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  1. Thanks for you input friends. The electronics did reset after a fuel stop and the turbo worked better. I had just replaced the larger hose, from turbo to engine, since another cross-over hose had rubbed a deep groove in it. I fixed this earlier in the week and hoped it may have been the problem, but alas it was not. As I am working in Ottawa, I have exchanged vehicles with Lisa, our mechanic is going to check all the hoses and waste-gate performance. Another mechanic who is a family friend bought a smart last year and wants me to update him on this issue. He replaced the turbo on his shortly after he bought it, $1200 parts only.6 years and only one other maintenance issue, starter, so I am quite pleased with this small diesel car.
  2. Thanks Bill, after a second check on the code the actual number was P0238. I think I saw a psoting for that code.
  3. Need help de-coding this number. My scangauge pulls up a P038 code. Any known causes for this and what sensor is sending the trouble message?The car goes into a wimpy mode, top speed in 5 is 105ish. Map sensor output is 23 -25 units? when in wimpy mode.
  4. Me and my 06 smart 'OTIS' are doing a working vacation in Ottawa and would like to socialize sometime with other Ottawa smart owners. I lost track of those I met during the two CrossCanada trips in 2006 and 2007. I bet there are some beautiful drives out there just waiting to be found.
  5. 'OTIS" received new rolling stock two weeks ago. Upgraded to 175//195 Pro Contacts and the increase in footing is noticeable. Quicker lane changes, if necessary, and less wind shear effects. The mechanic had some difficulty getting the 175's to "pop" onto the rim but he persevered and all is well. They look really nice from both front and back.
  6. I found the source of the noise. A wire harness, plastic wrapped, was vibrating against another harness and they chose to sing and dance a two step. A handy plastic tie wrap fixed the two and now they are forever snuggled together
  7. A curious noise has been heard when OTIS is running , but not under heavy throttle. Seems to be coming from air intake side. Any ideas for me to look into would be much appreciated.Sound changes with RPM's and sounds like an old hockey card rattling against bicycle spokes.cheersLarry
  8. Congratulations on your newest smart.Many smart owners use additives with no adverse effects. I tow a trailer and can attest to more power with the additive. I have used mostly cetane booster additives. I don't use it with every fill-up, only when I am towing.
  9. Thanks Alex and Good Guy , I forgot about that service reminder. This is the first time I have seen that countdown icon. Odometer just passed 83500.4OTIS2 is ready for a good check over and tire change.Have a good autumn.Larry
  10. Four days ago a wench appeared on the dashboard as well as the number 30. Normally the number count down is for oil changes, what does this new wrench and countdown mean?
  11. 2006 April 1 , stream green pulse, 83000 km, re-mapped 2008 by technine at Jackson Triggs winery. Parts : reluctor ring, front rod ends, left fender, brake pads & shoes. Pulling a 1000lb trailer is still fun.
  12. Just happened along the site looking for mechanical info and remembered the local club topics. Then I see the gang, though more numerous now, is still having fun socializing. My 06 OTIS is in need of ABS rings so he's sidelined for a bit but I may be driving through London on my way home from student delivery. If the timing works out I will stop by for a pint.cheers,Larry
  13. I have been wondering what that noise is everytime I shut off the car. Thanks so much.
  14. My son wrote a review of this article. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F...%2F&h=3c907 he has driven my smart many times including a trip to the East Coast with no troubles. cheers larry
  15. Remapped while on one of the Niagara winery cruises two years ago gives OTIS the legs to clock 160kph. The scangauge II has been calibrated to match the GPS. Pulling the trailer still limits the top end to 105kph