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  1. Nice cassini! You're getting pretty good mileage
  2. Can't wait to meet all of you that are going! Its going to be great to see so many 450s!!!
  3. This is a drive that was organized over at the Smart Car of America forums. The Tail of the Dragon is very nice, curvey drive through North Carolina. It is a rather famous stretch of US Highway 129. It is about an 11 mile drive with 318 curves. The information site: The official Tail of the Dragon site: That site even has a radar map so you can get an idea of where to keep an eye out for police. The map is a downloadable PDF and has the title "Drive Smart" The thread at SCoA:
  4. can't wait to meet the 4 or 5 Canadians!! Would love to see the cdis in action
  5. Thanks Coast Steve! I like your Black / Black. My other 450 is black with silver tridion. My car is just the stock river silver color. I got lucky with the lighting and with creating an HDR image.
  6. Ok after a few months of agonizing over which wheels to get, I finally discarded the thought (for now) of getting the 16" spikeline crossblade wheels. I joined the strikeline club!! The following pictures are my first experiment with HDR imaging so I apologize if they look "off"
  7. SMRT ROD thats the steering wheel I've been wanting! When you had it installed, did it trip the angle sensor? Did you need any sort of programming or code clearing? Or did it "just work"? I have read that installing that steering wheel is a 50/50 chance of getting a code.
  8. I am hoping (for 451 owners's sakes) that either the company that made the LED taillights for the 450r a company like IPCW will make an LED rear light conversion package. Let me explain (with pictures too!! ) I have a 2006 HHR 2LT. I replaced the stock rear lights (turn and brake in one pod, reverse in the lower pod). These light assemblies are very similar to the 451's rear light assemblies. The IPCW LED rear lights have an added benefit over the stock assemblies as you can see in the two attached pictures. In these pictures, the left side is the stock pods and the right side are the new IPCW LED pods. The LED pods have an outer red circle. This circle is on with the DRLs and becomes a bit brighter when braking. On the top pod, the interior part of the circle blinks whenever the turn signal is on. This is in contrast to the left side's top pod. That bulb is dimmed when the DRLs are on and shines brighter when the brakes are pressed or blinks if the turn signal is on. My point is that the shape of the HHR rear light pods and the ForTwo 451's pods are similar enough that it would not be difficult for IPCW to make an LED pod for the 451 that has the features you are looking for. I imagine if enough 451 owners were to contact ICPW it would persuade them to do so. You can contat IPCW at +1.323.838.5588 or toll free at +1.800.934.4599 email is Their hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5pm PST
  9. I constantly am asked if its electric when I'm at the pump, filling it with gas. I never had stupid questions asked when I lived in Boulder, Colorado. Once I moved to Georgia though, it started raining dumb questions. "Does it go on the highway?""How many seats does it have?""Is it electric?" to which i've started replying "Yes, just like your car""Do you drive it on the road?" i reply "no I took mass transit""Is it safe?" i reply "is your car safe?"I feel so terrible that the public and private school systems around here have failed these people so miserably. No one seems to have the ability to deduce anything in this area. I'm saddened and am headed towards being upset that I'm an American. Can I become an honorary Canadian? I've been to Toronto. Twice!
  10. How did you do this in such a way that the wires running from the cabin to the tailgate do not get pinched and/or cut or shorted whenever you open/close the tailgate? I imagine that there is already a channel for the lock. Did you route the wires there?
  11. What part is this the number for? I can't find to what you are referencing. I'd like to put it in the parts number spreadsheet.
