranty expires if murphy's law has any say in the matter.Its a maintenance trap. Like the BiC razor, they sell the unit for cheap, and make money on the blades. Thats how they getcha :)on some cases, "repair" is the same as "maintenance". Ive had to, technically, "repair" the bad bulbs, though Ive only owned the car 9 months. You can't tell me they blow out every 6-8 months by design, unless that design is a poor one.Speaking of which, its in the makers interest to keep the maintenance high, so lets assume either that OR they don't know about the solutions to this problem solved by motorcyclists years ago.There won't be any improvement on the cost of maintenance until a competitor enters the marketplace. In Edmonton, there is almost certainly direct collusion between the two dealers.
  10. You know, you're right. I take it back.I just wish the quirkiness wouldnt kick in for at least a couple of years.... similar price on an american model might sell for less in the future, but at least the radio still worked after the first year.
  11. The smart is a throw-away car. all the parts are cheaply made. I have 15,000k on my car and have had to take it in 5 times, twice for lights. the second time I came in for a light (first was a headlight, second a taillight) they told me I didn't have a warranty anymore (David Morris in Edmonton)buy a smart, drive it for the 100 or so kilometers you wont have any problems with it, and then from there you're on your own until you get frustrated enough to buy a different car.The gimmick just isnt worth the cost, but its still an insanely fun car to drive, if you can afford it.Mercedes quality - it sure as hell isn't.
  12. whats funny is that theyre still giving em away here in edmonton. Picked mine up a few days ago.
  13. for every crash scenario that wrecks a smart car theres one that shows it coming out with flying colours.its unreasonable to assume that a vehicle the size of the smart can be a safe against a larger vehicle, regardless of the airbags and features. At somepoint, you have to realize theres a small metal object moving very fast towards one thats larger and you have to bow to physics.if safety is a concern then you shouldnt buy a small car, regardless of the maker. and if you drive it as is intended (i.e. in the city), then the odds of these types of accidents are very rare indeed.lets move on.
  14. in edmonton, theyre outright offering better rebates than the govt... one smart had a $3500 rebate sticker on it.The lot is full too, not only with 451's but 450's.