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  1. Coast Steve, From the schematic i saw of a 450's engine mounts (see it at 450 engine mounts) they are not the same.
  2. Is it possible that the CDi's could negate having this seal by using the Forge Motorsports TIK pipe? Its 4-ply silicone and such a tight fit that I had to soak the turbo inlet end in some very hot water to get the pipe loose enough to slip over the turbo inlet without the seal on it. I have a gasser so I know there are differences between the two. But isn't the TIK, and the connections to it, the same? Here is mine in-situ. The viewing angle is with the rear panel off, sitting on my bum facing the engine. Turbo inlet is on the bottom right.
  3. Running out to check it right now. And to apply some Aquapel.
  4. looks great, Bil! Now you're making me feel bad. All I've done is fit the new Forge Motorsports intercooler boost hose for smart car with dv take off and the upgraded earth lead for the engine compartment.
  5. thanks speedie. I added those parts to the list as well as a few that I have ordered and received. List is a few posts above this one, in PDF format.
  6. Thats the picture! Thanks Bil. And thanks for the clarification. I guess I misread that thread as to the spring bolts' purpose.
  7. Well I can't find the post that talked about the exhaust mount bracket bolts but I know its on this forum somewhere. I will keep looking. If I remember correctly, the cure was to use bolts that had some sort of spring around them. It was this spring that allowed some flex which in turn caused less vibration. Or am I just going insane?
  8. I think its easiest to take the driver's side rear wheel off to get at the exhaust bracket. I ordered (and received) the kit mentioned in the Evilution article a while back. I'm starting to notice some funkiness in performance in my 450 so I'm going to change out these leads today. I'll take pictures of how I accessed the exhaust bracket. It may be that the rear panel has to come off.
  9. I have no doubts you will make it fit. Can't wait to see what you engineer.
  10. Good crickets that thing is huge. The catch can originally mentioned in this thread was strapped to where the bottom of the rear panel attaches. It looks like that will be almost impossible with this can. Bil, I guess you should be glad you didn't order the Ultimate?
  11. Thanks for the ordering tip. Its a mystery to me why 42 doesn't place the dimensions (width and height) on their website.
  12. Has anyone ordered and installed 42's Ultimate or Stealth Catch Can? I think someone said they had trouble with ordering as the site would not allow the entering of a Canadian mailing address. I am willing to be the guinea pig for this can, so which should I order? The Stealth or the Ultimate?
  13. Wasn't it discussed elsewhere in the forums that the shudder could also be caused by the exhaust? I think I remember reading about the exhaust mounting bracket and how the existing (stock) bolts and nuts do not allow for flex. I think the solution was to replace those bolts with "springy" bolts. You know, bolts that look like they have springs around them? This solved the issue because the springy bolts allowed the suspension flange to "travel" while still keeping everything sealed nice and tight. Maybe I'm wrong. I'll dig around and post back here when I find that post/thread in these forums.
  14. Thanks smartzuuk! I found one something like you described. I will post pics once I do the fluid change.
  15. Found some Valvoline Dex3 ATF oil however I did get the Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF as well. Will run Dex3 in one smart and Mobil 1 in the other to compare and contrast. Is the pump sprayer the only way to get the transmission fluid in there? I also noticed that there is no transmission dipstick that I could find. I guess I'm sufferring from years of GM vehicles that had such things. Most likely because the GM vehicles had such problems with leaks, it was necessary to monitor fluid levels constantly.
  16. In the How-To -> 450 Pre-2008 Model -> How to DIY transmission oil thread, on page 2, post number 34, the link does not properly redirect. Last digits are p=69567#69567
  17. +10000000 ! Doing nothing needs to be penalized or discouraged. Atlanta has a terrible problem and its all because may be 10 cars have more than 1 person in them. Maybe.
  18. Thanks Bil. I'll try to get even better photos of the install this weekend. Now if I can just find 4.0bar FPR from Audi....
  19. Thanks for the clarification! And for the video idea. I'll try to do that this weekend. I'm installing another forge bov on my other 450 this weekend so I'll just have to make taking video part of the install. Sorry for the confusion MMT. Huronlad is correct (especially since he saw the car at Outsmarting the Dragon 2009), it is a 2005 450 with the 699cc turbo petrol engine.
  20. Ok, not sure how well this will work but I have scanned in the installation instructions that come with the Forge BOV. I have attached it to this post. I think that the instructions at Evilution are better though so I've linked to them since I followed those instructions. Evilution - Fitting a Dump Valve
  21. I bet those crossbalde wheels would look good on the car! So excited and happy for both you and Mike. Again, congrats on your finds!
  22. Thanks Bil. I think the blue hoses dod help make the engine bay look nicer. And you are correctl. It is a closed loop BOV. I'll post another pic of the hose lines later.
  23. A picture of cassini75's cdi from the 2009 Outsmarting the Dragon event.
  24. Congrats on the sale!! Can you tell me where you got the armrest from? I've been searching high and low
  25. Thanks pinhead. In the states it doesn't for some reason.