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  1. Its kind of funny that anyone who gets theses 15" copies of the 16" spikelines has either lucked into them (smart142) or does not share how to get them. They must want to remain the only ones with the 15" copies And who can blame them? They're nice rims and probably a fraction of the 16" price. Strikelines are a nice compromise though.
  2. Have you seen an increase in fuel consumption, b1ackb1rd?
  3. I installed the side mirrors with LED indicators. I followed the instructions at The mirrors have changed since the how-to was created. The only change is that the mirrors and led bar seem to be of a higher quality and are not two separate pieces. I wired up the driver side white LEDs to come on with the lights. I then wired the passenger side white and amber LEDs to come on with the blinker. However, I have since decided that wiring a switch to turn the white LEDs on and off would be the best bet. I would prefer to attach them to a wire that is always on. I'd like to use the white LEDs in the mirrors and a sort of side marker for when the car is parked. Anyway, have a look and let me know what you think of what I have done so far.
  4. Thanks everyone. I have wired it up so the white LEDs come on with the headlights and the amber LEDs are turn signals / emergency flashers. I have noticed that people tend to give a little more room when turning since the white LEDs have been wired up to come on with the headlights. Thanks everyone!
  5. Lucky!! The 17" seem to make no sense on a ForTwo and I'm debating about 16" wheels.
  6. Once I get my scanner working (i'm on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Apple seems to have dropped support for my all-in-one ) I'll scan it in and send it to you. There is a site that sells them w/out a subscription, though I am certain it is not cost effective for you. Its US$5.95 an issue but shipping to Canada, as best I can tell, is at least US$10.
  7. I'm looking to upgrade my wheels from the Stylelines that came with my Passion Coupe. I have been looking at the following: [*]15" Wheels [*] Brabus Monoblock IV [*] Strikeline [*]16" Wheels [*]Triline [*] Roadster/Crossblade Spikeline I've used to do all of the technical research (offsets, recommended tire sizes, etc) but am looking for real world experience. Since no one in the USA has these, sourcing them from Europe or Canada are my only options, with Canada actually being the more expensive option right now I'd like to hear from anyone concerning what would need to be done to a 2005 Smart Passion Coupe to fit these wheels properly as well as experience with them. Would spacers be needed? Wide-star fender package needed on the rear? Tire sizes? Any rubbing on turns? Hitting wheel wells on bumps? That sort of thing. thanks in advance
  8. And thanks for letting him do it Eddy. Too many "companies" that post in forums would have rushed in and given misinformation. Speaks loads to the service you provide to customers when your customers do the talking.
  9. Not Smart part numbers, but these are Bosch's part numbers for Lambda (O2 in the US) sensors from Smart ForTwo 600, 700cc engine: 0258006563 I believe this list is for ForTwos until the 2008 model year. The web page also lists the Bosch part numbers for the ForFour and Roadster.
  10. Wow Mike! Thanks for all the info and tips!! :thumbsup_anim:The more research I have been doing, the more I find that people mention the tires for a 16" wheel end up reducing gas mileage and performance but look good. The only reason I'm considering the 16" spikelines is my girlfriend loves the look of them. last question and I promise I'll make up my mind. Do you run the strikelines with 175/55 and 195/50 winter tires as well? Or do you have a separate winter wheel and tire set?
  11. Just to make sure I wasn't speaking out of turn, I double checked my prices and noticed that some of the pricing info I had from FlyingTiger was out of date. It was based on older posts in the Star Lounge. I've gone back and double checked at shop.flyingtiger.caAre you quoting Canadian or US dollars? Just in case it wasn't clear in my first post, I live in the USA. Shipping is cheaper from the UK than it is from Canada and both are about the same time (as they both have to sit in customs). Trilines are US$887.37 w/out tires from the UK and are US$3,613.51 from Flyingtiger with tires. Assuming US$400 for Yokohama S.Drives, that is 3x disparity.