  12. Ok, I downloaded the part numbers .doc file someone (was it Serge?) created. I've cleaned it up and tried to keep all the extra information added to the part numbers from the posts in this thread. I also made it a spreadsheet using iWork 09's Numbers. (Yes I own a Mac. And lots of PCs and a couple Hackintoshes.) Its not yet finished but I have all of the part numbers and descriptions that are listed in this thread. I left off prices for a few reasons: [*]i am lazy [*]i wanted to get this finished before leaving town [*]i want the prices to be in three currencies (CDN, Euro and USD) and to still look good when printed out I am trying to figure out how to list prices in Euros, CDN and USD in a printer-friendly manor so I can add it to a Smart Repair Manual I am making. The "manual" is a bunch of printed out information in a 3-ring binder. However, if / when I sell one of my two 450s, I would like to be able to hand someone a book full of everything they would need. Just a warning, as of the original date of this posting (21 August 2009), it is 6 and 1/3 pages printed out. To save forum space, unless otherwise suggested/begged to, I will just replace the PDF file in this post whenever an update, correction, addition, etc. is made to the list. ******Change Log for File******** UPDATE 2 May 2010: - added intercooler carrier (redesigned) part number - added turbo inlet seal (redesigned) part number - added calmp (wider [for turbo inlet seal (redesigned)] part number UPDATE 15 April 2010: - added TIK inlet seal part number UPDATE 13 April 2010: - added 3 parts speedie listed - added Brabus Gear Shift Knob Automatic (for vehicles that have the automatic button on their shifters) - added the license plate lamp assembly for the 451 as it fits the 450. And a little better than the 450's assembly. Without any more hesitation, here is the parts list. I have attached a PDF. If anyone wants an Excel version (or Numbers) I can email it to you. This forum doesn't allow me to post .xls or .numbers files. Smart450PartsList.pdf
  13. Number at end after #: 72570 Was attempting to access photos linked to from the What is the Part Number? thread Full URL:
  14. Q 000 7543 V003 C28Y 00 SE Drive Unit A (the box under the SE drive tunnel that the shifter connects to)Q 001 3752 V002 C23B 00 Pedal Mount (i think these are the Brabus bright chrome pedals)Q 001 4749 V001 C96A 00 Brabus clock (does not come with a trim surround)Q 001 4748 V001 C96A 00 Brabus tachometer (does not come with a trim surround)
  15. If it comes in white LED lights that would be great.
  16. s m a r t raised letters:A 450 817 01 16Pictures:
  17. Don (24-42 on SCoA) told me about these. He knows the guy that makes them. He swears by it for his 450. Per his recommendation I have purchased one. It should arrive tomorrow. I'll post pictures once I receive it.
  18. Can't wait to see pictures of before and after, Coast Steve
  19. Micromachine, have you replaced the airbags? I guess everyone got custom leather covers for their seats instead of buying a whole new seat already wrapped in leather? I would love to just order the leather seats (heated and airbags a plus) and drop them in to my 450. I like to do as much as possible on my 450s on my own (i.e., not taking it to a shop) as I have noticed enthusiasm for working on gray-market 450s but no willingness to learn how to properly do it. I always end up in the garage with the mechanic and/or bringing in print outs of Evilution How-tos.
  20. How can I meet this person!! I live near Madison, Georgia and need to get a tach activated in one of my other grey-market 450s.
  21. Dang, Do you have any shots of the wheel from the windsheild side? I'd like to see what the back of the steering wheel looks like when it is installed. I was emailing with Kane (evilution) and he told me that when installed, the Brabus wheel has exposed parts. Also, did you have to get any programming once the wheel was installed? Or did it bolt on and work?
  22. Why G&K was told to remove seats with side airbags to meet US standards is beyond me. I've been trying to track down some seats for my 450s that have the side airbags. My insurance company will give me a nice discount once I have them fitted.I originally want leather seats with the side airbags but its turning out to be hard to find them. I've even called two dealers in the UK to try to order them with no luck.
  23. i wonder how difficult it would be to wire up some led lights to come on when with the interior light. I'm thinking that whenever the door opens, little LED lights would shine onto the ground. Of Brabus has side skirts with the LED lights in them for the 451. But I have two 450s. I think it would "class up" the look a bit.