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  1. Hey guys! I just want to say that we have some new articles in our shop...individual key fob in singular charge in really great quality. And also have a look at our galery...there we have some new photos. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write me at: shop(at)smartsticker.deKind greetings Daniel
  2. Hey! I just want to say that the problem with payment by paypal is fixed! ;o) And in the next few weeks we would have new articles in our shop - individual keyholder!!! Daniel P.S.: We have some new pictures in our gallery - just have a look!
  3. Hello to all smarties! Just a little information how to use the voucher-code: picture Daniel
  4. Hallo! Vielen Dank für deine deutsch hätte ich jetzt nicht gerechnet! ;o) Daniel
  5. Hello! Today I`m back with a special offer for you!!!! If you will order something on until june the 3rd, you would get a discount of 15%. You must only use the voucher-code: 4e61e5 In the next few weeks we would have a new articel for the smart 451. We´ll keep you up to date! If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to write me! Daniel
  6. By the way...the german post raises the price for shipping to canada and u.s. from 2009. They would have 6 Euro instead 4 I must adjust prices for shipping in the shop within next days. Just so you know about it and not think I would want to earn with postal charges. Daniel
  7. Great - the stickers have arrived in time for christmas! The third sticker is a little present... Flossy, your instruction is excellent - thank you!!! And Photos for our gallery would be great. Merry christmas to all smart-fans in canada!!! Daniel & Nadja - the little team behind smartsticker.
  8. Thank you for your information! Please keep me up to date...that would be great. Daniel
  9. Really!? The stickers are not arrived yet? The shipment to U.S. takes on average five days...the stickers were sent december 13rd - then they should arrive soon! With customs there were never problems in the U.S.. Daniel
  10. Hi! Are the stickers arrives? Are you satisfied? Pictures would be great!!! Daniel
  11. A little notice: The next accumulative-production starts november the 30th - it is the last batch with scheduled delivery-date before christmas. It think our stickers are an individual and very special present for every smart-fan. Do you have a question? Don´t hesitate to contact us... Daniel
  12. Hi! You must have a little patience. We collect the orders till 3 weeks to get a recognize charge for the production to hold the low price. The actually date of production you can find on the homepage. Depending on how "near" you order to the date of the next production, the waiting time is obviously much less. But I think the waiting time is ok for an individual product - and the doming is applyed in handwork. Daniel
  13. That´s a good question... Everything is possible. If your are uncertain, you can send me some options and I will send you the galley proof...there you can see, how the stickers would look like - before you order.Daniel
  14. I´m searching...
  15. Debbie, also thank you for your order! It´s already late in germany...I hope I can find the roadster with horns...