  12. Thanks Coast Steve. I had a feeling the Brabus wheels would be soft. Thanks Mike. Are strikeline wheels what you have on your smart in your avatar picture? And if so are you running with 175/55 on the front and 195/50 or /55 on the rear?I do have the ABS fender lips (Flyingtiger lists them as fender extensions with extension being a possible source of confusion) for the front and rear fenders. I realize that stepping up to a better wheel costs more, however the difference in price including taxes and shipping between Canada and the UK is completely absurd. After converting from British Pounds and Canadian Dollars to US Dollars, Flyingtiger is at least is 2 to 5 times more expensive than the UK, depending on the wheel. I find it odd because on everything else (and I literally mean everything else) on the site, the price is very reasonable. However, this is just my opinion and not a slam or anything. Just stating my confusion. I have noticed some people run the same tires on the front and the rears when they have the Spikeline/Crossblade wheels and the Triline wheels. This is my only reason for being interested in 16" wheels. Thanks a ton!
  13. smart142, I know I am late, but did everyone have a good time? I live just a little north of Atlanta but was unable to attend this year. :(I believe I've recently met someone that stayed at the smart house. 24-42 on the SCoA forums. Really nice guy. I am already planning to do go to the 2010 USA national rally and have marked my calendar for the 2011 microcar show in Madison, GA.
  14. I've thought about trying to make these fit in a 450s front spoiler. I'm sure others have as well. Anyone come up with anything that might work? I'd be willing to be a guinea pig
  15. Do these just bolt on then? No rubbing or anything?
  16. I live in the USA and I bought two gray-market 450s in August 2008. One is a 2005 silver/silver passion coupe and the other is a 2006 silver tridion/black panels passion coupe. They are G&K conversions but I am slowly "fixing" them. To the silver/silver I have added the 451 rear wiper, Forge silicone TIK and intercooler hoses, a K&N air filter (considering one of the foam filters now though), LED reverse light, LED license plate lights, LED interior dome light and the side mirrors with LED indicators from Here is a picture of my two 450s, pre mods.
  17. Thanks everyone. smart65, yes some ingenuity. But mostly its the great community of enthusiasts and a few very helpful mechanics that aren't afraid to hack around with it.I just hope that I can contribute to the how-to's
  18. micromachine you're very fortunate to be so close to Eddy. I am not so fortunate as I live the US in Georgia. Did Eddy tell you how they resolved the ESP and ABS light issue? I am very seriously considering adding paddle shifter to my silver 450. However, no one near me (not even the independent Mercedes shop) has access to the TAN codes. Doesn't the brabus wiring and PCB just "drop in" and work? I think I read that on one of the UK-based forums.
  19. I wish they were. The white LEDs shine straight forward just like the amber flashers. I do like the idea of them coming on whenever the door is opened. though! I'll have figure out how to make that happen
  20. Coast Steve, saw your car in the latest Smart Times magazine and in the forums. Looks great! Totally jealous of the Brabus wheels. Are those the 17" wheels?
  21. Sorry I should have clarified. I have the 450s with the peanut eyes. Both are 2005 models.
  22. your site describes these headlights as for the cabrio. Since some of us in the USA that have the G&K converted cars do not necessarily have a carbrio, will these fit the coupe as well?
  23. would fitting these require the brabus widestar fender package?
  24. Did these ever sell? Also, if they are the MonoBlock VI (six) wheels, according to the wheels are as follows: Front: 5.5" wide Rear: 6.5" wide And are a 16", 17" or 18" wheel The only 15" Brabus wheels are the MonoBlock IV)four) and V (five). Again this is according to the page on Evilution's site. If this is incorrect, then I apologize for confusion. However, I am very interested in these wheels if they have not sold yet. Would you be able to post a picture?
  25. I agree, the delipping mod is very helpful. After adding a K7N filter to my 450 and the s-mann scoop it doesn't seem to search as much between gears. Also, when drilling the pilot holes, I used a 5/64" drill bit. Just the right size to have the included torx screws still grab when screw in.