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  1. Where I live it's all small single track country lanes, with wide spacers the smart just doesn't turn quick enough for me.175's with 10mm spacers ....
  2. You guys seem very ken on putting what are HUGE spacers on your smarts, have any of you driven a city coupe with spacers this wide?I blagged a go in a car so modified at a UK smart meet a good few years ago ... and I hated it.The car followed ridges in the road, generated so much sideways grip that the yaw sensor was always working and it kicked back thru the steering like a bitch.There's an old expression over here ... less is more.
  3. You don't really need to go that wide.I ran strikelines with 10mm spacers behind the front wheels. The car had a good remap, jetex filters and intake mods ... it was a bloody quick car, and 10mm spacers were just 'right', the car steered neutral and stuck like something nasty to a blanket
  4. The roadster steels are now on, and the improvement in stability is manifest, especially 70mph+ sweeping bends and cross winds.
  5. Good man!I'm using all 60 odd bhp of my remapped cdi on 135/175 sportslines ... with 15mm spacers behind the fronts.Steelies are approx £100 new here so I may have to invest soon, thanks folks
  6. Anyone here tried roadster steels on a 450 cdi?Any effect on fuel figures?
  7. Found out by accident today that my cdi makes VERY useful power deeeep into the red ... forgot to change up
  8. What makes you guys thinks that Smart maxxed the pre-turbo intake, what makes you think these improvements don't improve the air AVAILABLE to the turbo??
  9. The needle was off the clock ... which stops at 135kph, 85mph
  10. I still have a standard speedo, can someone translate 3700rpm in 6th on standard wheels?
  11. Sorry gents, I have a reputation for trolling :)It is however a little strange having a discussion in 2008 that is a least 5 yrs old on this side of the pond. In fact, I believe there was a dyno session over here that proved delipping and scooping made more horses, I think it was documented in smartimes magazine.Trouble is, once you have the power the damned 'g' sensor stops you putting on the road!!
  12. http://www.thesmartclub.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=3 Then search 'delip' !!!
  13. Iain, you're talking bollcks mate. Get a sharp knife out and try it yourself, or stop posting on this subject.Do you think MOST english smarties would do this if it didn't work? Or is Canada some kind of twiglet zone where recognised mods dont work??The rest of you ... NONE of you have a car that rocks to and fro when you change gear??? I don't believe you, every city coupe I have ever driven has rocked ... and I've driven a great many in 9 years.I have had 4 smarts; 3 petrol and one cdi; 1 x mk3, 2 x mk5 and a G2 698cc and ALL of them rocked Three of them were bought brand new and they all did it when you lift to change gear - and delipping lessens this, fact. This mod improved mid range breathing, ie it feels more torquey coming out of bends and when you are at that point of stopping then pulling off it changes down and selects a gear quicker so you dont get squashed by other traffic.Can we have posts from those that HAVE done this, and who can report experiences rather than from keyboard jockeys who have none?
  14. Did I say I needed Corporate Mercedes lawyers to help me miss an elk? No.Do we have elks in rural Worcestershire? Errrr no Did I say it improved the speed of shift times? No Did I say it added horsepower? No Have you searched the (orange) uk smartclub site about this subject? No Try reading posts, I'm saying that the original rocking horse gear changes and bloody awful smart is transformed by delipping and air intake mods. It smooths things out, it doesn't add power or change the gearbox software!