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  1. pm me if you have any questions on your G1 exit. As I mentioned in my post I am an in car driving instructor. Liz
  2. Are you talking the G2 exit test or the G1 exit test? If you have your G1 and going for the test, you will be tested on 3pt turn, parallel parking, parking on a hill and your driving skills. Check mirrors every 8 sec., mirror signal and blind spot every time you change lanes, turning and while doing your required skills. Observation at intersections, right of way, speed while driving accelerating and while slowing. Stopping position, position of vehicle while parking, driving etc. They will be watching your hand position, 9 and 3, steering method and control. Good luck. Liz Kolano Driving Instuctor (in a smart)
  3. SIGN-UP SHEET1. Bill2. Glenn & Liz3. William4. Ralph & Monica5. Dave & Lu6. James & Dawn ( Will be 200,000 km's that night ) 7. Len and Cathy8. Dave T.9.10.
  4. Hi All, Glenn and I were a bit worried that we wouldn't be able to make this dinner as we have just signed up for a mixed curling league on Tuesday nights for the winter. We will be playing at 5pm, 7pm and 9pm, so will be able to make every third dinner. The 11th falls into the 9pm slot, so we will be attending, unless there is some unforeseen change to the schedule. We were discussing at our last dine-out to try the new Rest/Ownership of the old Horse and Hound. It is now called Crossings. I will attempt to attach the menu, but I have to admit to being a newbie at this Club site. (some things are better left to the experts)! Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Crossings Grill & Pub Sign Up 1. Liz and Glenn 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  5. My car is officially LILBITZ!
  6. Shirl and Bill,Thank you so much!Glenn and I had a wonderful time, and were quite relieved when we realized that we didn't have to follow any maps or clues....We would have been dining alone in probably some town close to Sudbury!!! That's how bad we are at following direction. You had us on a direct route to many lovely stops, and we are still kicking ourselves that we didn't bring our camera. A great deal of planning, work, dedication, and time went into this event, and we as a "first time mystery cruisers" enjoyed every minute of the day. You are AWESOME SHIRL and also the people that assisted you in this event.Looking forward to next year, and making sure Glenn books off the day!Liz and Glenn
  7. Ed, The dealers in Canada charge $250 to change 1 front spring. The Eibachs are easy to install because they lower the suspension(1'' shorter) and you can tell your mechanic that he won't need a spring compressor. Follow Evilutions guide. The special clamp ($50) does help with the install.
  8. I'm booking the reservation under the name of SMART for 23 people. They are always good at adding a chair or two if required.Looking forward to the evening out.Liz
  9. Yes thank you for the extra treats Lu and Carol for taking notes. I purchased my peanuts this afternoon on my break and will be trying out the recipe tonight.....If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, I've got a lock on Glenn's as he said it was the best peanut brittle he's ever tasted.Liz
  10. My daughter Sophie will be joining us and then off to hockey practice.
  11. Glenn and I would love to the drive out to Stratford.... we did spend some time on the side of the road just South of Stratford last week.Lilbit had a flat tire!We didn't get the chance to see my daughter play hockey but we did see a lovely sky full of falling stars!1. Bill (smartnhappy)2. William3. Rod & Luke4. Terry & Phyllis5. Carol & Don6. Glenn and Liz7.8.9.10.
  12. Glenn and I will be joining. I will have to sneak out of work early......that'll be our little secret!Liz1. Alberta & Cliff (DR MAP)2. William3. Rob4. BRUISER (Annabelle & Jack) Jaxony 5. Liz and Glenn
  13. James and Dawn, I sadly won't be able to make the parade this year, I was planning on coming doe, but with all of the rain the past month my end of season volleyball party has been rescheduled for that day. I was looking forward to another horse drawn carriage ride.I'll have to plan for next years.Liz
  14. Alberta, Great pictures....I love the license plate one.It was wonderful to see everyone out and hope to have such a great turn out in Sept. for the Lambeth Harvest Fest parade and bbq.It was Glenn and I's pleasure to host, and everyone's help with the munchies (the chips were delish) deserts and salads was greatly appreciated. It left little work for us, and lots of time to enjoy everyones company....and time for a few alterations....Glenn's work is never done....He Loves it!Hope to see all out again in Sept. along with anyone who wasn't able to join the party.Liz