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  1. Well designed rear section! unsure about the steering wheel, though...
  2. Our next car should be a - fixed- Golf TDI, when the lease on the Jetta is up at the end of the year (that 2.0 L engine has a terrible city mileage...) This will probably be the last Diesel I will ever own before turning to a hybrid vehicle (maybe a used Audi A3 e-tron, when it becomes more affordable)
  3. How about giving him a call beforehand? If you are to sell the car, Troy is undoubtedly a valuable resource of informed advice, and may also help you determine the selling price your smart. The trek to the country is worth it (it took me over 1 hour to get there when I had my smart, but a loaner car was available upon request).
  4. One more tip if I may: - If buying from a private seller, remember to ask the owner to sign the reverse side of his/her Québec Registration Certificate, as this is a requirement from Service Ontario. I sold my 450 to an Ontario resident last fall, so this is how I know Good luck!
  5. Maybe, but if Nicolas Hayek's idea of an electric smart car ever came true in the mid-90s, I doubt if Mercedes-Benz would have invested in a 0.8L CDI engine that was very innovative back then... Sad to see the smart go, even if I was never thrilled by the 453 myself, even after seeing a couple of those in the flesh. I feel fortunate to have owned a 450. And after all, isn't it a first-generation of smart that the Museum of Modern Arts once chose to exhibit?
  6. Exciting report, and great pictures! That Canada 1 is a real delight for the eye
  7. If I was to buy a second-hand smart today, I would certainly go for a 450 Nightrun or Canada 1 editon, and would accept to pay more to get one of those. On the other hand, I would have no interest for something like a 451 "Red edition", even though it comes with some Brabus features. I saw one in person a week ago at Ogilvie Motors in Ottawa, and it failed to impress me (it was already sold anyway).
  8. I don't especially like packages, and certainly wouldn't throw USD 1900 at this so-called "Sport Package". I believe more in personal customization, and would only select the options that fit my needs - and wallet!
  9. I went through the same approach 2 years ago. In my case, the condenser was replaced because it was leaking. (The lines had previously been upgraded under warranty.) The job was done by a VW specialist who was personally recommended to me for the outstanding quality of his work. (VW Autowerk in Gatineau) I was charged 4.5 hrs of labour (the rate was $70 per hour), and the condenser alone cost me $584.00.Some seals had perished and were replaced at the same time. I remember that one of the parts that connects the A/C lines under the car (a coupler or related O-ring I believe) had to sourced from Mercedes, since this specific part was not directly provided by smart. Grand total for this repair was $1,170 including tax. Anyhow, I'm now confident to sell my smartie with an A/C system in working order.
  10. @ Tolsen: Did you buy your shocks online? I need to replace my front ones, and was wondering if anyone could name a reputable virtual store from Europe, which accepts to ship items to Canada. Ideally, I'd like a pair of Brabus struts, but I'm also exploring other (possibly cheaper) options that would fit my Eibach lowering springs.
  11. Same here: I change my oil on a yearly basis, even if I now typically put less than 5,000 km to my smart each year. This car sits quite a lot in my garage over the winter season also.
  12. I'm looking for a pair of Front Brabus shock absorbers so as to complement the rear set that's already installed on the car. The shocks can be new or slightly used. PM me if you have any offer.
  13. I tend to have an emotional relationship with languages, and I do appreciate people who speak and write well, whether in French or in English. As an English to French translator, receiving poorly written documents tends to be the rule unfortunately, and grammatical errors as well as bastardized structures still make me cringe. Anyway! I guess my opnion about languages and how people treat them is biaised professionally.
  14. Here's my response to this... (As seen in the streets of Paris, Jan. 2010)