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  1. Here are some pictures. My air filter is a K&N inside the stock airbox. My next project is to remove the airbox. I don't have a catch tank fitted yet. The hose that the catch tank would fit to is just unattached (even though its attached in the picture, I quickly unattached it). I did cap off the part on the TIK pipe that it would attach to. The following pictures are from when I fitted the Forge 4-ply TIK and intercooler hoses and Evilution-designed forge dump valve. Top down of the top intercooler hose, airbox (on the left) and the TIK pip (under everything). Close up of where the TIK attaches to the engine. The hose that I should attach the catch tank to is the first one from the left, correct? I cant remember which one it was I left unattached and I don't have the car right now. Its getting a new windshield!! And here is the old TIK pipe in-situ Evilution-designed Forge dump valve in-situ And another of the dump valve
  2. I found that to be the case. It was VERY difficult to find a company that made the same tire in those two sizes. When I purchased rubber to put on my new strikeline wheels I had to go with Hankook Ventus V4 175/55/R15 on the front and Falken Ziex 195/50/R15 on the rears.
  3. Hear hear Quirky1!! I've been trying to rally people around that cry here in the Southeast United States. Unfortunately, people here are idiots, devoid of critical thinking and action so I look and sound like a loon. Interesting fact (and i'm trying to find my source now) about ehtanol: it takes more energy to make ethanol than ethanol can produce. Meaning that ethanol's energy per measurement is net negative!! All regular petrol fuel grades in the Southeast United States require up to 10% ethanol. So while you lucky Candians can get the 94 octane sans ethanol, ALL grades of petrol (and we have different selections depending on the area of the US) here have ethanol. Very rare to see anything above 93 octane at filling stations. Stupid government and agri-business trying to put corn into everything. Its ruining things
  4. I'm not one to try to make dead things more dead so I have a bit of a diversion. I have the 4-ply Forge silicone TIK pipe. This pipe fits very snug - it was a 7 minute fight to get the damn thing on even after soaking in 98C water. Trying to fit it over the "hat" seal is impossible as the Forge TIK pipe's diameter at that end is narrower than the "hat" seal. I have it jubilee (circular) clipped on to the inlet. Is this sufficient? Kane helped Forge design it so I would think this is more than sufficient.
  5. Nice to know that there are options! I have a 2005 Passion and there are a couple of places on the exterior Tridion that need to be repainted. The shop that is doing the work for my insurance company wants to know if they can paint and bake the Tridion at about 140F to 160F. Will this harm the car in any way? Also, how do they remove the windscreen fluid sprayer from the Tridion?
  6. Nice to know that there are options! I have a couple of places on the exterior Tridion that need to be repainted. The shop that is doing the work for my insurance company wants to know if they can paint and bake the Tridion at about 140F to 160F. Will this harm the car in any way?
  7. I have just learned of a company in Georgia in the US that can get 450 parts as well. Their name is PGR. I'll try to get contact information
  8. I have only changed the transmission fluid once in the time that I have owned both of my smarts. One had 100 miles on it when I bought it and I got them to do the tranny fluid change as a condition of purchase. The other Smart I bought at 16k miles (~25,750km) and had the tran fluid changed at about 22k miles (~35400km). I did not notice the smoother shifting. I think that the Smart dealer here in the US that did the transmission fluid change used the fluid they put in the 451s. Anyone know what type that is?After reading this thread I'm still debating between Mobil and ELF trans fluid. Maybe I'll put the Mobil in one car and the ELF in the other
  9. Mercedes style part number use no longer works for getting pre 2008 smart parts at a US mercedes dealer. Sometimes you can use 451 parts (a lot start with A 451 although some do start with A 450) in the 450s. I believe i've compiled a list here in this forum somewhere. I'll try to find it. In the mean time, you can call G&K Auto in California to see if they have any parts. Also try some of the vendors listed in this forum. I have had great success with parts from these vendors: [*] [*] [*] [*] (based out of California) is starting to carry some 450 parts as well. UPDATE: ok I can't find where that list is in this forum. Maybe I meant to create and haven't yet. So for now, you have two options: [*]PDF of 450 part numbers - Has 451 parts listed where the 451 part works for the 450. I can't take create for the great work of other members here in this forum. I just compiled it into a spreadsheet style list. [*]451 parts that fit the 450 - a forum post I've compiled on SCoA that has pictures and part numbers of 451 parts that I have personally verified fit my 450s. All of them are fitted to my 450s.
