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    This is not my car. It is available at Homer's Auto Repair. Tel. #1(626)358-6259.Address is: 148 E. Lemon Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016 USA.
  2. [uptown Dog Company sells brake light switches. They are in the United States. color=#000080][/color]
  3. From what I was told, all the dealers in the US, I believe there are 89, will each get one Sharp Red edition. I think they sticker for a little above $20k. I believe that most of the dealers have already received their Sharp Red edition so you would probably have to check with a dealer in the US about further details.
  4. We mark one of our key fobs with a white dot for our 09 Pure. Our 08 Passion has no marks on the fob. We also have a lanyard one being red for the 09 Pure which is Red/Blk and the other lanyard is black for the 08 Passion. I have also inadvertantly depressed the buttons while the key fob was in my pocket thus locking or unlocking the doors, setting off the panic alarm, or releasing the rear window.