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  1. Well, DANG! Just missed it. *sigh* Oh well, at least I got to wave at you guys on my way to work this morning. Hope the party was fun!
  2. I'm in! It'll be nice to put faces to all these names.
  3. Anyone dumb enuf to try setting up photo on 97th northbound at 5:15 deserves all the boredom he gets. However, I've got to admit that I wish they'd put someone out to monitor the bus lane on 97th between 118 and Yellowhead in the afternoon.... it's packed solid during restricted times, and trying to get over LEGALLY once the bus lane ends is impossible for all the traffic that DIDN'T turn right like they were supposed to. This was for some auto parts company, but not Part Source. The woman driving did NOT look happy, so she clearly just doesn't "get it". The guy I occasionally see in the Funky Pickle Smart, on the other hand, is clearly having a blast. Not yet, but I'm a-watchin' fer ya! I'll wave like a lunatic if I do see you... promise.Nextourer: I'm going to have to do a few trips east to see what's happening in that part of the world. I need some kind of score card or field guide like birdwatchers have. I wonder if there'd be a market for a "Smartwatcher's Field Guide"....?One more sighting on my way home!!!Black on black southbound on 156 street, crossing 111th ave, just around 6:30. No way to tell at that distance, at dusk, on black, whether it was coupe or cabri. <-- I love this smilie. It sums up my 3-hour highway trip today, what with big trucks and 70 kmph wind gusts......
  4. I've had a Smartful week this week, and it's only half over! It seems everywhere I go I see other Smarts! Were any of these you:Yellow with black tridion cabri parked on the east side of 97th street, between 111th and 118th avenues, at ~5:15 pm Tuesday (21st)?Black on black cabri turning onto Mayfield road south just before 8:30 am on Wednesday (22d)? Silver with black tridion (no time to tell cabri or coupe) eastbound on hwy 16A just west of Little Lot right after 8:30 am Wednesday (22nd)?I also got passed by a red and black Smart on hwy 16A (just before the overpass before it merges with hwy 16), but it was covered with decals and was clearly a working Smart, not a "pet" like ours....
  5. Gorgeous colours! Congrats!! You're gonna love her more and more with every passing day.
  6. I went through the same thing earlier this week. Those 60-70 km/h gusts coming across open fields turned my morning commute into a bronco ride!! Ya, I'm on the prairies, but I never wanted to be a cowboy!! Definitely a difference from my Caravan. I did notice, however, that it seemed a bit less out of control on the way home, which was nice. By the end of the week, I should be doing it automatically.... I hope. I just hope I don't get pulled over for impaired driving before that happens.
  7. I'll keep an eye out for ya, Snapdragon! (Love your license plate, btw.) I don't live west, but I go through there almost daily.
  8. Are there still toasters available?
  9. I'm just loving this whole "automatic community"! It's like 2 babies in a restaurant.... There's some automatic connection in the mass of everyone else.
  10. Thanks for the info about the 10% discount. I think I'll stay with DMFC for the time being, though. It's closer, and I'm so impressed with the service I got from start to finish, even when it was clear that we were just poking and snooping rather than buying. Kudos to Charles there for his undying patience in putting up with us!My Bunga came in with a yellow & silver. It's nice, but somehow the yellow didn't look quite as bright. Not sure why.... it IS the same colour, just appears more subdued, somehow.... Guess I'm more into "flashy". I actually went out and bought driving gloves to match her last night.... black with a honey-comb mesh stripe of bright yellow across the back. (how sad is that?)I'll keep an eye out for you mcdnjim! I saw an all-black one by Westmount the other afternoon and found myself wondering "could that have been Eightball?" I just thought I was buying a car, and here it comes with an entire social circle! Who knew?
  11. Do they ever! I've had a few, "Can we go for a drive?" questions, and a couple of fellas at work were discussing whether it belonged to the apartment building next to the office, and whether or not they should "toss it over the fence.....".
  12. Thanks everyone! It's so nice to have a place to babble incoherently about it without having people look at you funny.Nextourer, she did come from DMFC, but I don't think she was ever actually out on the floor. She arrived on Monday (Sept 29, along with a yellow/silver) and was being prepped and primped for me to pick up on the Friday. I saw the yellow/silver there when I picked her up, and a red/black that came in just after, though. There was a yellow/black Pure there about 3-4 weeks before my little Bungabee came in, but she was already sold at that time.Eightball, LOVE the name! I knew what colour yours was just from seeing the name. I'll bet it was a hoot driving in Germany.... did you brave the autobahn? ;) I think it's exceptionally appropriate that she has a little "Passion" label on both sides, because that's exactly what she is. Smartvancouver has me pegged. Guilty as charged. Even better is the "glow" from the bright yellow makes her easy to find in the parking lot.I did learn yesterday to NOT put anything meltable, like chocolates, in the back. That little deck gets warm after 30 mins on the highway! It's going to be nice and toasty in the winter, that's for sure.
  13. Hi! I've wanted a Smart car since about 6 months before they arrived in Canada, since I saw the very first pictures of them in their little "dispenser" in Hamburg, Germany.I recently got a job that requires a 40-minute commute to and from work, and I didn't want to put that kind of stress on my 1995 Caravan. It's a good van, but still....It was the PERFECT excuse to get my Smart car!! (not to mention the combined rebates of $2500 that end in 2.5 months) Everyone thinks I got it for the gas mileage. *giggle* They can believe that if they want, I just wanted to have one!I got the last black and yellow 2008 in the city, and it just happened to come with all the accessories that I wanted! It was fate! Having to wait the week after it came in while they got it all spiffed up was pure torture, but driving it off the lot (okay, not quite as gracefully as I would have liked) made it all worthwhile.Ya, I know, I'm hopeless, but I just can't believe how incredible this little car is. It's so far beyond my already unreasonable expectations that I'm afraid I'll wake up and find its special spot in the yard (behind a locked and barred 6-foot fence) empty, and the whole thing just a dream. I haven't had it a week yet, and I still have to peek out the back windows a couple of times during the evening to remind myself that it's really mine.