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  1. Bump!We have over 30 folks that have RSVPd so far, so it should be a great time.BBQ Detail Clinic by Smart WaxIntroduction of a new Boost Module that increases performance (have it on both of ours and it works great!)Test drives of car with performance modsDemo of installsdid I say BBQ?New Wheel Introductions - 3 manufacturersCustom Stereo DemosRaffleand much much more!If you are in So Cal we hope to see you there!SmartGurl
  2. Hi Fellow smarts, We wanted to extend a warm welcome to the smart community, to come on down and check out what's in store for you. We count our blessings that the community has welcomed us with big arms and in return we would like to throw a BBQ and say "COME ON IN"! I know that this is reaching to the majority of the community up North, but if you find yourselves in the neighborhood for some reason, you know you don't need an invitation. Here is the url, please let us know if you can make it as we would love to meet you. If for some reason the link goes invalid, please send an email to and place within the subject header the total amount of smarts (aka people) attending. Come early to get the best selection in time for the holidays and to see what we have that's new! You won't be disappointed. To you, yours and your smart! Rachel (aka SmartGurl
  3. Hiya Fellow smarts,Wanted to give a bit of an advance notice...We are going to be staffed out at the LA Auto Show from November 19th - 30th with our smarts.We will have a Smart Madness booth in Kentia Hall at space #531. If you are planning to visit the show please come on by and say hi, we would love to chat with you and show you what's in store. We will be there from open to close all day, every day and it would be great to meet some of you in person.We will still be able to process and ship orders either at the start of each day or end, but we may be a bit delayed responding to calls and emails while we are at the show. Our store will also be closed during those days since we will all be at the show.We apologize ahead of time for this and by next year hope to have grown enough (with your support!), so we can have additional staff that could keep the store open while we are away.If you have any questions or needs this week and next it would be best to contact us by email at Thanks again for the fantastic support!As Always,SmartGurl (Rachel of Smart OOH! We will be having our Grand Opening BBQ/Party on Sat., Dec 6th between noon and 4PM. We have an evite up soon so we hope to see you there! You can fly directly into Long Beach airport! It's 5 minutes away! LOL, we just hope to meet some of you in person one day and hope that distance is not an issue. Maybe we can have a smart meets west or east, like the classic mini community Hhmm... now there's an idea!__________________Check out for the largest selection of Smart Car Parts and Accessories.
  4. Razorback, thank you kindly for letting me have a moment to clarify that for you, truly appreciative.Moderator (MikeT),Point well taken. With over 200+ different items in stock and the fact that we are adding on average of 5-10 new products to our site and our physical store location, we have a few pictures that need to be retaken and this is one of them. But the dash covers are selling extremely well and we have had a 100% satisfaction rate with those that have purchased one. To you, yours and your smart,SmartGurl of
  5. Hiya Ladies and Gents, We wanted to introduce a new Side Scoop for the smart 451. We'll be introducing this scoop on our car at SEMA and will start shipping mid November. Unlike other scoops this one is ready to mount on your smart with no additional finish work required. It's very high quality and takes about 2 minutes to install (based on our personal experience). The scoop comes in a clear, dark black or Carbon Fiber finish. The inside of the scoop looks just as good as the outside. We are now taking advance orders for this scoop. You can order it now on our site and be one of the first! :-) Here are some pics of the scoop on our car. We apologize that it's so dark, we put it on late last night and for the 450 lovers? We just got the S-Mann scoop in, and it looks great! Direct link on our site: To you, yours and your smart, SmartGurl of Smart Madness
  6. Hi Smartspirit,Here is the url for the Lorinser body kit you, yours and your smart,SmartGurl of
  7. Hi All,Worker Not is correct, we are located within Long Beach (Signal Hill to be exact) and have an online store. We do carry a selection of limited 450 parts they are the colored pod rings, S-Mann scoops, Genuine smart All Weather Floor Mats, Brabus Gas Cover, Brabus Fender Trim, and anything else that is needed via a special order for the 450, we can get it for you as we place our orders every 2 weeks. Thanks so much for the interest!To you, yours and your smart,SmartGurl of Smart
  8. Awww, you know me Smart42Parts! I am not offended and thanks for stepping in when I couldn't due to the relocation of the shop, it's coming along you'll have to see it. And yes, see you in less than a week, you ready?! :)As for the rest of the thread... Folks please remember that these doors open conventionally and vertically, so you have the wonderful option of either or. When you don't want to flash the doors get out like everyone else. But... if you're like us where life is too good to be conventional 24-7, just do a PADOW! and open those puppies up with great big smiles. That's what we do every day when we pull into our shop of smart car parts and accessories.Here's the bottom line, they make us smile and make others smile too, that's why we love them. Besides, who says you need to be fast to use vertical doors. Rules were made to be broken, but only when they allow a positive return of happiness We drive smarts, life is good, and if one can make it happier by their choice, then why not? You now have that option.Oh yeah, btw: we may not have turbo but we do have: the ECU flashed, Cold Air Intake, Custom Exhaust, and most importantly some fantastic music playing while driving that makes us feel like we're going fast. Did I mention that we also "look" fast because we have 17" Black Satin Lorinser rims with Eibach Springs? Our smart may look fast, but it definitely sounds faster. To you, yours and your smart,SmartGurl of Smart
