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  1. I haven't signed in to this site for quite some time, but I still have my stickers on from the Cross Canada Relay! Yesterday I helped deliver gifts for Santa's Anonymous, which is a charity event for less fortunate children to receive Christmas gifts. I made today's edition of the Edmonton Sun: There is a clearer digital picture in the article - if you scroll down to the gallery, I am image number 2! Not sure if RichHelms still frequents this forum but he is where we got the original idea for the giant santa hat There have been a few renditions of it that I have seen over the years. I'll be out and about in Edmonton, visiting Candy Cane Lane and such.
  2. Was resizing some photos of mine I took in Victoria, when I stumbled upon this photo I took:
  3. Good prices indeed. But I also forgot that the smart 451 uses octane 91+ gasoline too...Nice to meet everyone again!
  4. Yes, the maximum number of storable messages is currently 500. (But this can be increased...)
  5. I plan to be there as well!
  6. The Mayfield Trade Centre is right near by too!;#entry236667 (Oops, sorry, didn't realize someone before me posted about it here)
  7. The smart dealers are doing a CARnival at Mayfield Trade Centre on July 10, 11, and 12. Maybe that would be a good time to all meet? I'm not available on the 12th, and only the evening on the 10th. They didn't list what time that event goes until though.I'm assuming they are way overstocked with smarts, and want to try to sell some. Prices starting at $14,990 and discounts of up to $2500. Maintenance included for 3 years or 54,000km.Weber sent us an invitation for the private sale they held on July 5. The invitation came by mail on the 6th, so not too sure what it was about, but apparently they also called earlier with that information too.
  8. Welcome to Edmonton and Club smart Car!The weather will certainly be a big change!We used to have meets once in a while, but haven't had one for a long time as mentioned by ValgardForkbeard. One of the guys that was proactive with organizing the meets (Daren) no longer has a smart. I'm pretty sure I've seen his old smart in the University area many times though!
  9. Since this site is up on Steven's server, I am not sure if TFM has the login information for the control panel.I checked and the forwarder is still going to me only - if it should go to TFM or someone else let me know, as it does sometimes take me a while to respond to people forgetting their passwords, etc.In the board control panel, the incoming and outgoing email addresses are set to
  10. There was an orange G&K conversion sitting on the main Las Vegas strip when I was there, I forget which area it was in front of though, but it was near the middle of the strip. There was a piece of paper in the window saying "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE MERCEDES SMART CAR"
  11. I never really thought I would see my two hobbies come together like this. (Though Great Canadian Coaches in Ontario has/did have a 450 decalled with "When I grow up, I want to be a Great Canadian Coach!")
  12. Went on a road trip, and took my car down to Calgary to park it, before taking off in my friend's Forester. It was just myself going down, but brought my friend up on the way back. He's a big guy too (let's just say the seatbelt wasn't long enough). After some tetris packing, we got everything in. He still had to carry his huge camera bag up front, so I didn't have a right mirror for the trip back. In Seattle, I spotted my first G&K smart conversion! It was a nice surprise to see, as I had never seen one in person before. Took the pics from the Seattle Streetcar (South Lake Union Line). To my surprise, there was a billboard down the way: The license plate on that one is one off of the one I shot, so they probably have at least 2.
  13. There's a grandstyle for sale at David Morris Fine Cars in Edmonton. And a bunch of older diesels actually too.
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