  10. Sorry I'm late to the congratulations party, but CONGRATULATIONS!! What a nice find!
  11. *sigh* Was exiting off a highway here and the car in front of me ran over a large, rectangular metal object, kicking it into the air and my windscreen. If I would not have been following at a safe distance, it would have gone through the center of the windscreen. Now begins my quest for the windscreen molding. Anyone know of a place that can (a) sell it a reasonable cost ( ship it quickly at a reasonable cost) © there is no c and (d) would have - or know where to find - the plastic cover that goes on the inside of the rear window. It covers the rear wiper motor and some other bits.
  12. Thanks gaucho. I haven't talked to Ken directly but everyone else that works at smart center buckhead loves my car and tries to help where they can. Kelly, the lead mechanic, can't get anything for it unfortunately.
  13. Is that a Chevy HHR i see in the reflection of one of the quarter panels? I too own an HHR.
  14. I have also found that replacing the license plate lights with LED bulbs is not a good idea. Since LEDs use a lot less power than the 12v supplied, the bulb assembly has to have resistors between the leads from the car and the actual LEDs. Unfortunately, the way these resistors are twisted weakens leads where they connect to the resistor. Add the constant vibration from driving and you can see what would happen. I'm on my second set of LED lights for my license plate lights. I do have an LED bulb in the reverse light, the rear fog light and the interior dome and they are doing just fine. I bought mine as a combo kit from Your LED Shop LED light kit for Smart. The site says it is for the 451 but the bulbs are the same for the 451 and the 450. Since the rear fog light and reverse light are the same style bulb connection, you can use the two "reverse lights" in the kit.
  15. fairsider, you can also use the 451's rear wiper parts. Good to know if you're in a pinch and absolutely need the part. The parts are as follows: [*]rear wiper nut cap A 451 824 01 19 [*]rear wiper arm A 451 824 00 28 [*]rear wiper blade A 451 824 01 26
  16. To answer SmartDad's original question, why not do what most 451 owners in the US are doing? They're putting rear wheels on the front so that all four corners can run the same tire size. From what I could tell at the Outsmarting the Dragon event and from reading others' posts, that gets rid of the wind buffeting and is cheaper. I own two 450s but used to have a 451. When I put rear wheels on the front, it did seem to make the car much more stable in the gusty drive between Denver and Boulder, CO. As for the 450s, I put the Strikeline 15" wheels on one to get 175/55 fronts and 195/50 rears and man it makes such a difference. Better handling, no movement from wind gusts, etc. Someone asked about putting a wider tire on the stock Passion wheels. I use the wheel guide at Evilution to see what the recommended tire sizes are. Wheel Sizes and Offsets And you can usually put one size above that on the wheel. For example if a wheel takes a 195, you can usually put a 205 on it.
  17. deezle, yes it could have been worse. My dealership cannot get the molding as this is a 450 in the USA. 450s were never sold by Smart in the US. So the molding and glass have to come from Canada or Europe. Or maybe G&K Auto will have some, as bilgladstone suggested.
  18. bumpAdded more part numbers that I found on this forum. Also cleaned up the sections a bit.
  19. Could it be the Brabus badge that went on the back of the forfour?
  20. Schembri spoke of the Tailor Made option coming to model year 2010 smarts at the Out Smarting the Dragon dinner. And hinted at a green color. I wonder if thats the green he was talking about?
  21. Evilution underwent a redesign and has such the link to the key fob mod has changed. You can now find it at
  22. smiles, i would think that, even though the temperature was set to display in Fahrenheit, this cluster is obviously from a ForTwo sold in a non-English-speaking country. You can program the display to do either Celsius or Fahrenheit using MB Star. Best bet would be to find an independent Mercedes repair shop and ask them to hook it up to there Star disagnostic system. Ask if they have MB Star or Win-Star. MB Star is the official MercedesBenz diagnostic system. It has every and anything you'd ever want to know. Win-Star is good but not ideal. Leroy and Leonard on the Smart Car of America forum have extensive knowledge of the MB Star system. I'm sure that the display's computer was "scrambled" and just needs a programming. This might remove any of the cool things on the display. BUT those guys would certainly have a good shot at figuring out what most of those relate to. I've already posted that thought and asked for help on the SCoA forum.
  23. From the big parking lot at the top of the Tail of the Dragon. My back is to all of the Smarts that parked here, looking out at the lake.
  24. A few more pictures. This time of cassini75 and huronlad You can get a larger version at my flickr page
  25. Just to make everyone that couldn't come a little jealous, here is cassini75 going back down The Dragon (towards Robbinsville)