  9. Hi Razorback, Very good points and hopefully I can clear these up for you. Quite lengthy but a good read to clarify your concerns. Yes, you are correct, the picture does not represent the best of quality. That is because this photo was taken at a photo shoot (which I attended) where the dash cover was taken out of it's box, and immediately placed on the dash for the photo shot. The part that is not known is that it is packaged, rolled in a box as if it was a tortilla. Within the directions of the box, we state the following: PREPARATION: Unroll your new dash cover and lay it on your vehicle's dashboard. Let the cover lay for a few hours. If your smart is parked in direct sun light, this will help relax the dash cover's fabric. After the dash cover has relaxed, remove it from the dash and clean and dry your new... (rest isn't relevant) Now we go to INSTALLATION: Place the dash over on the dashboard and push the cover as far to the base of the windshield as possible. A ruler can help you to push the cover back as far as possible. After the dash cover has relaxed completely it will match every contour of your factory dash board. This can take a full day or two depending on the temperature and amount of sunlight. Driving with the cover in place for awhile is the best way to decide if the optional velcro attaching strips will be necessary to help keep your new dash in place. Now that's that part. I wanted to also let you know that this specific dash cover is CAD designed from the original smart dashboard using sophisticated modeling software. The process of making a custom dash cover like this takes upwards of 2 weeks but results in a perfect compliment to the original dashboard. All cutouts, sensors, and airbag openings are studied and the Custom Dash Cover is designed not to interfere. We unfortunately cannot offer other photos of a better fitting dash cover as this is the only model we carry to date, in grey or black. To be honest, we have sold many of these covers, have seen them on our customers dashes, and have received great compliments on them. Your typical dash cover lasts 4-5 years and as mentioned on the site, we do offer custom colors but to please contact us for further information. The portfolio is too big to post on our site and we would love to offer any help or suggestions. As well, our top sellers are either black or grey and for 39.99 we consider it the best for price for the high quality on the market Oh and one more thing, unfortunately that url moved due to us posting new product updates. That's how fast we try to keep the community happy with new and exciting products for their smarts. So here is the direct url for now: If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us through our site Smart Madness. To you, yours and your smart, SmartGurl of Smart
  10. Hi All, This is a high quality two piece dash cover made specifically for the Smart Car (451 US Model). Made in the US! Available in black or gray with custom colors and fabrics available by special order. It's a no brainer for those that want to protect that cloth covered dash. It's an inexpensive fix to protect what is years of enjoyment for your smart. Here is the link: To you, yours and your smart, SmartGurl
  11. Hiya Nextourer, Here is the direct link to our page: Enjoy! To you, yours and your smart, SmartGurl of SmartMadness
  12. Please refrain from commercial postings when not in 'Self Promotion'. Post removed, feel free to re-post information in the proper forum.Kerry
  13. Hi All, Just wanted to chime in to let you know that we are getting our new shipment here at Smart Madness for the exact same arm rest. They've been selling like hot cakes due to the fantastic review one of our customers put up on another forum. If you don't want to deal with customs, exchange rate and wait times, you can have it delivered via UPS direct from us, and our cost is, well, it's a lot less than the Euro rate of 300 something. Here's the link: Come on over and check out what we have in store for you. If you haven't heard of us, we are Smart Madness, the largest smart car part and accessory provider for your 451. Cheers. To you, yours and your smart, SmartGurl of Smart Madness
  14. Hiya Ladies and Gents, Just a quick update, the Lorinser product line is no longer coming into North America one item at a time, they are arriving via air freight. They are now shipping their products in by the container and in a much higher volume. Due to this we now have the entire line of their Smart items and have been given an approval to reduce pricing on the entire line. Here is a sample of their product line: Now, understand that they may not suit everyone's taste, but we definitely try to cater to the whole community. So if you're a Lorinser fan, then today is your day Cheers! To you, yours and your smart, SmartGurl of SmartMadness
  15. We wanted to take a moment to update the Smart Community on our exciting news.Smart Madness has secured a new, dedicated location for our operation. In the past we have only offered online ordering and shipped from our warehouse direct to you. Over the last couple of months we have also started to provide products to other Smart vendors and dealers. Due to all the new products and services we are now offering our current space is no longer working for us. In addition, we have had many local customers request that we open up a small place where they can stop by and see the products and the mods in person and say hello.Due to this and our desire to be your true one stop source for everything Smart we have just secured a location in Signal Hill, California (next to Long Beach, California) and will be relocating to this new facility over the next two weeks. The facility will be set up as our office, warehouse/distribution center, service area and a small store front for walk in customers. Now, if you are a Smart Owner and you are in the So Cal area you will be able to stop by and see all the 200+ (and growing) products in person.Once we are set up and operating we will also be offering additional services such as installation of body kits, exhausts, performance upgrades, vertical doors, custom stereos, custom interiors, custom paint and graphics, vehicle wraps and much much more.Our goal is also to continue to be involved in the Smart community by helping out with sponsorship and organizing of events and hosting events in our new location. Once we are set up and operating we will post our new address, pics and plan a special event for all the Smart Car enthusiasts out there! Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support, you will never know how much it means to us... To you, yours and your smartSmartGurl (aka Rachel of Smart